Fatal Car Fire killed Robert Greig

Fatal Car Fire killed Robert Greig close by in distance and time to where Malcolm Webster murdered Claire Morris

The request was refused by Public Appointments Commissioner for Scotland.
LS Palmer (Account suspended) 16 July 2011
Dear Public Appointments Commissioner for Scotland,
On 17 November 1997 Robert Greig was removed from a vehicle which was reported to have been on fire in a quiet isolated track, hidden by trees adjacent to the A90 just outside Balmedie near Aberdeen, Scotland. The evening of the fire was cold with wind and rain. Sylvester Cadger, a work colleage of Dennis Mackie, was at the scene within moments of the car fire starting and was later awarded for his bravery.
The Parked Vehicle was burned out to a shell but there was no evidence of a crash. The rescued body of Robert Greig reportedly had bruising and broken bones in the chest and back of the head. No Toxocologist Report was ever produced to the next of kin. The Autopsy Report took 12 years to produce to the next of Kin. The Autopsy declared that the catalytic converter had spontaneously caught fire and that Robert Greig reportedly died of ‘smoke inhalation’.
Ian McDougall was the solicitor who 1. Provided Robert Greig’s conveyancing services in 1989 when he bought his own home. 2. Drew up Robert Greig’s Will, appointing himself as Sole Executor presuming he would outlive him. 3. Advised Anne Greig (Hollie’s mum)not to divorce Dennis Mackie in 1994 4. Looked after the affairs of Anne Greig, Robert Greig’s livein mother who died in 1994. 5. Was granted power of Attorney by Dennis Mackie in 1995. 6. Transferred 1/3 of the equity (£50,000) in Robert’s House to Dennis Mackie in 1996. 7. Arranged A life insurance policy for Robert Greig worth £50,000 payable to Dennis Mackie’s bank in 1996. 8. Declared to Probate registry that Robert Greig’s estate had minimal value in 1998.
Robert Greig was the maternal uncle of Hollie Greig. Hollie is a Downs Syndrome woman who was awarded Criminal Injuries Compensation by a panel who found that she was ‘probably’ sexually abused by her dad Dennis Mackie and was found to be an honest witness by police and psychologists. Hollie had named others including Jillian and Graeme Mackie as people who had sexually abused her.
Jillian and Graeme Mackie (the Brother and Sister in law of Dennis Mackie) gave evidence at the Malcolm Webster Murder trial. Jillian Mackie spoke of how Malcolm Webster brought both Claire Morris and Felicity Drumm, his wives to thier home. Jillian Mackie described how his wives would be sleepy and how Malcolm Webster, a Nurse, would mention how easy it was to access prescription only sedatives from the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where he worked.
On 19 May 2011 Malcolm Webster was found guilty of staging the car fire that killed Claire Morris and attempting to kill Felicity Drumm in a similar Car fire in New Zealand.
Malcolm Webster was not investigated until after his dad, retired Chief Superintendent Alex Robertson, died and therefore placed many women and children at risk during the intervening 17 years.
Assistant Divisional Officer Michael Maloney reported that Claire Morris’s death was an accident despite having no previous experience in fatal car fires.
Eric Jensen Forensic Officer made a report that Claire Morris’s death was an accident despite having no previous experience in fatal car fires.
Claire Morris was murdered in a fatal Car fire 8 miles away from where Robert Greig was killed in a fatal car fire.
Robert Greig was pronounced dead at the work place of Malcolm Webster.
Please could you provide names of all appointed members of any board who;
a. Has acted or ommitted to act in order to frustrate the proper investigation of Robert Greig’s death?
b. Has acted or ommitted to act in order to frustrate the proper investigation and criminal trial of Dennis Mackie and others for the sexual abuse of Hollie Greig?
c. Has acted or ommitted to act in order to illegally and unlawfully detain and drug Anne Greig for 72 hours under s24 of the Mental Health (Scotland) Act on 5 September 2000 at the recommendation of Dennis Mackie.
d. Has acted or ommitted to act in order to illegally and unlawfully remove Hollie from Anne Greig where she feels safe and detain Hollie Greig into a Local Authority Insitution against her wishes which she has capacity to state.
e. Has willfully allowed confirmed sex offender Dennis Mackie to remain unregistered as a sex offender and therefore able to adopt or work with children unhindered, despite being found to have ‘probably’ sexually abused Hollie Greig.
2. In relation to 1 above, please provide all information and records held in relation to ommissions and acts of the named board members.
Yours faithfully,
LS Palmer

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