Machete murder: Inverness man who killed friend dies in prison after serving 3yrs of life sentence

Screenshot_20160830-103052Machete murder: Man who killed his friend dies in prison after serving three years of life sentence

A man who was jailed for killing his friend with a machete has died in prison.

The Scottish Prison Service confirmed Robert MacGillivray, a prisoner at HMP & YOI Grampian had died in custody.

The 53-year-old was convicted of killing
Mark Hunter in May 2013 and ordered to serve a minimum of 16 years
before he could apply for parole.

He kicked, stamped and slashed the
37-year-old, causing so many injuries that a pathologist carrying out a
post-mortem examination gave up counting them.

During his trial, jurors heard that
former drug addict Macgillivray had a number of health problems,
including emphysema, and was so ill he could barely walk down a street.

The jury heard Mr Hunter’s injuries must
have been inflicted over hours, because Macgillivray had to pause to
regain his strength.

A blood-stained machete was found in a cupboard at his home at 26 Glenshiel Place in Hilton, Inverness.

Forensic scientists found damage to the
dead man’s clothes suggesting at least 83 blows were struck. Medics said
Mr Hunter, 37, was killed by someone stamping on him.

The jury was shown CCTV footage of
former hospital worker Mr Hunter stealing strong cider from a local
shop. He then went to Macgillivray’s home, and neighbours heard shouts
as the two men argued.

Macgillivray’s dog Tinkerbell fled and dog walker Duncan Macdonald found the animal after midnight.

He took it to its owner’s home, and saw
Mr Hunter lying on the floor. Police and medics called to the house on
June 22 last year found that Mr Hunter had been dead for some time.

Frail Macgillivray accused Mr Hunter of stealing his brandy.

His defence counsel, advocate Shahid Latif, told the High Court at the time that Macgillivray “bitterly regrets the homicide”.

A spokesman said: “Police Scotland have been advised and the matter will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

“Next of kin have been informed and a fatal accident inquiry may be held in due course.” Press & Journal

Screenshot_20160830-103710A murderer who had a life expectancy of only a few years when he was jailed has died in prison in Peterhead.

Robert Macgillivray, 53, of Inverness,
was ordered in 2013 to serve at least 16 years in prison before he could
seek parole for killing Mark Hunter, 37.

The High Court in Edinburgh was told at
the time that Macgillivray’s health problems meant he had a life
expectancy of five years.

Mr Hunter was struck more than 80 times with a knife and stamped on.

Macgillivray denied murdering his former friend in Inverness in June 2012.

The Scottish Prison Service said a fatal accident inquiry may be held into Macgillivray’s death at HMP Grampian last Tuesday.

Mr Hunter was murdered at Macgillivray’s home.

He suffered so many cuts and bruises
that a pathologist carrying out a post-mortem examination gave up
counting, the High Court heard.

Medics said Mr Hunter had been killed by
being stamped on, or possibly a jump with both feet together – smashing
his ribs and preventing him from breathing.

Because of his health problems, which
included emphysema, Macgillivray was alleged to have carried out the
attack over a period of hours.

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