Weeping mum jailed after her kids were found in bedroom swarming with flies and faeces smeared on the wall

The woman was handed an eight-month sentence after two young kids
were found in the squalid bedroom, with dirty nappies strewn across the
floor and “damp, urine and mould” covering the room

A MUM who
kept her young children in a squalid bedroom filled with faeces, urine
and swarming with flies broke down as she was put behind bars.

The woman, who cannot be named as it would identify her children, was
handed an eight-month sentence after two young kids were found in the
squalid bedroom, with dirty nappies strewn across the floor and “damp,
urine and mould” covering the room.

Sink covered with flies

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A mum who kept her kids in a filthy house swarming with flies and with
faeces smeared on the walls broke down in tears as she was jailed

Officers found the youngsters at the house in Long Eaton, Derbyshire
after officers responded to a domestic incident at the property,
Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court was told.

The officer who went into the filthy room was “absolutely shocked” to find the conditions the youngsters had been left in, the Derby Telegraph reports.

Peter Bettany, prosecuting, said: “It was swarming with flies, as was the entire property.


“There was a strong smell of dirty nappies, damp, urine, mould and human waste in general.

“The entire property was littered with dirty nappies and rubbish and there was food covered in mould.”

Empty plastic bottles, chocolate wrappers and dirty underwear littered the floor of the children’s bedroom.

One of the beds had a mattress with a sheet loosely covering it,
which was dirty and covered in flies, while the other had no mattress or

Bettany said: “There were faeces smeared on the wall above the headboard of one of the children’s beds.

“There was a lock, high up on the outside of the children’s door, which indicated they were locked in.”

The oldest child was found with no clothes on her lower half, while the other child’s clothes were soiled.

Open rubbish bags surrounded by flies littered the kitchen and there was no fresh food in the house.

The children had no toys in the house – but there was a bottle of vodka on the shelf.

Filthy clothes covered the kitchen floor and dirty pans were left on the worktop.

Bettany added: “Two further bedrooms were filled with open bags of rubbish.”

Any floor space not covered with rubbish was soiled with “food and unknown matter”.

Despite the horrific environment, neither child was “thin or emaciated” and neither showed signs of poor nourishment.

The mum has admitted neglect after the kids were found in the horror conditions.

Defence solicitor John Young said the conditions were “completely inadequate”.

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The mum was jailed at Derby Magistrates Court after admitting child neglect

He added: “There has been real difficulty in her own upbringing, I think that has played a part.”

Young told the court there had yet to be a final hearing to determine what would happen to the children.

He said the woman was hoping to have “some limited contact” with the kids.

The mum, who is in her 20s, cannot be named as it would identify the youngsters.

She sobbed in the dock as she was jailed for eight months.

Magistrate Neil Shaw said the property was in a “significantly poor state throughout”.

Addressing the woman, he said: “There were two children living there
and they were all dependant on you. This could not have happened other
than (over) a prolonged period of time.

“We have heard and it is accepted the children were not malnourished.
But they had dirty hair, hands and nails. The children were in a state.
It is so serious that I will (give you) a custodial sentence.”

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