For the record Robert Green was originally arrested (arrest #1) by grotty Grampian’s Thought Police in February of 2010 for ‘intending to breach the peace’ while canvassing for votes as an MSP for an Aberdeen constituency, then in an ‘injustice first’ for British history – via the medium of abuse of politico-judicial powers, Holyrood and the Crown Office denied Robert his constitutional right to canvas for Parliamentary office as a prospective MP – banned from running for political office by the corruption-ridden Nonceland government – with Tym Rustige of the Prisoners of Conscience group originally arrested in March 2012 (arrest #1 of 3) for allegedly ‘cyber-harassing’ a bevy of Holyrood and Crown Office jobsworths while campaigning for the Justice for Hollie group ‘and’ to secure Robert’s early HDC license tagged release from Aberdeen’s primitive Craiginches Prison.

Thus while ignoring Hollie and Mum Anne’s pleas for a police inquiry, yet stitching up anti-child sexual abuse campaigners with any old charges to gag them – such actions illustrate the fact that Holyrood and the Crown Office are worried by the expose revelations – perhaps ‘unnerved’ would be a more appropriate adjective – and thus prove they have no interest in ‘justice’ but rather ‘outcomes’ – actions that seize all computer and documented damning evidential data and thus silence awkward questions and dissent, and favourably serve their corrupt criminal ends – specifically the preservation of their Masonic secret handshake fraternity’s paedophile cult which many hapless victims of Nonceland’s graft and corruption-ridden crooked establishment (executive, legislature and judiciary) have learned to their detrimen

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