Essex And Beyond

Essex And Beyond

Christopher Spivey

Its kind of ironic that Chief Inspector Ben Hodder of the wholly corrupt Essex Police force is facing court next month charged with making indecent images of children… Or put another way he had child porn on his computer, something that I most certainly did not have on my computers until the thugs masquerading as Essex policemen STOLE them at 2AM on the morning of the 30th of July.
Mind you, Hodder is charged with “making indecent images” and I am not entirely sure what that even consists of. I mean are they saying that the images are photo-shopped – or by saying “making“, does that mean he took the photos himself, or what?

A police chief has been charged with making indecent images of children.
Ben Hodder, 34, a chief inspector with the Essex force, is due to appear before magistrates in Basildon on November 6.
He was originally arrested on May 8 and released on bail and has now been charged with two offences.
Hodder, of Thurrock, has been suspended from his post as area commander for the town. Source
Course, you just instinctively know that Chief Inspector Hodder didn’t have his door kicked down.
Then again the same no doubt applied to the Thorpe Hall School Deputy Headmaster, Martin Goldberg from Shoebury in Essex.
Indeed, where Goldbergs crimes are concerned, Essex Police sunk to an all time low being as they were first tipped off by the Canadian police about the teacher’s penchant for collecting child porn, way back in July 2012.
Never the less, despite that tip off and the rumour that Goldberg was showering with his pupils the Southend Slow Slog Plod didn’t get around to KNOCKING on Goldberg’s door until September 9th 2014… And it goes without saying that the knocking on his door was with a lot less force than the cunts used on mine.
Moreover, by the time that the Essex plod did come a calling, the vile sub-human school teacher had amassed 7,257 images of children of which 1,468 were photos of his own pupils:
POLICE investigating paedophile deputy headteacher Martin Goldberg say they don’t believe he was acting with anyone else in filming children in changing rooms.Officers are continuing to examine Goldberg’s computers and recording devices, but the investigation could soon end if no other lines of inquiry are established.The 46-year-old deputy headteacher of the private Thorpe Hall School in Wakering Road, Thorpe Bay, killed himself a day after police officers called at his home in Dalwood, Shoebury.
They were investigating a tip off from Canadian police into child pornography that was first flagged up in July 2012, but Goldberg was not approached until September 9 this year.
A spokesman for Essex Police said: “Police are continuing their forensic examination of computer equipment and devices recovered from Martin Goldberg’s home to identify any further indecent images and any evidence of other offending.
“Once this has been completed detectives will assess all of the information to see if any further investigation is warranted.
 Deputy head: Martin Goldberg, 46, was found dead a day after police questioned him over allegations he had purchased child pornography from abroad
“At this time the position remains that Essex Police are conducting an investigation solely into the activities of Mr Goldberg.

“There is currently no evidence that Mr Goldberg shared the imagery, that anyone else was involved in his offending, or that he committed any other offences beyond the possession of indecent images and voyeurism.”
Goldberg was found to have 7,257 images of children with 1,468 of them appearing to have been obtained by secretly filming children in the school’s changing rooms and at the Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre in Garon Park.
Only three of Goldberg’s victims have so far been identified, with noone else coming forward.

I used to pass that school twice a day when I was the Tattoo Artist at ‘Images’ don’t cha know.
'Well-regarded teacher': The school headmaster said governors and staff felt 'shocked, angry and betrayed'
But here is the thing, even when the Southend Plod got around to Knocking on the perverted cunts door… Well I will let you read it for yourself:
The blunders were compounded when officers failed in a bid to get a search warrant from a magistrate.
So they simply visited the paedophile’s home, just over a mile from the school, and politely asked if they could examine his computer. He refused and the officers left without arresting him. Source

I was right about me being a second class citizen wasn’t I? Indeed, you have no idea how angry I am right now… Cunts.
And as a matter of fact, I wrote about this Canadian investigation back in 2012, yet as we approach the end of 2014, not one person out of the hundreds of names passed on by the Canadian Plod to the Brit Plod has been arrested to date:
Hundreds of British suspected paedophiles have still not been arrested despite being named by Canadian police 18 months ago.
Canadian detectives say they sent police ‘hundreds of names’ of people who viewed ‘horrific’ child abuse videos distributed from Toronto by a crime ring.
Globally, 348 arrests have been made and 386 children rescued.

But yesterday it emerged not one person was arrested in the UK despite their details being handed to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre, which tracks paedophiles.

Experts said that police are struggling to cope with the sheer number of people suspected of viewing child abuse online.
This year the Daily Mail revealed only one in 15 people caught viewing such images is arrested.
John Carr, an expert in fighting online abuse, said the news was ‘sad but not surprising’
And don’t forget Operation Ore – you know, the one I mean. The one where Tony paedo Blair was forced to issue a D-notice to stop members of his government being arrested for downloading child porn:
Paying to view child pornography on the Net carries a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment. Why are the sentences so short? Viewing child pornography is not a victimless crime!
6,500 names were given to the British Police by the FBI, who had recorded credit card details, e-mail addresses and home addresses of pedosceles using the Internet. Thousands of paedophiles are given cautions because police cannot cope with the huge volume of cases. Although placed on the sex offenders register, no risk assessment is being carried out on these men and women, and they remain free to carry out their sexual perversion towards innocent children!
Only five per cent of the 3,000 so far arrested had previous convictions! Source  
Yet out of the hundreds upon hundreds of names passed to Essex Police, only: “154 men were arrested and questioned, of which only 32 were charged with possessing child porn, one person was cleared, and only eight were convicted and given punishments ranging from community rehabilitation orders to just one year in prison. Ten others received cautions and along with the eight people already convicted, they were all placed on the sex offenders register”.
Moreover, just yesterday I wrote about there being up to 50,000 people caught with child porn in the UK who are getting away with it because the Plod are supposedly short-staffed:

Some paedophiles with images of child abuse will escape prosecution, the head of the National Crime Agency has said.

Keith Bristow said expecting all the estimated 50,000 people in the UK who have accessed abuse images to be brought to justice was “not realistic”.
He said police would have to focus on those who posed most risk.
Labour called it “disgraceful”, adding that the NCA was not fit for dealing with the problem. The Home Office said all crimes should be investigated. Source
Not good enough I’m afraid.
Now, as it goes I haven’t heard from my fiend Dale Martin in a while, whose articles I have used on this site from time to time in the past.
So, it was nice to see Mr Martin post an excellent comment in regard to those unpunished 50,000 nonces:
UK online pedophiles too many to prosecute: NCA. – So it is “not realistic” to prosecute the 50,000 people in Britain who have viewed and shared child abuse images.
However, the number of working age claimants of Employment and Support Allowance and incapacity benefits totalled 2.46 million in February 2014, the government had no problem individually interviewing and assessing them.
Does “too many to prosecute” mean there are in reality more than 2.46 million paedophiles then? Or there is just not the same will to deal with them as there is to attack 2.46 million disabled, amongst who the fraud percentage rate amounted to no more than 0.3% of them that were guilty of anything at all?
Never the less, the bent cunts had no qualms about kicking my front door down, needlessly breaking my bedroom window and arresting me without a warrant for being in possession of a photo of a Led Zeppelin album cover, some other legal photos, a few photos of 2 ex-girlfriends both in their 20’s that THEY sent to me, some photos of men & women having sex with animals, dating back to 2011 and which the plodectives are not sure were even downloaded – but if they were they have at least 20 people to choose from as being the culprit for doing so and ONE hidden file of little boys having sex, apparently created exactly 24 hours before the bent cunts were in my front room nicking my computers.
Course, you will have noticed that all of these nonce cunts who have been caught with child porn on their computers has been done so because of the paper trail that they leave, i.e credit card payments and log in details yet the corrupt cunts who are accusing me cannot even produce browser history along the lines of “Little boys having sex”… Rather fucking strange don’t cha think?
Moreover, Wolfie says that he knows for a fact that the hidden file wasn’t on my computers the last time that they were used by me – quite how he knows is beyond me but he says that he can prove it – and neither have I harassed anyone either, evidenced by the fact that I haven’t been told to remove any articles, photos or even comments from this site or any of my social media accounts.
On the other hand I have had more than my fair share of real harassment by real vermin trolls.
In short, I have done absolutely fuck all wrong, except highlight government crime and paedophilia which has earned me 2 arrests in 3 months, both illegal, 2 searches of my home, both illegal and without search warrants – not to mention bizarre – I’ve had my computers and other possessions STOLEN even though theft is supposedly against the law no matter who the thieves are, I’ve spent two spells in the cells, the first lasting 19 hours, the second, more serious charge lasting 6 hours, my family has been abused and terrorized, my door kicked down and bedroom window smashed, followed by the piss taking cunts wanting me to sign a document stating that they had caused no damage, my mail has been withheld, resulting in well over £100 of goods being lost, and the social services are still doggedly trying to take my Grandson Clayton into care despite leading Stacey to believe that their involvement was all but over… People, just what the fuck is going on here?
And what do I get for my trouble? “Serves him right, he should have kept his mouth shut”. “Spivey? Government paid shill”. “I see Spiveys pretending to have been arrested again to con his readers out of donations”, all coming from the mouths of the lowest form of life, who never wrote a thing worth reading or made a video worth watching… Well that is to say the lowest forms of life bar their government masters.
Indeed, the useless cunts will never come close to achieving what I have, not that they are meant to of course.
Certainly, they will never be someone who played a part in something that made front page MSM news, as I did having played a not inconsiderable role in closing down a load of child porn sites – which must be counter productive if what were being alleged about me was true, not to mention hypocritical.
Course, no names were mentioned in the MSM reporting due to the way that the child porn sites were closed down, yet I was the person responsible for passing the links to the sick sites, on to the person who set a team of hackers to work following the Plods failure to take action.
And you would therefore have thought that the aggressive thugs sent to arrest me would have been a lot more respectful given that I – along with others – was doing their fucking job for them.
Yet why did the plod fail to take action against the kiddie fiddler sites?
Well, the simple answer is because they are as involved in corruption, wrong doing and nonce activities, as the people they serve – and they certainly don’t serve you and I.
Moreover, if you want the proof of that claim, then look no further than – a site dedicated to lists of convicted government paedophiles, convicted police officers, perverted judges, nonce Councillors, well-known Freemasons, and other such powerful wrong-uns.
Course, I should also just mention that anyone who doubts my integrity ought to be made aware of the fact that I am toying with the idea of selling ‘Ebola safe’ condoms at discounted prices.

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