East 17 star Brian Harvey turns up at Downing Street and demands meeting with Prime Minister

20 OCT 2014 7.53PM
FORMER East 17 frontman Brian Harvey was spoken to by police officers today after turning up at Downing Street and demanding to speak to the Prime Minister.
Brian arrived at the heavily-guarded gates of David Cameron’s London residence at around 1.50pm clutching a white ring binder. 
Witnesses say he was declaring that he had evidence of how much money the government had stolen from him. 
“He then (oddly) kept shouting ‘you’ll all be dancing to my no.1 single at Christmas’,” the witness told the Daily Star.
It is not known what the ring binder contained, however #ringbinder was trending for a time on Twitter this afternoon. 
Many on Twitter expressed concern for Brian’s well-being. He suffered serious injuries in 2005 after falling out of the Mercedes he was driving. He later blamed three tuna mayo jacket potatoes for the incident. 
However others we less charitable, with one Twitter user quipping: “Looks like Brian’s back on the jacket potatoes again.”
Met Police said there was a “minor disturbance” at the gates of No 10 today but no arrests were made.  

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