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RUSTY’S CONTACT DETAILS: Tim Rustige PN 134031  HMP Barlinnie, ‘A’ Hall, 81 Lee Avenue  Riddrie Glasgow G33 2QX   Tel. 0141 770 2000
[This post was started on Friday evening but only resumed today Sunday after 36 hours off-line, due to accidentally dislodging a cable/s of the main house router/hub located in one of the lodgers’ bedrooms while cleaning up after his departure …now put right by my son and the moral is, if you go offline and do all the usual re-booting etc. drill, don’t then conclude you’ve been hacked, CHECK THE CABLES!]
Robert and I agreed that if he did get out of Perth Prison this blog should keep going till Rusty is free too and I’m glad supporters seem to agree on this.
Having said which, matters are not yet concluded with Robert who still has to undergo trial next week and what if there’s another of those ‘nasty little twists’ that seem to crop up over and over again in this case? Theoretically Robert has served his sentence so he can’t be re-incarcerated but as we know, anything can happen in Scotland.
Nevertheless right now Robert is in a good place and having a well-earned rest so for at least a few days we can stop worrying about him which is a very good time to focus on Rusty who should had all gone according to plan have been released on 3rd or 4th June but due to the kerfuffle at HMP Grampian in Peterhead last week and his being moved to Barlinnie prison in Glasgow he won’t now get out on a tag – here’s what he says in his latest letter (to me):
Hopefully by now you will have received my letter informing you of the HMP Grampian riot and the trashing of part of the Ellon 2 Hall and our transfer to HMP Barlinnie – GLASGOW…no info yet on any scheduled return to Peterhead even though our A-Hall section of Ellon Block was undamaged & not involved in the riot.
Funnily, just prior to my trial & sentencing I/our Prisoners of Conscience crew running and online campaign (still running) to nominate Julian Assange, Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.
Yes, was aware Robert was in court again last Friday 16th May and of the optimism of supporters that he’d get released/bailed – but no news yet of the outcome of the hearing. Please advise asap.
Cheers on your blog (Free Robert Green) offer to keep it active until I am released on August 11th – my ½ sentence served date. Doubtful I’ll get a tagged early release now due to the paperwork/cross administration/bureaucracy complications involved since this prison transfer. All of the early tag-release applications that were being processed were put on hold following the riot/prion transfers – so it looks like a case of ‘dead in the water’ for my tag release, too.
Conversely, for reasons of political expediency alone, I would consider it a vital factor for HMP to get their ‘undamaged’ A, B & D Halls of the Ellon 2 Block repopulated (some 108 inmates) sooner more so than later and salvage some modicum of professional “we can run a prison” credibility.
Really, a brand-new £165 million quid prison – just open for two months – & closed down the main convicted prisoner section due to a single couple of hours of ‘riot vandalism’ to one 36-cell ‘C-Hall’.
So to close, I do hope Robert was bailed and released last Friday and is safely back at home in Appleton with his family – where he can de-stress & have access to his own doctor viz the blood pressure & angina problems.
Oh, pass the word on that Rusty could do with a Nobel Peace Prize too. Lol’s.
Best regards and thanks…
Saturday being a good day to get hold of Ren, Tim’s wife I phoned her to make sure she’s up to speed with the latest about Robert and tell her that ‘Free Robert Green’ is now turning into ‘Release Rusty’ and we’re going to try to get him out before 11th August which she was pleased to hear – she’s not enjoying life without him but tries to take her mind off it by keeping very busy, she says. Fortunately she works as a staff nurse in the local hospital and what with that and the grandchildren she’s on the go most of the time. I asked her for some biographical details about Tim for the blog. Most of what she told me I already knew: Tim’s 65 and English but his father was of French/ Huguenot origin (of which he’s proud, rightly so!); he’s lived all his life in the Manchester area but has done a lot of travelling as a Mechanical Engineer and has worked on several ships; he met Ren who’s Filipino while he was working in Manila and together they set up the Prisoners of Conscience network as a challenge to the Marcos regime and other regimes around the world. They have two grown sons and 2 grandchildren. Tim’s main hobbies are reading and writing q.e.d. and he also likes to keep fit, plays hockey when he gets the chance but suffers a lot of pain from injuries to his rib-cage & back incurred in a fall when working in the engine room of one of the ships years ago. So part of the reason for the keeping fit routine is to build muscle around the weak area to support that. He also treats this and his other health problems, arthritis and high blood pressure with a very careful diet which is why he is suffering in prison because the food is so bad and now in Barlinnie he’s locked up virtually the whole day – at least at Peterhead he had the cleaning job so could move around but now there’s very little to alleviate the utter dreariness of life at Barlinnie…
A supporter has just sent this latest update from Tim:
“Just heard from Rusty, who appears to be bearing up well, and keeping at his exercise, despite being shut up 23 hours a day and having to share a cell that’s not even as big as his single cell at Grampian.
I’d asked why the paperwork for everyone was on hold, even those not in C Hall, where the rioting took place. He writes: “For one hour in the evenings the barred end gates of Halls A,B, C and D on Ellon’s 2nd level were opened for inter-hall association and some of the other halls’ prisoners were in C Hall when the riot kicked off around 7..30 pm, and they barricaded the entrance with matresses and the hall’s running and rowing exercise machines and then set fires and trashed each cell.”
He also says: “Apparently now all three levels of Ellon Block have been evaluated and repairs will take three months (latest rumour-mill guesstimates). The riot was on second level, but the roof has to be repaired extensively, hence long-term prisoner 3rd-floor section transferred too. Roof repaired ?  No damage from rioters/new prison ?  Que ?  WTF ?”
He describes Barlinnie as “Dickensian  –  with a touch of the Orwellian/Kafkaesque and a dash of narcotic-induced, Dali-ist surrealist ‘scare-scape’”.
Request: A4 envelopes, but NO stamps as “this regime at Barlinnie are pretty much totalitarian and such will be confiscated and placed in personal property.  How that works I don’t know as our ‘personal property’ is still up at HMP Grampian/Peterhead.”
He is very keen to have news of Robert (I sent him a copy of the blog entries for the day of R’s release, and will copy out today’s report from a supporter), he says he doesn’t put anything past the Scottish ‘justice’ system.  He also thinks a blog post “requesting campaign supporters to contact HMP Grampian/HMP Barlinnie on the welfare and health of 65-year-old ‘prisoner of conscience’ pensioner Tim Rustige and when he’ll be released on tag licence can’t do any harm.”
He has kept his spirits up by writing a rap which already appears on Paul Malpas’s Blog, and would like it circulated further but, given the justifiable feelings of Scottish supporters, and the plentiful abuse south of the border (and beyond) I would say that’s not a good idea.  Perhaps Paul Malpas’s Blog could be mentioned, and people can go and take a look if they want to.
I agree with that – Rusty also sent me a copy of the rap but I’ve decided to keep it ‘under wraps’ in the circumstances. I recommend Paul’s excellent blog for more in-depth coverage of Rusty, his recent trial, etc. also Paul is a prominent campaigner in his own right on a related issue/s.

Original Article at Free Robert Green

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