Mum Who ‘Searched “How To Commit The Perfect Murder”‘ Is Charged With Killing Two Of Her Children

Stephany E. LaFountain, 23, has been charged with killing her 13-month-old daughter on November 20 last year and also the death of another of her children – a four-month-old girl who died two years earlier.

During forensic searches of her computer officers say they found searches for ‘ways to suffocate’, ‘ways to kill a human with no proof’ and ’16 steps to kill someone and not get caught’ just an hour before she called emergency services.

The little girl stopped breathing when LaFountain called for help from her home in Fairbanks, Alaska but unfortunately died in hospital four days later.

It wasn’t until the death of her second child that police became suspicious and started investigating what happened to the four-month-old girl from a previous relationship, as a potential murder.

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