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PM ‘Dismissive’ Of Historical Sex Abuse Claims

Thursday, 18th December 2014 13:30
An MP leading the campaign to uncover allegations of sexual abuse involving political figures in the 1980s has accused David Cameron of being “dismissive” of the issue.
Simon Danczuk has told Sky News he believes there is a “schism” in the Cabinet over the issue.
He said: “I think the Prime Minister, and I don’t say this lightly, but I think the Prime Minister is quite dismissive of the issue and wants to move on from it.
“Whereas the Home Secretary Theresa May, I think, is very serious about wanting to pursue this. She’s right to say we’re talking about the tip on the iceberg.
“There’s absolutely no doubt about it that there were politicians and other people in power co-operating and assisting each other in the abuse of children, and that’s going to come out and there’s no doubt about that.
“And it’s big in that it involves very high-profile people, and it’s big in terms of the number of people involved in terms of committing the abuse as well. And the number of victims, survivors, is even bigger.”
Earlier this year, David Cameron insisted that robust inquiries “will happen under my Government”.
He stated: “I am absolutely determined that we are going to get to the bottom of these allegations and we’re going to leave no stone unturned to find out the truth about what happened.
“That is vital, it’s also vital that we learn the lessons right across the board from these things that have gone wrong and it’s also important that the police feel that they can go wherever the evidence leads and they can make all the appropriate arrangements to investigate this properly.”
Mr Danczuk is one of a group of cross-party politicians working to find the truth of the allegations and whether there was a cover-up.
The Labour MP has already exposed his predecessor in Rochdale, the late Cyril Smith, as a predatory child abuser.  
Smith was a regular visitor at the Elm Guest House in Barnes in southwest London but there are also wider allegations that centre on other care homes, the Dolphin Square complex of luxury flats in Pimlico and other addresses nearby.
Last month Scotland Yard detectives, who were already investigating the claims of abuse, started Operation Midland looking at whether some young boys were killed after being sexually abused.
Mr Danczuk added: “There has been some reluctance but I think now public opinion is firmly on the side of survivors.
“We’ve set off down a road, and we can’t be stopped, we will get to a conclusion, something of a satisfactory conclusion.”
The Home Office’s troubled independent inquiry into historical child sexual abuse has started work but is still awaiting someone to lead the process after both Baroness Butler-Sloss and Fiona Woolf stood down over their links to the establishment.
The Home Office hopes to appoint somebody suitable early in 2015.

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