fabooka calls it

Oh, on the contrary, Wanker Of Wankerwatch, Admin of Hoaxtead Satanic Cult that covers up for HAMPSTEAD SATANIC CULT – it looks like you have been slithering about on Google Plus, stalking as usual, given there is no FB activity from this name and has not been for some time, apart from one small piece that none of you had the intelligence to asses before reporting and then republishing without permission.

You wanna’ watch that Article 13 copyright infringement law too, just like your pal, Jimmy-Meme, as nobody gave you criminals the right to pirate and use my intellectual property for any purpose; least of all a criminal one, designed to insinuate racist and or xenophobic behaviour in order to try and save your SATANIC FRIENDS in Hampstead from further scrutiny as a direct result of your very over-ambitious undertakings.


Another Major Duh on your behalf, hey RICKY.

Getting to you big-time, ain’t I just.

Jesus, facts ain’t something you lot deal in are they.

You trying to ramp your back-up from Flo are you?

Hahaha…you think he will save you lot against me?

You durty, lying, hypocritical, SATANIC Cuntlets.

You trying to make it look like you just received the picture, Mr. Wanker and just happened to post it on Hoaxtead criminal blog?

So as to make it look like you have not been stalking like durty, SATANIST, Ricky Dearman and his equally SATANIC and Criminal, Klinker-Licker, Karen Irving?


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