Life sentence for Dingwall “sexual fiend” whose youngest victim was nine

The judge told John MacIntosh it was clear he was a sexual fiend who had no respect for women

The judge told John MacIntosh it was clear he was a sexual fiend who had no respect for women

A ROSS-SHIRE “sexual fiend” has been locked up for a minimum of 10 years for the rape and sexual abuse of females, including a nine-year-old girl.
John David MacIntosh from Dingwall was convicted of four serious sexual offences at the end of a trial at the High Court in Aberdeen.
Lord Uist handed MacIntosh (46) a life sentence and told him he was a sexual fiend who posed a serious danger to women.
The sentence means that MacIntosh must serve at least ten years before he can apply for parol.
The offences involving a child and adult women took place in the Highlands between 1996 and 2004.
During sentencing Lord Uist said: “You have been convicted by the jury of four very serious sexual offences.
“The first involved sexual assault and attempted rape of a nine-year-old girl on various occasions.”
He said the next two charges involved one act of rape of two different women, and the fourth charge involved the rape of another woman on various occasions.
The judge said: “You targeted vulnerable females in order to gratify your carnal lust. You have called all these women liars and shown no remorse for what you did.
“You are now 46 years of age. You have previously been sentenced to imprisonment on three occasions – for periods of three months, nine months and seven years respectively. The last sentence related to charges of having sexual intercourse with 13 and 14 year old girls.
“I am satisfied from the evidence which I have heard in the course of this trial and from your previous conviction for two sexual offences resulting in seven years imprisonment that you constitute a serious danger to women.
“It is clear to me that you have no respect for women and are a sexual fiend.”
MacIntosh’s life sentence was welcomed today (Thursday) by Police Scotland.
Detective Inspector Eddie Ross of the Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit and Chair of the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference in the Highlands, paid tribute to the victims.
He said: “I must emphasise that this latest case, like others, have been instigated by another agency, in this case the National Health Service referring concerns.
“Multi-agency working and the support that this provides for victims is at the heart of keeping people safe.
“During the investigation there was also significant involvement from the local authority in terms of housing and social work support for not only the victims but also their children.
“However, the most important people in all this are the victims and I must pay tribute to them in both coming forward to the police and staying with the prosecution process to conviction.
“I hope that this result will bring some comfort to the victims in this case and give confidence to anyone who has suffered similar experiences to come forward in the knowledge that their case will be sensitively and thoroughly investigated.”
He said this was the second significant sentence handed out in the space of a week to rapists who have been the target of his unit.
“I would like to acknowledge the dedication of the officers of the local Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit,” he said.
“These cases are difficult to investigate and progress to a satisfactory outcome. However, these results stand as testimony to the dedication of these small teams and how well local policing fits into the Police Scotland environment.
“This local team works closely with other agencies as well as other similar police units across Scotland which includes the National Domestic Abuse Coordination Unit, to protect victims of domestic abuse and their children.”

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