Derry rape

Derry rape victim speaks of her ordeal

PSNI crestPolice have said they are concerned at the number of reports of sexual assaults in the north-west

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A Londonderry woman has been describing how her life has been torn apart after she was raped.
She was prompted to speak publicly for the first time after police urged partygoers to stay safe over Christmas.
Detectives said on Monday they are investigating 17 sexual assaults, including six rapes, in the north west in the three months to mid-November.
Hers is not one of the 17 recent cases to which the police referred.
The young woman told BBC Radio Foyle she was embarrassed to tell anyone about what had happened.


“I ended up getting beat up, with a saucepan hit across my face,” she said.
“I was scared. It took me ages to tell my mum about the assault.
“I was humiliated. I just want people to come out and talk about it.”
Her mother said that her daughter is still hurting.
“She told me that there was a knife held to her throat and it was not until a few months later that she told me she was sexually assaulted.
“There is something missing from her.
“My family is in bits over what has happened.”

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