Demi Moore

Chilling Photos From History Explained

Rare Collection | August 24, 2019

An underage 16 year old Demi Moore illegally bares it all for “Oui” magazine in 1981

Source: Pinterest

Before she was setting hearts on fire and stunning audiences in films like Ghost and A Few Good Men, Demi Moore worked for the Elite Modeling Agency in Europe. Most of her work consisted of pin-up shoots, but one spread for Oui magazine may have been a little too risqué. She claims that the photo shoot where she bares all was taken after she lied about her age, and that she was 16 at the time of the shoot.

At the time, Moore was desperate to get into the business and did whatever she had to in order to get her face out there. The photos were mostly forgotten until they showed up in Celebrity Sleuth in the late ‘80s. Moore didn’t let the creepy members of the press stop her momentum.

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