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    Margaret Hodge covered up child abuse in Islington when she was council leader

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    When the social & political story of this time is written HOW will history JUDGE the Cam/May Govts ? Who- to pay for a CRISIS caused by Casino Banking-PENALISED the poor,the disadvantaged & the dispossessed Led the UK to the abyss to settle TORY scores And POISONED politics.

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    Don’t suffer in silence. If you witness or experience hate crime REPORT IT.

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    Interestingly, Peter Ball, Trevor Huddleston and Tom Driberg all attended Lancing College.

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    Hubert Brasier (Theresa May’s father) worked for the Community of the Resurrection in Mirfield, West Yorkshire. This school is associated with the systematic sexual abuse of children by rampant sex offenders in the 1960s and 1970s.

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    The three modern monk bishops chosen by Queen Elizabeth: paedophile Bishop Peter Ball, paedophile Trevor Huddleston and Rev. Walter Frere, head of the Community of the Resurrection.

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    Dame Alun Roberts Retweeted BBC Woman’s Hour

    What values would those be? Turning a blind eye to the plight of children in care under your watch? Some of which were farmed out to paedophiles? Stuff your values!

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    Look at her with that concrete slab above her shoulder. 😳 That is scary. Poor

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    Very interesting information in this documentary by into Trevor Lloyd-Hughes …

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    Oh dear, the hammer-wielding yob from Kendal doesn’t like anyone retweeting the link to Sonia Poulton’s latest documentary so I thought that would be the perfect reason to repost it:

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    Carlile, troubleshooter.

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    Dame Alun Roberts Retweeted David Lean  💜

    ALEX CARLILE (10) More recently, serious criticism has been levelled by against Carlile, prosecution in the Bennell case, who accuses Carlile of conniving to get Bennell a lenient sentence.

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    ALEX CARLILE (9) Like Vaz, Enoch Powell and Butler-Sloss, Carlile was a frequent visitor to the Manorial Society in Kennington Road. Alongside holding shindigs for the upper crust and right wing, the Manorial Society had a more sleazy, male side to it.

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    ALEX CARLILE (8) Burrell’s mate Colin Tucker was heavily involved in Scotland’s Magic Circle scandal. Another central figure was child abuser Robert Henderson QC, a close friend of Esther Rantzen lover and EGH paedophile Fairbairn.

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    ALEX CARLILE (7) The Laughing Duck was listed in the 1982 Spartacus Gay Guide. Spartacus was run by the paedophile priest John Stamford. This magazine gave discounts for stays at Elm Guest House and championed PIE.

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    ALEX CARLILE (6) Whilst footman to the Queen, Burrell was suspended from his job on the royal yacht for his part in a gay pornography ring.

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    ALEX CARLILE (5) Paul Burrell, footman to the Queen, bought the Laughing Duck, a gay club in Edinburgh, in 1982 and sold it in 1988 to one Colin Tucker, later footman to the Lord Mayor of London, Fiona Woolfe, another IICSA chair too close to paedophiles.

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    ALEX CARLILE (4) One of Carlile’s most prominent cases was that of Paul Burrell. Burrell was butler to royalty, accused of stealing millions of pounds of goods from the estate of the late Princess of Wales.

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    ALEX CARLILE (3) Carlile left his wife to marry his mistress Alison Levitt QC, a principal advisor to Britain’s leading prosecutor, and proponent of banning media from naming suspects pre-trial to protect the likes of Leon Brittan.

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    ALEX CARLILE (2) Carlile shared a small Commons office with paedophile Cyril Smith for many years. He also played a prominent part in defending Janner’s reputation, describing him as a man of integrity and determination. Carlile would have known Janner fairly well.

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    ALEX CARLILE (1) Alexander Carlile, or Baron Carlile of Berriew, was the Independent Reviewer of National Security policy in Northern Ireland, gaining a CBE for services to national security.

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    This documentary will send our resident hammer-wielding yob into geo-stationary orbit above Kendal!

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    He makes a brief appearance… 📷

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    BREAKING: Ian Paisley now listed on the Parliament website as an Independent. He is no longer a member of the DUP.

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