I would like to thank so many of you who have written to their respective MPs or MSPs, urging them to offer support regarding the blatant miscarriage and perversion of justice surrounding the case of Hollie Greig.

With some notable exceptions, including Andrew George MP, David Ruffley MP, David Ward MP, David Anderson MP and John Hemming MP, as well as Gerard Batten MEP and Nigel Farage and Lord Monckton of UKIP, the majority are frankly, too insular and spineless to make a stand, stating basically “it`s nothing to do with me”.

This attitude is disgraceful.

When I was first approached to ask if I could help Hollie and Anne Greig it had “nothing to do with me” either. I did not know the ladies, nor had I ever been to Aberdeen, where the crimes took place. It wasn`t even my country. However, based on the strength of theexpert witness evidence it was perfectly clear that from the outset that not only had terrible crimes been committed, but also that the relevant Scottish authorities had failed in their duties to conduct an adequate investigation. Moreover, the nature of the crimes and the likelihood of the number of people involved indicated that a serious risk to children and the disabled, particularly in the Aberdeen area, continued to exist.

That is why I decided that it was my moral and lawful duty as a citizen to do the best I could to rectify this unacceptable state of affairs and why I subsequently refused to be intimidated into silence by the Scottish Crown Office.

Some politicians have tried to shift the responsibility to Hollie`s MP, Owen Paterson, the Environment Minister, but his close associate on the Conservative-controlled Shropshire Council, Aggie Caesar-Homden, was one of the chief instigators of the completely unjustified ransacking raid on Hollie`s home on 3rd June 2010, so not much can be expected from Mr Paterson in defence of his disabled, multiple-rape victim constituent.

One suggestion that is proving to have some effect is by contacting your MP or MSP`s constituency chairman in order to complain about the lack of interest. It should be circulated to the local committee, who will then ask the politician concerned for an explanation for such inaction. With that in mind, I have now written to Alex Salmond`s constituency office in Aberdeenshire to complain about his abject refusal to stand up for a local disabled rape victim. I have forwarded all the main expert witness documents to be circulated to the committee and reminded the office that I personally handed copies of these same documents to Mr Salmond in Perth on 1st May 2011. He told me that he would take a look at them. Also included was the confirmation that Grampian Police had withheld  two crucial expert statements wholly supportive of Hollie`s claims from the Prosecutor, one of which identified a police officer amongst the alleged abusers.

If anyone feels that they would like to follow this up, the address is as follows:-

Mr Neil Bailey
23 Nelfred Terrace
AB51 4TJ

Tel. no.01467 670070

On a very sad note, I was very sorry to hear about the untimely death of one of Scotland`s bravest and eminent QCs, Jock Thomson. Although I never had the opportunity of meeting Mr Thomson, he was to be initially my defence Counsel, but unfortunately had to withdraw due to a possible conflict of interest.

It was Mr Thomson who had the courage to publicly condemn the Crown Office as “institutionally corrupt”. There can be no doubt that he was absolutely correct about that.

Writing in The Firm magazine on 2nd October, Steven Raeburn says that “His career in the law made him the perfect candidate for the role of Lord Advocate, a role that many of his esteemed colleagues knew he was born to fill. That he was never installed in the post is, in these strangled, decrepit, degraded, impotent days a rank of honour. He was simply too good to occupy that diminished, discredited office. He was not afraid to take on the Crown Office over its drift into vendetta convictions.

Scotland has lost one of its best men.

Instead, the people of Scotland ended up with Elish Angiolini as Lord Advocate. Her next defamation action hearing against me is due to take place again at the Court of Session , Edinburgh on Friday 18th October. I should be very pleased if anyone can attend once again and will soon provide further details. I have been most grateful to all those who have come along, some even from England, to stand by me in past hearings.

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