drunken slag MAggs Shaw gobs off


it used to be called T.D.A. (Taking and Driving Away) in the days when I worked with young people, but most of them called it Touching the Dogs Arse

farmer Giles

Having had a small run in with Sabine`s Barrister, when all I was doing was minding my own business, I know for a fact that Tracey Morris is a big fat liar. What is it with these people, why do they lie so much? this Sabine thing is done and dusted, she`s in prison now, suck it up just like she`s doing. and that goes for anyone else who is thinking of fantasising and regurgitating any satanic, Hampstead or Finchley Road, or any other Hoax.

farmer Giles

I think what is more irritating is the fact that all these bull shitters actually believe the crap that comes out of there own mouths, there are so many of them with this disease.

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