The land of Delusion…

Hey, Jimmy! Those ideas you have that are well above your local station nourish nothing apart from your bullshitted ego.

The only things you have done are call victims of CSA while supporting your Satanic agenda and ran away from Bran after you got leaflet bombed for lying about receiving death threats – you know, right before you made up the ‘Devil You Know’ article with your own self-sent Threats To Kill in it.

Oh, and gone crying to your handlers in the NCA as you broke down online via Janey while blubbering about Google Rules. Rofl.

I think you also whine to Facebook a lot and WordPress when others point out your inherently evil desires.

People need not worry about a lowly police informant psychiatric gobshite like you who has no consistency apart from when it comes to fantasizing about being good as you talk shit.

Fooling nobody + Fake As Fuck.

For several years, your online presence regarding my posts has been very reminiscent of your court appearance when you were holding Nursey’s Hand for comfort….fuck all in response.

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