‘Despicable’ doctor who repeatedly raped 10-year-old girl over two years is struck off

Dr Stephen Hamilton, 47, strangled the girl until she passed out on one occasion, telling her: ‘You deserve to f*****g die’

Manchester Evening News
Sick: Dr Stephen Hamilton has been struck off the medical profession for repeatedly raping a girl from the age of ten

A “despicable” doctor who repeatedly raped a girl from the age of 10 over a two-year period was kicked out of the profession today.
Dr Stephen Hamilton, 47, who was described as a ‘very good GP’, strangled the girl until she passed out on one occasion, telling her: ‘You deserve to f*****g die’.
Hamilton was convicted of 13 child sex offences, including rape and sexual assault, following a trial and jailed for 18 years in May 2013.
Judge Richard Mansell QC said he hid the ‘very dark side’ of his character behind a ‘cloak’ of respectability.
The GP, who worked at Heaton Medical Centre, in Bolton, committed the crimes between 2007 and 2009 while his victim was aged between 10 and 12.
Hamilton, who maintains his innocence, failed in a bid to overturn the convictions earlier this year and he was today struck off by a Fitness to Practise panel.
Panel chairman John Donnelly said his crimes were among the worst a doctor could commit and ordered he should be erased from the medical register.
“The panel has determined that Dr Hamilton’s convictions represent a reckless disregard for the standards and principles that the public rightly expect from anyone, not just a doctor,” he said.
“Dr Hamilton’s convictions are not just a ‘falling short’ of expected standards but are fundamentally incompatible with continued registration.
“There is a complete absence of remorse and insight. The panel has determined, taking all these matters together, the character traits identified are indicative of a harmful, deep-seated personality or attitudinal problem.”
Currently serving his sentence in Garth Prison, in Lancashire, Hamilton was not attending or represented at the hearing at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester.
Alan Taylor, for the General Medical Council, said it was hard to imagine more ‘gross and ‘despicable’ conduct than the rape of a young girl over a period of two-and-a-half years.
“This doctor is serving a term of imprisonment of 18 years, which is an extremely lengthy and substantial sentence, and that is a reflection of the seriousness of the offences in this case.
“It is difficult to imagine a doctor engaged in more deplorable and despicable conduct than rape of a child under the age of 13,” he said.
“Members of the public would be frankly appalled at this behaviour, this conduct, on the part of this registered medical practitioner.
“They would be appalled and disgusted by it, and rightly so, and expect the regulator to take the most rigorous of action.”
 Hamilton denied attacking the girl, forcing his victim to relive her ordeal in the witness box. He was seen crying several times throughout the crown court trial, but the judge said he did not believe the emotion was genuine.
His victim, who reported the abuse in late 2011, was praised in court for her ‘strength of character’ and ‘moral fibre’ in coming forward and giving evidence.
The judge had told Hamilton: “I have no doubt that you are and have been a very good GP who has dedicated himself to his work and cared for patients.
“However, your titles, your qualifications, your intelligence and your gentle manner with patients have all provided you with a dark cloak, behind which you have hidden a very dark side to your character.
“This side of your character has been well and truly exposed in the course of the trial by prosecution evidence and more over by your own evidence and conduct.
“You have revealed the following character traits – arrogance, manipulation, bullying and dishonesty.
“You have expressed no remorse at any time. You have systematically tried to undermine her credibility and reliability.
“This has amounted to a continuation of your abusive character.”
Hamilton was found guilty of six counts of rape, three counts of sexual assault and four counts of child cruelty.
He has now applied to the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal to the Supreme Court, but his chances of success are “remote”.
He seeks to use expert medical evidence to cast doubt on the reliability of his victim. Hamilton will be removed from the medical register in 28 days, subject to appeal.

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