Baby left fighting for life after ‘healer’ brands her 100 times with red-hot nails

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT Shocking video footage has emerged of the child’s agonising scars after her mum took her to a village healer in rural India

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A seven-month-old is fighting for her life in hospital after being branded 100 times with a red hot nail by a self-styled ‘healer’.
Shocking video footage of the unnamed child’s agonising scars and injuries have outraged health campaigners across India, where the ritual is a traditional healing method.
Mum Ranjita Paraja took her baby to a village healer in Banaguda, in eastern India, when a persistent cough and cold refused to go.

CEN The baby branded with hot iron nail on the stomach
The baby was left with agonising injuries

The healer used what is seen in rural communities as a traditional ‘cure’ for sick babies where they are repeatedly burned with a hot iron nail.
Healers claim it draws out the illness.
But within days the infant was critically ill with pneumonia after the burns got infected.

The tot is fighting for her life in hospital

Paediatrician Sandeep Tripathy, from Jeypore Hospital, said: “The child was branded eight days back, and has severe pneumonia now.”
He added: “She had been suffering from measles, but post branding, there is infection at the branding points.
“The treatment is going on but the condition is very critical.

CEN Pay Baby Branded
Ranjita Paraja with her baby

“If her condition deteriorates, she will be referred to Koraput Hospital for ICU treatment.”
Health officials say campaigns to eradicate harmful traditional healing methods find it hard to penetrate rural communities.
Specialist Anup Kumar Ghosh said: “It is very difficult to put a complete end to a practise like branding.
“Though we are creating awareness among people against the menace of branding, it will take some time.

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