Enough really is enough

Enough really is enough

The Daily Chimpanzee

The dirty foul cunts just get worse.
It would seem that not being content with teaching our 5 year olds about sex, they now want to teach our eleven year olds about porn… The dirty vile paedophile pieces of dog shit.
I am sick to fucking death of the filthy, perverted cunts, pushing their warped agendas on us and our children.
And make no fucking mistake, just because the new guidance on teaching kids about porn is criticised by government ministers, that is only because the perverted pond life are pandering to public morals whilst they test the water. 
I mean, have you seen this shit on the website of the paedophile’s paradise, masquerading under the banner of the BBC:
What your child will learn in sex education classes.
Children are taught about different aspects of sex at different ages.
The following is a guide to what’s taught and at what age:
ages 5-7 puberty, relationships and how to be safe
ages 7-11 puberty, relationships (including marriage, divorce, separation, same-sex and civil partnerships), managing emotions and dealing with negative pressures
ages 11-14 sexual activity, human reproduction, contraception, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, relationships
ages 14-16 body image and health, choices about sex, parenting skills and family life, separation and divorce

Sex education at home

Your role in your child’s education about sex and relationships is important. The teaching of these subjects in school is designed to complement the discussions you have with your child at home.
Before talking to your child, think about your own views on sex and what matters to you in your relationships and family life. Work out your own values and morals so that you can give your child clear, consistent messages about sex and relationships throughout childhood. Sex education is most effective when it’s built up gradually over a number of years.
Don’t ignore the subject altogether – you don’t want your child to grow up being confused about sex and relationships.  Source
I don’t want perverts teaching my Clayton about sex thank you very much, he will find out all he needs to know in his own good time.
I mean, is this sex education getting us anywhere. Have moral standards and respect increased or declined since 1984?
Fuck me, the old boy/girl relationships are a thing of the fucking past. Now its a race to see how many people you can shag.
And believe me, I’m no Mary fucking Whitehouse, but I can see straight through what our vile nonce ponce dirty cunt MP’s are aiming for, and I don’t fucking like it one little bit. Perverted cunts!
You only have to read about cunts like Harman and Hewitt – who want stringing up by their tits – to cotton onto what the perverted sick political cunts are pushing for… Every single one of them.
And you can include the Gaylord, nonce ponce dress up club and the cunt on the throne amongst that number too, including her extended family of ugly fucktard in-breeds.
There are no good MP’s because all the good ones are stopped before they get anywhere near the Houses of Parliament:
Explosive documents in Patricia Hewitt’s name arguing for the age of sexual consent to be lowered and that incest should be legalised have forced the former Labour minister into a humbling apology.
The former Health Secretary finally said sorry after more official paperwork laid bare the disturbing links between National Council for Civil Liberties and the vile paedophile group that campaigned to allow sex with children.
Miss Hewitt finally apologised when doubt was cast on her claims she had never ‘condoned’ child abusers from the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).
The Labour minister was the sole name on an NCCL press release issued in March 1976 which says ‘NCCL proposes that the age of consent should be lowered to 14 with special provisions for situations where the partners are close in age’.  Source
That stinking slag Hewitt thinks sex with 10 year olds is acceptable, not to mention having sex with your mum and dad.
But that is how all of the perverted sick political knobheads think make no mistake about that; they all think like Hewitt does.
And as for the stinking shit cunts at the Chimp! Well they can pretend to be as out-fucking-raged as they fucking want, but that sick fuck Paul Dacre is knowingly pushing the nonces agenda too.
I have had it up to the top of my fucking head with these dirty, vile, sick, solidified sewage pricks. It has to fucking stop.

Schools told to give children lessons in PORN to teach them that real life isn’t like that and warn of dangers of sexting

  • New guidance was drawn up by sexual health charity Brook, the PSHE Association, and the Sex Education Forum
  • It says pupils must be taught that pornography does not reflect real life, and should cover how images are edited and photoshopped
  • The document, which has been welcomed by ministers, comes after Ofsted report said sex education needed improvement in a third of schools
  • But Chris McGovern, of the Campaign for Real Education, said: ‘Parents do not wish to see their children’s childhood taken away’

PUBLISHED: 15:33, 28 February 2014 | UPDATED: 18:34, 28 February 2014
Schools should give lessons on pornography to teach pupils that it shows a ‘distorted image’ of sex and relationships, according to new guidance.
Youngsters need to learn that pornography does not reflect real life, often showing ‘perfect’ bodies and exaggerated sexual prowess’, it says.

The document – which has been criticised by an education campaigner for ‘taking children’s childhoods away from them’ – also calls for students to be told about the dangers of ‘sexting’ – sending explicit text messages – and sharing sexual photos and images.

The new guidance has been drawn up by sexual health charity Brook, the PSHE Association and the Sex Education Forum in a bid to give schools advice on how to teach pupils about the topic.

Children should be taught about porn to help them protect themselves, charities say in new guidance (file image)


Children should be taught about porn to help them protect themselves, charities say in new guidance (file image)

It comes in the wake of a report published by Ofsted last year which found that sex and relationships education (SRE) needs to be improved in more than a third of schools.
It called for secondary school pupils to learn more about issues such as porn, relationships, sexuality and staying safe, rather than just the ‘mechanics’ of reproduction.
Teachers have also spoken out about the issue, with one survey suggesting that schoolchildren are increasingly having sexually explicit conversations with each other after being exposed to pornography. 

The new advice, which has been welcomed by ministers, says schools should teach about the impact of pornography, arguing that there is widespread support from parents for this.

‘Teaching should emphasise that pornography is not the best way to learn about sex because it does not reflect real life, and can therefore be worrying, confusing and frightening for young people,’ it says.
But education campaigner Chris McGovern, of the Campaign for Real Education, criticised the report’s suggestions
He told MailOnline: ‘Internet pornography is a serious issue but schools need to consult with, and reach agreement with, parents before teaching about it.
‘Many parents do not wish to see their children having their childhood taken from them – they would prefer infants to learn about Thomas the Tank Engine rather than how to handle porn.

‘With regard to this matter ‘blanket solutions’ just will not work.’


The guidance comes weeks after teachers said children were accessing porn on their phones at break (file image)


The guidance comes weeks after teachers said children were accessing porn on their phones at break (file image)

The report also says: ‘Pupils should understand that pornography shows a distorted image of sex and relationships, including ‘perfect’ bodies and exaggerated sexual prowess.

‘SRE provides opportunities to discuss body image and understand how pornographic pictures and videos are routinely edited and ‘photoshopped’.’

The document goes on to say that young people are growing up in a culture where technology and social media are important and there are more opportunities for sharing personal information.

‘SRE should encourage pupils to think about what they want others to know and see about them – whether on or offline.’

It adds: ‘Research shows that sexting is of most concern to young people in their early teens, schools should address privacy and boundaries from a very early age in the context of personal safety and abuse.

‘Many parents do not wish to see their children having their childhood taken away from them – blanket solutions just will not work’
  – Chris McGovern, Campaign for Real Education


‘Specific work about ‘sexting’ should be addressed in SRE as soon as it is identified as a potential issue.’

The advice also warns schools that SRE should be inclusive and that teachers should not assume that all relationships are between opposite sexes.
It suggests that sexual health information should include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in case studies, scenarios and role-plays, with pupils exploring topics from different points of view.

Brook chief executive Simon Blake, said: ‘Young people have been telling us for years that SRE is not relevant to their lives and they want better.’
The Government already publishes statutory guidance for schools on SRE and the new document, which was welcomed by Schools Minister Lord Nash, is supplementary advice.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2570248/Schools-told-children-lessons-PORN-teach-real-life-isnt-like-warn-dangers-sexting.html#ixzz2uec6g1NZ
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