fake mews

so wild cat cannie go tae a event without being stalked by the nonces
And she mentions ginger wains oh dear
fucking nonces

Check out Cat Scot and her mate picking on a ginger family (including a child) at 1:10:


They don’t look too pleased about it either (unsurprisingly) and start to move away from them.

Also at 46 seconds Cat says, “How many gingers (with a hard ‘G’ – the derogatory form of the word) can you get into one photo?”

Kudos to Special Agent J for spotting this


  • So a supposed anti-child abuse campaigner is bullying a young girl over her hair colour? I feel queasy 😥


  • I reckon there’s a certain irony to Cat and her mate doing that during a KT Tustall performance – she’s a big believer in inclusion and tolerance, isn’t she?


  • Office Tapir, she said “gingers” with a hard ‘g’ which is what people say when they are being derogatory about people with ginger hair.

    She was an utter bitch in this. The girl tried to cover her face and said something to her dad before they both walked away from their spot in front of Cat.


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