Vile paedo tried to blame his wife and children after downloading huge amounts of the ‘most disturbing kind’ of child porn

Police found more than 1,000 indecent images on three devices belonging to James Devine

A DAD who downloaded thousands of indecent images of children before trying to blame his wife and kids has been jailed.

James Devine, 51, was caught with what a judge described as the
“worst and most disturbing kind” of child abuse images on his computer.


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James Devine, pictured, tried to shift blame onto his innocent family after police found indecent images on his laptop

A court heard the dad-of-three had tried to shift the blame into his
innocent family after police found the catalogue of sick pictures.

The images, obtained from the ‘dark web’, were discovered by officers on a Sony laptop and two hard drives.

In total, the three devices contained 286 images of category A (the most serious), 352 at category B and 2,171 at category C.

Devine was initially arrested following another complaint by his
wife, who has  since started divorce proceedings after he cheated on
her, and police seized the devices.

The offences spanned a five-year period ranging from September 2010 to January last year.

On Friday 4 November, Devine admitted to nine counts of making indecent images of children at Worcester Crown Court.

He only entered a guilty plea a week before his trial, leaving his
wife and three children with the prospect of having to give evidence in

His reluctance to admit his guilt sooner was considered an aggravating feature as he was jailed for 20 months.

Sentencing, Judge Robert Juckes QC, said: “Instead of accepting your
responsibility, which would have avoided the finger of blame being
pointed at others, you named your wife and three children as people who
had access, the plain implication being they may have been responsible
for the images.”

Prosecutor Paul Cook said the images were all stored in ‘an
inaccessible space’ within the computer that his family would not be
able to find easily.

Devine, a former IT manager, was interviewed on July 10 2015 where he
stated he was not the only person who had access to the devices the
police had seized.

As a result his family were interviewed by police as part of their investigation.

Mr Cook added: “He gave the name of his wife and the names of his children and thereafter declined to comment.”


Davies appeared at Worcester Crown Court and was sentenced to 20 months in jail

Jon Stanniland, defending, said Devine, of Worcester, entered guilty pleas after he agreed to think about things more carefully.

He said: “He wished, is at all possible, to avoid his family having to come to court to give evidence.”

Mr Stanniland said some of the secrecy Devine showed was because of an affair he was having.

He added: “He is not someone upon whom the horror of the images is entirely lost.

“There is scope for rehabilitation. He has alienated his family. He had alienated society.

“There is shame and punishment there.”

Devine was also order to sign the Sex Offender’s Register for ten
years, banned from contacting his wife and kids and told to pay £120

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