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GD467/5/1: A large loose leaf folder with 4-5cms thick of letters, press cuttings relating to the International Gay Right Congress, Edinburgh, 1974.
Headed notepaper: Congress Organiser: Derek A. Ogg; Congress Secretary: Ian C. Dunn; Bankers: Bankers: Bank of Scotland; Solicitors: James Young & Co.
Letter from David Steel MP, on House of Commons headed notepaper;
Date 3 Sep 1974
To; Ian C Dunn, 8b Mayfield Gardens, Edinburgh.
Dear Ian, [handwritten]
Thank you for your letter enclosing a draft one to town councilors. I think the approach is right but may I query your sponsors? My father was talking to me on the phone just before he left for Africa. I think he will meet a deputation as you ask but he couldn’t do so in the 48 hours before he left. You cannot therefore even unintentionally convey to others that he is a sponsor. Likewise the Bishop of Edinburgh, who I heard, had not agreed. Is Robin Cook the only other M.P. Who has agreed? What about a Tory like Rifkind or Fletcher? And the SNP?
My second query is the title “Gay Rights”. I support both CHE and SMG, but have serious doubts about Gay Lib. Is this Congress intended to embrace then? (Double entendre unintentional).
[signed] ??? David Steel
Note sent to Jacon Pollock at London Broadcasting Company, 29 Aug 1974.:
Please book the Lindsay Kemp film “Circus” for the Congress for the following dates 19, 29, 21 Dec. 1974. Ian C Dunn.
  1. International Gay Rights Congress, Edinburgh, 1974

Congress Organises: Derek Ogg Secy: Ian C Dunn
24 October, 1974.
File copy of letter sent to:
Members of the Collective,
Gay Montreal Association,
3664 rue Ste. Famille,
Montreal H2X 3N4,
Dear Collective,
I am writing to ask a very special favour of you ­ a request which will involve some sacrifice, but a sacrifice for a worthy cause. Allow me to explain my request …
This International Congress is the first of its kind and therefore is experimental to some degree. We are aware( because we ­ Derek Ogg & myself, Ian Dunn ­ have traveled widely and have spoken with many gay individuals & groups in the U.S., Canada & Europe) of the great diversity and strengths and weaknesses of the various gay movements.
Now is the time for an international exchange of viatl information … a time to meet other gay ­ sisters and brothers ­ and to listen and learn from one another over a period of 4 days. I enclose an agenda to let you see what format our discussions will take.
[etc] But the crucial bit! ­ we are very short of ready money to finance the venture… [read about Gay Montreal’s ­ s great discos etc … asks for $600 … ]
In love and liberation, YS Ian Dunn.
Reply: Letter from Gay Montreal Association
Montréal le 11 octobre 74
Dear Ian,
personal letter explaining to Ian how to write his letter [of 24 Oct?] asking for $600

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