Talking of abusers … this is a communication with a member of the TPV advertising team by a woman called Sharon Gifford who is threatening to trash the station with all the advertisers to bring down The People’s Voice and waste all the money donated for its creation and all the efforts of the incredible people who have made it possible …

Sharon Gifford, who writes anonymously on social networks under the name Mother Damnable, followed a familiar pattern of coming to work at TPV as a volunteer, in this case with Sonia Poulton, and after being a divisive influence, and staying only a short time, she left to trash everything and everyone. This is an example of the truly bonkers crowd who are hurling their ever-more hysterical and outlandish lies in all directions in an attempt to undermine The People’s station which is turning out fantastic content day after day to alert the global public to what is really happening in the world.
If you ever needed a classic example of how these people operate, this Skype communication with one of TPV’s advertising staff could hardly be bettered (grammar and spelling not corrected):
‘Sharon Gifford: I hope you are thoroughly ashamed of yourself !
TPV staff member: Sharon – I’m sure I have no idea what you are talking about!
Sharon Gifford: I am sure that you do! stealing money i
Sharon Gifford: under false pretenses is criminal and imoral, the fraus squad will be coming after you and I will personally make sure you loose every advetising accountyou get,
Sharon Gifford: feeding David Ickes cocaine habit is NOT what people are doing when they donate to TPV you people are shocking, disgusting and this disgraceful behaviour WILL come back on you all…..
[Cocaine habit now, well that’s a new one, never had that before, yawn.]
Sharon Gifford: Davis is sick already and every bit of energy or money he hast stolen will make him rot from the inside,
Sharon Gifford: theft is theft if it is money or energy, my energy thay you stole from me is going to fester and will maske you rot
Sharon Gifford: ALL OF YOU !
Sharon Gifford: 2014 is the year of truth, you will not get away with it rest assured of that!
TPV staff member: Sharon – I’m not even going to dignify that with a reply … apart from to say that you need to take a long hard look at yourself – hatred will only eat away at you – I’m sorry if you feel you have a grievance – you gave your energy it wasn’t stolen – if it’s not for you then fine .. but move on and find something that is … I wish you nothing but peace and love
Sharon Gifford: don’t think I hate I don’t I love and am shocked how many people you hurt and steal from
Sharon Gifford: innocent people deserve better much better than the rubbissh TPV are all about
TPV staff member: Then go out and create something good that will do that … getting information out about TPTB that is denied to people can only be a good thing – you are part of the problem if you are putting your energies into destroying something that IS managing to do that
Sharon Gifford: nope it isn’t as you will see on my blog a voice is denied to many people … and the way the David Icke forums are run also stops people from being able to speak out
TPV staff member: Please try to put your and others egos to one side and think about the good that can and is being achieved … I’m not going to get into a long discussion about it Sharon … I truly wish you well – put your energy into something that will make you happy
Sharon Gifford: it is trickey ickey and shawn’s egos..and retirement plans that need looking into not mine, yes bringing down evil pied pipers will make me happy love and light xxxx’
This is the sort of thing that TPV staff are constantly having to put up with amid the hacking of the station’s operating system, Indiegogo appeal page and free-to-the-public on-demand YouTube page which had its entire content deleted by a hacker last weekend. Two volunteers had spent weeks posting the station’s content to the YouTube page only to see it deleted in an instant by those who claim to be ‘challenging the system’.
Those same volunteers are now painstakingly putting all the content back because, as I have said before, they are builders not self-obsessed simpletons who only want to destroy to feed their addiction to bile.

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