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  1. Bindon was wrapped up with Princess Margret for a short time. She was rather taken with a particular part of his very well endowed anatomy. One of his party pieces was to play the piano with his dick. He found himself warned off by larger men in dark suits from the Establishment.
    He was involved in a particularly brutal knife fight in which John Dark was killed. Bindon himself was seriously wounded and got himself across to Ireland in the state he was in and recovered.
    He subsequently died of Aids.

  2. ive just finished watching goodfellas ! one of my favourite films of all time ! that and the good old godfather :)

  3. Some years back I was in conversation with Mel Smith, who at the time owned the rights to this film. He may well still do for all I know. He was planning a re-make / update of this with Bob Hoskins in one of the roles. Mel Smith was enquiring as to whether some of the actors could credibly pass as ex-mil, particularly ex- Op Corporate vets. His wine cellar was seriously depleted after that evening. :D

  4. The film “The Bank Job” was inspired by the relationship between John Binden and Princess Margret. There were rumours of some dodgy photographs in circulation from the time they spent in Mustique, not necessarily involving John Binden though. However,this photo did cause a major ruckas in establisment circles when it was published.

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