drunken slagg maggs shaw just cannie shut up

farmer Giles aka MAggs shaw
Nae wonder Bernie hated you

Paul Gambaccini is actually trying to get a law through Parliament, that prevents people being named. I agree with him actually, and as you say, it does encourage fantasists, who don`t need any encouragement at all. Bill Maloney loves that kind of thing doesn`t he. You only have to look at what he did to Andrew Ash who had already admitted on Panorama that he made it all up. Maloney was positively reveling in what Ben Fellows was telling him, also the former MP from Birmingham, that story was all over Sky News. and now there`s Otherwise Known as Nick who has a trial coming up in March I think, that should be very interesting indeed. I`m just wondering if Mike Veal will join forces with John Wedger and have mugs and tee shirts made with his face on it.



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