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Like i hoped another update on the Demi and Nirvana child abuse affair:

Monday, June 3 2013

It remains exciting surrounding the unsavory affair in Zoetermeer and it seems the events follow up rapidly. It started today with several e-mails we received from Frides Laméris:

This was the first:

Ben And Leonie fled their home this morning at 5.00. I myself will be on my way soon to the police station Groningen to make a statement against a detective from Utrecht Mariëlle Hansen and her partner Ingrid Ouwens who during a (‘help) visit to Ben and Leonie – while Ben was asleep – erased a huge amount of files, among them several thousand incoming and outgoing mails from Ben, provided with the necessary links to files.

I also reported this 5 minutes ago to Marcel Vervloesem, who said that he was going to announce the police statement notice as soon as he is noted by me from Groningen, that i really did this statement. Gr. frides

Then the next one, directed at the police criminal investigation department in Utrecht:


Dear Mr. Roelevink,

This is an addition to my phone call to your mobile voicemail this morning. I recorded on your voicemail this morning that Mr. van den Brink made known to me that a detective from the Utrecht police, Mariëlle Hansen and her partner Ingrid Ouwens in the night of saturday to sunday July 12, during a visit to the van den Brink family at their residential home in Schoorl at the Hulstweg 11, during a sleep period of Mr. van den Brink, in various ways adapted his computer and as a result a jointly email file of about 2500 mails (in and outgoing), all relating to information about the activities of a criminal pedophile network in North And South Holland are erased from the computer.

Many mails were also provided with important attachments and files. Because Mr. van den Brink received a serious death threat last saturday, originating from the now well known criminal pedophile milieu, he left his home in Schoorl this morning together with his wife Leonie and he asked me to undertake action.

In consultation with Mr. van den Brink we decided this morning to make a statement about this serious hacking, which purpose it undoubtedly is to prevent that the known to us pedophile network will further be exposed. Because this was the most practical for me, i made a visit to the main police station at the Radermarkt Groningen several hours ago and made known there that on behalf of Mr. van den Brink i wanted to declare against this hacking with urge. Particularly because the suspicion rests on a detective from Utrecht, who is well known with the van den Brink dossier and where you – according to our information – are well known with.

I thus have explicitly stated both at the desk as well as to the attending chef Mr. Konings that i wished to make a statement against DETECTIVE POLICE UTRECHT MARIELLE HANSEN AND HER PARTNER INGRID OUWENS. In accordance to the law book i’ve met my duty by this by immediately announcing a serious punishable fact to the police, so that the police can act to investigate this case.

According to the law book a citizen can make a report like this anywhere in the country. What the Groningen police additionaly does with this report is i.m.v. not my primary responsibility. Hoping to have informed you sufficiently with this extra information, with best regards, Frides Laméris, Zuidlaren, counselor of the van den Brink family from Schoorl.

And subsequently a third e-mail:


They didn’t want to take the declaration and as so often hid under their theorem that a declaration must be done in Schoorl. Meanwhile i’m pretty well known with the bureaucratic cops in the Netherlands, and will not allow myself to be influenced by this. I announced the suspicion of the punishable fact (= fact 1) to the cops in Groningen and will now put something about it on the internet.

My mail to Roelevink from just a while ago is fact number two and nobody can go around that. And that’s how we continue again today to support the still fugitive couple. We’ll be victorious!

Greetings, Frides

So far the email messages that we received. Seeing how it yet concerns heavy allegations here towards the criminal investigation department Utrecht, we contacted the police station in Utrecht by phone today at 14.30. We were spoken to most friendly by Mrs. van de(n?) Ende and we asked her to connect us with Mariëlle Hansen and/or Ingrid Ouwens in the context of hear and rebuttal. We were indeed asked who we were, but not which case was concerned.

A while later Mrs. van de(n?) Ende returned with the announcement that it was not opportune at the moment. We requested her to ask Mariëlle Hansen if it was more opportune at a later time or that one of both ladies could maybe call us back.

Mrs. van de(n?) Ende then returned with the literal answer of Mariëlle Hansen: “No, don’t feel like it”.

We also clearly indicated that we would publish about a case where both ladies were involved with, and if then a reply comes with “No, don’t feel like it”, then that makes one think. About the social norms that are applied, anyway.

To be continued.

Source: Niburu.co

Dont feel like it? Dont you just love openly arrogant and corrupt officers?

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does someone mind doing a brief summary of what this is all about

i just keep seeing long posts and I’m trying to read them and just seeing a bunch of words

what is the story? think I’m having a brainfart

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Originally Posted by elite View Post
does someone mind doing a brief summary of what this is all about

i just keep seeing long posts and I’m trying to read them and just seeing a bunch of words

what is the story? think I’m having a brainfart

On one hand i’d like to give you a summary because i like to spread the information, on the other hand i’m like ‘dude, if you’re going to read a book (assuming you sometimes do) do you only see pages of words or is it hours of potentially good information. If you read the first post and the first article it describes exactly what it’s about, you can say it’s already summarized in the beginning. i take it you’re not too fond of reading?

But seeing how books have short summary’s too, i’ll give you a brief summary of events until now:

About a Dutch couple’s attempts to rescue their daughters from a (international) pedophile/satanic abuse ring connected to a infamous shelter home in Zoetermeer and is connected to the exposure of the ties of certain satanic incestuous family’s who abuse children for century’s and links to the royal family and DNA-matching that will soon unfold. Also involved and exposed is the involvement of corrupt pedophile police, especially a couple of officers in Zoetermeer who are part of this network and revealed to have made child pornographic video’s with several local victims. This material + the case as a whole is being investigated and noticed internationally and will lead to bigger revelations and consequences.

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