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Letter from Robert Green to an MP about Veale –


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Robert Green letter to Simon Clarke MP

Subject: Attack on Mike Veale

Dear Mr Clarke,

Having just phoned your office, I must tell you that I was appalled to learn of your disgraceful attempt to smear one of the country`s finest police officers, Chief Constable Mike Veale, who withstood a vile campaign to undermine and silence him by those who seem to feel that influential politicians accused of paedophile crimes are above the law and should not even be investigated.

Some of your colleagues in the Conservative party joined in on this unjustified campaign whilst he and fellow senior officers were operating in accordance with their duties relating to Operation Conifer. Fortunately, the Chief Constable was supported in his endeavours by honourable and fair Conservative MPs such as Andrew Bridgen and John Glen.

I find it staggering that you should attempt to undermine a senior police officer who is trying to protect and obtain justice for victims of sexual abuse in this country, which I am sure that you will concede has reached epidemic proportions, often because police have been prevented from doing their duty by interfering politicians.

I write this as one who provided expert witness evidence to the Chief Constable during the operation. Recently, I was asked by the Prime Minister`s constituency chairman, Councillor Geoff Hill, for a copy of the same documents in order to relay them to Mrs May, an action that he has confirmed as being undertaken.

For my part I have worked extensively with former MP and Health Minister David Mowat in exposing a proven cover up of the sexual abuse of children in Scotland involving both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon. I have twice spoken at events in the Houses of Parliament about this issue and as a result, was nominated by one of your parliamentary colleagues to receive the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for my efforts.

It would seem, to give you the benefit of the doubt, that you have been badly misinformed about Mr Veale`s character. Lessons related to the transparent cover up and high-level protection of Jimmy Savile do not appear to have been learned.

Of course, I should be prepared to discuss the issues that I have raised with you, although I believe strongly that you should issue a public apology for your outburst to Chief Constable Veale without further delay.

Yours sincerely

Robert Green

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