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    Alderman Bonner Pink, Peter Ball, and man called Morris photographed in Sussex, next to our boat “Ambler” in the 70s, connection

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    The is riddled with predators. Peter Ball & Victor Whitsey are tips of an iceberg. Not just perverts. Gross abuse of power is rife.

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    Ex Cheif Constable Tony Bulter who failed to charged Bishop Peter Ball became head of Crimestoppers

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    Ex DPP boss Barbara Mills helped Peter Ball avoid CSA offences via Lord Carey

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    Former MP Tim Rathbone helped Bishop Peter Ball to get away CSA in the pass

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    Right Rev. Peter Ball had met Derry Mainwaring Knight.

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    Bishop of Lewes Peter Ball’s letter to one of the victims of priest Vickery House

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    Jared Kushner failed to disclose directorship of foundation supporting illegal Israeli settlements ahead of U.N. vote

  9. Ready-salted crisps. Ready-salted? Does any one else remember the days of those tiny blue bags of salt?

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    In 2012/2013 there were 243,609 attempts to access pornography websites from the House of Commons servers.

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    Isn’t that just typical for Britain? Come down like a ton of bricks on a copper who blows the whistle and let a cabinet minister neglecting his duties by watching porn on the job off scot-free!

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    Gloucs6 The complaint was not reported to the police, but only to the archbishop of Canterbury, then George Carey, who persisted long past the point of reason in hoping that his colleague was innocent. Carey may now be the subject of a police investigation.

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    Gloucs5 The diocese of Gloucester hired a former policeman to investigate, and if possible discredit, Ball witnesses. From the moment the first victims came forward, the response of the church up to the highest level was one of institutional self-protection.

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    Gloucs4 But back to Damian’s Alicia, close friend of Theresa May: Would Alicia as Deputy Chancellor of the Diocese of Gloucester since 2013 where  Ball was bishop have given advice re. Ball?

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    Gloucs3 Gloucs3 PIE member Peter Righton’s boyfriend’s brother, Robert Alston, was Chairman of Governors at Ardingly College between 2005 and 2010. John Neale, by the way, served in the Royal Artillery during World War II, a division which spawned many paedophiles.

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    Gloucs2 John Neale, a former bishop and very close friend of Peter Righton, is honorary assistant bishop in Gloucester. Neale was chaplain at Ardingly prior to the paedophile bishop Ball, friend of BigEars, taking up the same post.

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    Gloucs1 Alicia Collinson, wife of porn-loving Damian Green, is a barrister who deals with cases of child sexual abuse. She is also Deputy Chancellor of the Diocese of Gloucester.

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    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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    His middle name’s not Damian by any chance?

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    Why doesn’t Corbyn get real and come out against Brexit firmly, second referendum or not.

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