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DC 1309 Alastair Crawford Cleveland Police Caught Red Handed

The Photograph Above is the 2 testimony of lies from G4S officers representing the Lawful officers of cleveland police fraudsters,the full disclosure of bullshit the laws they represent.
MISCARIAGE OF JUSTICE, misconduct in public office,
Purjury by Doctors and Psychologists protecting corrupt Police officers in a Court of law

,Actual Evidence from Witnesses,that can be shown, it all happened as its stated below,So Share this,to your friends,family,employers of Teesside.
I can Be Contacted at anytime to confirm this is true to the best of my Knowledge,and according to court documents,given by CPS in Middlesbrough,@ClevelandPolice officers who attended,and 16 witness Statements given at the time of 18 court appearances it took, to find me guilty of burglary that I didn’t do, by a jury,after 10 minutes,Shows it was all a Staged trial,using CJSSS community justice scheme of Mallons,
Why would I lie,I’ve served my sentence,of 2 years probation,
ACCUSED of 3 Burglaries at the Same Property 10 Milbrook ave brambles farm,Middlesbrough,Owned By steve Locke,an essex boy,With Convictions, the value of the damaged house at £160,000,when he only Paid £45,000 for the house,Whilst i was on QC SPITTLE Court ordered HOUSE ARREST
The toilet paper. @EveningGazette reported to pounce on the story for the criminal mayor Ray Mallon who also admitted 14 crimes as a Chief of the force who arrested me for this Crime,Burglary.
My appeal was Stopped as a disabled person court ordered Mentally deemed paranoid,delusional,PSYCHOTIC,which no doctor stated at this fraud burglary Court case.
With ONE Convicted only in 47 years ,based on one tested blood Sample,sg4,and later said to have been 3 samples, after 12 more court cases out of 16,said to have been found at a Burglary. Namely SG3,SG4.Sg5
I have always Maintained NONE of My Blood was EVER inside a Burglary or Any other Crime alleged against me.
It was taken from me at the Police station 48 hours After the fact,when I was arrested at,Middlehaven station.
I never cut or injured Myself close to that date.No Photographs exsist of any injuries.
Police said they found 3 type of blood.
Two went missing in transit to HQ Ladgate lane.
The police took my blood at the police station after my arrest,interveiw,at 1839pm they deny this of course.
No CCTV footage is available as usual which is a usual Problem when your Convicted of an offence by this authourity of criminal Ray Mallon
I had no alibi for that night as I live on my own,
I Had No Electricity, so I was in the dark,
they asked me if I’d watched TV that night, I did,at my ex partners home,Previous to going home,at 12AM,
they asked this twice, they knew the Answer to it, They twisted it as if to say ” how can you watch tv without electric” they asked ” that night” I did watch tv “that NIGHT”before 1230am , I didn’t say ” AT HOME”.
This is What Cleveland Police Forensics called “The Line Of Continuity”

previous to this burglary arrest all the Previously undisclosed 23 false arrests aimed at stopping me driving buses and coaches for a living,
And a CICA claim that is worth over £100,000,which you cannot Claim with a conviction,None of this was given to the jury and none were Disclosed to. @ScotlandYard. national Computers in london as from 2008 when my CRB disclosure was cleared of all offences by officers of. @clevelandPolice in 2008,the burglary conviction was in 2010,to remove all evidence of the fact they lied to cover up corruption at the stations in statistics Abuses by this farce.

There’s Too much impropriety in this whole case to just ignore the facts that MP. @AndymcDonaldMP. @cleveland_PCC.barry coppinger also Middlesbrough councillors who refuse to except it. was Told about it ,in emails,Twitter,as @lauraneiltina3. Which I can prove,read on.
According to Teeside Crown Courts who have DEEMED this case a “NO AREA IN LAW CASE which is Total Corrupt protection bollocks”as there saying this as they have had solicitors +barristers making laws up for them so noone will be prosecuted for these Lies.
This Authourity have been Hiding the facts of corruption and for over the last 12 years, 65 court appearances,16 Court appearances Neil Scott he Had to attend,at NEIL SCOTTS £50,900 burglary case,alone costing £27,000.
It seems whatever I told my defence solicitors the police were given the option to answer the allegations from me,after the fact,costing taxpayers over a Million for one Conviction out of 23 arrests,FREERS,Barristers of Baker Street Middlesbrough,
An opportunity was given to cleveland police Defective Detectives to add on statements after Appearances which digs them a hole to offer an explanation for it,they came back with NEW ANSWERS,AFTER the ORIGINAL testimony for court,and they certainly took the opportunity to do so,again,covering up the original Lies at court.
Because of that the barrister looks professional as if it was Staged.
I believe its called CJSSS,getting their story right before a court trial before a jury seen the evidence at Teesside courts and DEEMING ME GUILTY Before a court of law deemed me guilt,that’s called getting the story clear in Teesside Crown Courts before they look so STUPID they cannot be denied as a barrister,representing a fruad case of. @ClevelandPolice frudsters. as usual.Another Ray Mallon Signature.
According to 16 witnesses Brought into this case,mostly,who didn’t turn up at court,and testimonies had to be read out,
They said,
SG4 Blood found convicted Me of Burglary
They said,2samples went missing in transit
They said. none of the 3 samples of blood found contained my blood type
I blamed RAY MALLON for the lot which I’m entitled to do, since he knew about CRB disclosures,in 2002,the fact Mayors dont get CRB checked,why he admitted 14 offences,the fact he bribed jack straw and Tony blair to loose his 14 admitted offences As mayor he doesn’t get a CRB check criminal records Check,neither do the doctors used in court,This case is what TEESIDE Crown Court,23march2009,The CPS Witnesses/Cleveland Police Defectives stated as there case for continuity..
The evidence given to Teeside Crown Courts were:..
That Two samples were taken from Neil scott on the Day of his Arrest,DNA and BLOOD,and only one sample was logged at the Middlehaven station.DNA,three samples were Delivered to Hq ladgate lane,only one was received, sg4,two went missing on delivery from north ormesby forensics collections,without CCTV security
I asked 45 actual questions.via FOI requests what do they know.
The police Said they found.
3 Samples of Blood,
This was shown to be more bollocks by there own Prosecution Witnesses statements.
i proved every theory the had that this case was conducted as bollocks.
.According to Corrupt Dc Crawford 1309 and Corrupt Dc 945 kellam chaytor who couldn’t be arsed to stick by his own Superior crawford to stand by him in witness statements alone , SG4 Blood was the only blood found that was tested,and found to be My blood..SG4….Although three samples were said to have been found at the scene of the burglary ,MISSING EVIDENCE.
After a search with alastair crawford only he admitted on his own he searched scotts property twice and without witnesses searched it again found trainers,tools that didn’t match any vandlism of the property,Actual testimonies from…
Then this from forensics representing corrupt cleveland detectives
.SOCO…..Green First forensics at the crime scene,stated he FIRSTLY found the 3 samples of blood (OR RED HEW)at the scene of 10 Milbrook ave,Brambles Farm Middlesbrough,Insured scene of Crime,
Also believed by green to be trace samples of Blood.or Paint.Stuart Green(forensics first on scene)on 23march2009, HE packs all three samples. TOGETHER. SG3/SG4/SG5, and put them into storage at an. Insecure(Stated) Forensics Lab.but NO-ONE says who took them there, STATEd at court, in North Ormesby Middlesbrough,,,,,from that lab,North ormesby labs said by GREEN stated as unsafe as any old officer could gain access to the labs as the Locks and Codes for the doors have never been changed since. The takeover by forensics labs.
jo PACEY(BSc footwear technician)stated on 18/02/2010,written testimony,some 11 months after the burglary,At 1445,23march2009 ewhern she Wrote her statement,she delivers the three samples of blood SG3/SG4/SG5(packed together)and photos all packed together to HQ ladgate lane,and delivers three samples to MILNER and Cockrain at hq ladgate lane, 0445pm 23march2009
Janice Milner(submissions unit manager) stated she only received one sample (NOT PACKED together)from Pacey,at 0453pm on 23march2009,SG4,then he sent SG4 to forensics,via courier so jo pacey was Full of Shit,Lying on oath to the court in her statments.
BEN Cockrain(digital imagine services operator) also stated that he receives from Pacey photographic evidence in a box,packed together,at 0453pm 23march2009. the one who didn’t lie.
DC Alistair Crawford DC 1309 (arresting officer), stated on 22/07/2009,some 4 months after the burglary,timed at 1739hrs and 1817 hrs,ref;M8/4668/09,AC/4 in his OWN Wrtitten testimony that contradicts his own witnesses……”there were blood samples recovered from 10milbrook ave and I sent them to forensics examination” ………he had blood SG4,at the Middlehaven police station on 23 march 2009,he also stated in the same testimony that: ……..”the blood from the radiator by the door was a match for SCOTT”….,,,,
Two arresting officers at first crawford then chaytor,chaytor gives no evidence at court at all,not even a statement as a Witness,on behalf of Crawford,himself Owning up to the Fact he Handled had the opportunity to Alter the forensics evidence at any time before forensics in weatherby had a chance to test the blood found.Without Any CCTV footage of Any incidents taken place at Any of the Scientific departments of Any ClevelandPolice force stations.
This is Crawfords testimony saying he went to 155 marshal ave to collect Samba trainers used to convict me,after my arrest,on his own,Without witnesses.

This is the courts letter when I asked for the testimony for DC Crawford that I have already just to find out if they would give me it.

After my arrest,
After being interviewed,
After my DNA was taken by G4S civilians,
After 1839pm,he stated,sent by him via a courier driver,
72hours after burglary occurred
4miles away from burglary

AND when police stated”the trainers went to court,they had paint on them,and DC CRAWFORD contradicted himself stating “YOU WASHED THEM”
G4S officer andy nichol(reliance secure task management) stated at court on the stand,on oath,that he was the officer who took DNA only at the police station, Middlehaven station,on 23march2009,after 1839PM
I denied this,stated Andy Nichols was not the officer who took blood and DNA from me at middlehaven,he had long hair,not bald like Andy Nichols,on 23march2009,the this Bald Headed bloke was the one who took DNA only off me at Middlhaven station on 5 august 2009,the second arrest,
All proved to be Shit testimony from accomplices.
Its all for the Money from court cases on allegations of crimes
AND,at NO POINT during these 15 court cases,with 3 samples of blood said to be found,they did NOT FIND OR MENTION MY BLOOD TYPE IN ANY of there statements of testimonies at court.
Was it blood they found or Paint this is a picture of paint spread all over the house.

They came back with another G4S officer sgd Adelle Flynn(custody admin)to back up the first G4S officer,Andy Nichols,she then stated, he’s telling the truth,and that it WAS indeed A Spriggs Roo39 that only took one DNA from me on 23march2009,
Who did not Log two samples at court,
you see the mistake they actually didn’t expect
The house was said to be flooded and covered with paint,that door had no paint on it with what police stated had scotts trainer samba print on it.
Paint was said By all involved to have been spread all over the house,
G4S officer A Flynn stated on 05/03/2010,some 12 months after the burglary, that she witnessed A Spriggs ROO39, as the officer on the 23 march 2009 took DNA sample from Neil scott and she referenced it as
. 17/M8/5440/09.BAR CODED 99244564
The G4S officer,A Spriggs(reliance secure risk management) stated 14/02/2010,some 11 months later,”it is fully covered with CCTV” on the 14/02/2010 that on 23march2009,the sample of DNA he took from me is
17/M8/5440/09. BAR CODED 99244864
As you can see there different references to A Spriggs testimony,(pictured above),
So why was Only one sample Logged at the time of 23 march 2009 Log of the stations DNA taken.OR Not as it seems.
I asked the police what were the two samples taken on 23 march 2009 and sample taken on 5-6 august 2009,they said there were both DNA taken at both dates,what I did not tell them was that the two samples i was
Refering to was statements of two G4S on the same day 23 march2009 so why take Two Dna on the same day 23march 2009,your fucking Liars,and that just proved it.get your checkbook out
No Blood TYPE was found in 3 samples of Blood said to have been found at the burglary because it takes an official request for blood samples blood Type,and the police could not afford that sort of trace,
So I wrote a FOI,request for missing CCTV footage,ETC, to cleveland police.
After a judge ordered 7 months of electronic Tagg at my home from 7am to 7pm+ 9am to 9pm,I’m blamed for two more burglaries at the same property according to the eviction civil court case during the conviction of Burglary,
Erimus Eviction
DC Crawford was a Witness At this court Case on Active Duty as a Payed Cleveland Police Officer in a Civil Court Hearing,this was an Insurance Scam,a Fraud,£160,800 Claimed with the help of Cleveland Police,this is his signed statement ge said I committed 3 Burglaries at the same address knowing I was on electronic G4S tagg for the whole of the court case.

Important Lead
I made a Freedom of information request to Cleveland Police for the CCTV footage held on all forensics evdence handleing by all officers of that force,this is a Letter telling me that at No time during the collection of forensics in my case was CCTV footage available to veiw,so at any time officers Could and DID Falsified the forensics swapping my blood for Blood said to have been found this is a serious Charge against them and I’ve asked for my whole case to be reveiwed again based on it.
This is a freedom of information request for two samples detrails of what was taken since NO CCTV footage was available
Cleveland Police:
ABOVE:On the 18 February 2012 I walked into the cleveland police station and made a final compliant to get this case looked into, a DIrect complaint that two officers DC Crawford,DC Chaytor falsified blood,I was refused a crime reference number,I did receive a number in a letter from Cleveland police CO/00427/10 -21 feb 2012 that matters relating to this case have been exhausted,
Not for me.
At NO time,can police Bring New evidence or statements into an APPEAL court after the original statements that convicted me.
I strongly Believe this is Why My APPEAL/LEGAL AID WAS REFUSED.

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