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    and while simon complains over tweets…which incidently he is not supposed to be able to view, but avoids block feature to stalk her… He forgets he connects EVERY account that tweets me to an agenda of a giant conspiracy against him

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    It is my position that the should commission an independent inquiry into the behaviour of both mayors (i.e. in their professional and personal interactions with other party members) to determine if any opportunities were lost to protect children from rape.

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    One of the convicted Tories, Simon Thornton, was so bold as to integrate his victim into his life, taking her to work and events. The local MP is our new Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, who attended events with Thornton. He will not comment on the matter.

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    Brandon Lewis won’t confirm or deny if two former Tory mayors convicted of child sex offences are still members of his party. He refuses to stage a safeguarding inquiry and won’t even say what Code of Conduct existed prior to 2014 (I’m guessing none):

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    …and Jimmy Savile’s brother worked there but was sacked for interfering with a patient…Early 80’s I think…He worked in Wales as well:

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    CHRIS PATTEN (6) Within a year of entering Parliament in 1984, Virginia Bottomley became PPS to Chris Patten. By 1989 she was a health minister under William Waldegrave. Her husband Peter appeared on the Elm Guest House list as a patron.

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    CHRIS PATTEN (5) The paedophile and Jesuit-schooled Patrick Rock, friend of David Cameron and touted for a peerage, worked for Chris Patten in Brussels, responsible for the western Balkans no less, the very place where Soper was in hiding for 6 year.

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    CHRIS PATTEN (2) Chris Patten is patron at St Benedict’s School where a paedophile ring has operated for decades (Allott, Soper et al). Soper is one of seven either convicted or accused of preying on pupils at the £15,000 p.a. school during the last 25 years.

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    CHRIS PATTEN (1) Chris ‘Hong King’s Patten became Under Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in 1973. In 1988, in the wake of the Good Friday Agreement, Patten was called on to steward the Commission for Policing for Northern Ireland. Patten: ‘The best thing I ever did’.

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    A punishment at Christ’s Hospital School was to be sent down for a few nights at Peter Ball’s house. I wonder whether those sending them down knew what their fate might be? And who were his ‘special friends’?

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    It comes as no surprise that Lord Lawson came out against funding investigations into historic sex abuse …

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    Tom Lawson, son of Lord Lawson and half-brother of Nigella, was educated at Eton before going to Oxford, and is now deputy head of Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham, West Sussex.

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    No problem. Totally support your visit to Mr and Mrs Just and think you’ve done the right thing – standing up to a bully and nasty piece of work.

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    They’re all at it!

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    What part of Leveson Inquiry is being kept under wraps?

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