fabooka KAren Irving its personal

Personal Blog?

I did this image to match your hair. I hope you appreciate it.

Hey! Karen D. Irving. When you have quit doing your Linda Hunt Impressions.

You can tell she is evil when you watch her on Video 

Hiya Kaz

I noticed you are saying on your sad Facebook page that Hoaxtead Research is a Personal Blog.

Even though everyone knows it is a SATANIC FRONT.

Does this mean you are willing to accept full responsibility for the criminal actions it carries out, such as STALKING, HARASSMENT and ATTEMPTING TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE by way of claiming to have received Threats To Kill as supposedly evidenced in your sorry-assed Google Vault?

You know, given the site you front was set up by none other than RICKY DEARMAN – and that you are doing his bidding as he calls the shots behind his many false identities.

Which is pretty obvious, seeing as a relatively intelligent, although Satanic woman such as yourself would not willingly make yourself such easy pickings for the likes of myself without doing as someone else desires.

Not that it matters either way, given I could nail you in my sleep.

Do you and Ricky share the same e.mail addresses and do you go around using the name Sound Affects while telling people not to be posting illegal videos of your children on the Internet?

Do tell.

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