Family Trusted Cop to Watch Their Baby — He Raped It 51

BOISE — Communities and families were deeply shaken after learning that now-former Officer Stephen Young confessed to a gruesome case of sexual abuse.
Officials stated that he likely raped up to 20 infants or toddlers.

raped up to 20 infants

“He absolutely has no idea the havoc and the confusion and the trauma that he has unleashed…” said the Ada County Prosecutor.

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The parents of the victims were horrified.
They said in court that they believe Officer Young would never honestly confess to how many infants and toddlers were raped.
Investigators said at least five of the likely 20 victims he molested were infants.


It is hard to imagine the pain and confusion an infant must feel to be pushed down by a police officer and sexually violated, screaming while being incapable of defending itself.
The sexual abuse was reported to have occurred again and again over several years.

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Disturbing details arose indicating that the officer purposely worked at elementary schools with young children.
From 1995-2000 he worked in at least four different Boise Bench schools.
Then he became a “school resource officer” for another school from 2000-2004, and finally at Boise High from 2004-2006.
In all, Officer Young spent at least 11 years interacting with children who were most likely taught to “trust” police officers.
He worked for the police department for over 30 years, with “government authority” to place his hands on citizens by force throughout the course of his so-called career.
In court Young tried to apologize, saying “I wish I had the power to heal the many hearts that I had broken.”

But his words will never bring back the innocent lives he destroyed and traumatized.

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Young’s crimes were described as “appalling and unconscionable.”
He was sentenced to 25 years in prison with a chance for parole.

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