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Mamasuntwinkle’s Blog

Crimes Against Children

Crimes Against Children Child Abuse Registry

Work in progress
Perpetrators of sexual and physical abuse of my child and in a few other cases possibly, either by direct participation +/or were aware and retaliated against me and my child w further abuse and alienation + did nothing to stop the crimes of which they were aware (Felonies):
Corie M Adams
Tucson CPS, now lives in Phoenix allegedly (originally from Chicago / Arlington Hills Ill)
Emmanuel Vergara
Tucson, Arizona
Jill Pike Tucson CPS supervisor
617 E Painted Pueblo
Vail Arizona
Bertha and William Nogales
1551 W Joyce Lou Dr
South Tucson, Arizona
Husband informed me they still talk to Dodds regularly additional address with photos (to be posted) of the autos + the real addresses
Martha Ruiz
726 West Santa Maria
South Tucson, Az
red car,# 146 or 126 – RCL
Jackie Rohr, Attorney
10132 E. Foxmoor
Tucson, Arizona
Kathleen Kasey A Coughlin, “Esquire” (title of nobility, kings bench)
8901 E. Tolani Place
Tucson, Arizona 85749 immediately across from the elementary school, how convenient
Eric P Dodds
120 Tuckahoe Road
Dillsburg, York County, Pa.
Dodds, Gerald & Julia
For Sale: 441 Glenmeade Rd
Greensburg (Pittsburgh), PA 15601 For Sale, moving again?
Purchase: 150 Florence Way
State College, Pa 16801
TITAN, PULSE inc $3/4 Million contract buyout military, computer security, hacking)
Jerry and Lori Dodds (Erskine-Dodds)
9110 Trish Avenue
Chardon, Oh  44024
Georgia Dodds-Foley, (aka Georgia Foley-Dodds; Georgia Dodds; Georgia Foley)
Current: King Of Prussia (Philadelphia suburb), PA; Hometown: Greensburg, Pittsburgh, PA
Practiced law without proper BAR permissions certification in Arizona. Undue influence w Pittsburgh appointed Judge Stephen Rubin, pro tempore judge Tucson Arizona after Pittsburgh appointment to Pres Natl Assoc Juvenile and Family Court Judges July 17, 2005, day of threat. Connections to PA politicians, judges (fed), BAR members, political connections East Falls (Philadelphia suburb), PA. The BAR protection connection. Possible suspect to protect current internet and other trafficking campaign with my child. Expert and administrator with access to commit fraud, wrongful torts, alterations of files – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).Keystone Mercy Health; AmeriHealth Mercy Health; CIGNA. Ties to Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Access to addresses for stalking purposes.
Judge Stephen M. Rubin of Tucson, Ariz., was installed as the 61st President of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) on July 20, 2005 during the NCJFCJ’s Annual Conference held in Pittsburgh, PA. Judge Pro Tempore of the Pima County Superior Court, Juvenile Division, Tucson AZ.
Conflicts of Interest: Board of Directors of Casa de Los Ninos Crisis Nursery; Treasurer NCJFCJ.

NCJFCJ Past President Judge Sharon McCully & New President  Judge Stephen Rubin of Tucson Az. NCJFCJ  Pittsburgh conference,  JULY 2005. Violated Custody Order of Dodds voluntarily relinquishing his rights. Orders Void Ab Initio (govt cannot violate private individual contracts under Common Law and Natural Law). The “family mob connection” “judges social workers lawyers”.

October 25, 26: (Halloween / Santeria Catholic Occult Holidays through Cathoic All Saints / All Souls Day of the Dead Nov 9, 16.  Two (2) other foster children were beat to death on the same days and/or in same area of town and w same injuries –  Devils Triangle  (Military Transport, Juvenile Court, Other related).

Travel Without my Knowledge During Rape, Abuse, Injuries. The Pedo Ring Order (Pennsylvania Dodds: “Oh yes you will obey. My mafia family will use its government connections to get that boy” and later threats to have us both cut up and/or disappeared.

YORK COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA Starting to look like Tucson Arizona, Beginning 2006, the ring moved w my child. What and who do these events have in common?

Adoption and Child Welfare’s Dark Side, Tip of the Iceburg – Pennsylvania

Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.  Mirah Riben, adoption expert, author of Shedding Light: The Dark Side of Adoption. Adoption has nothing to do with “best interests” of the child; it has more to do with the financial livelihood of adoption operators – private religious + non-profits. Home studies, ICPC interstate and international paperwork and follow ups laws are not adhered to. The bottom line – profits – is the only consideration.  Children are abused, raped, murdered. Matthew Mancuso is a classic case. No home study was even done. The single man who adopted didn’t have a bed or even a room for this child. He adopted the child intending to put her in his bed. The only reason she was discovered and saved was due to an FBI sting which found the child porn he was producing of her and putting online. Pennsylvania Cases discussed Nathaniel Craver and Matthew Mancuso Pedophile  & Masha’s Law

Who is the politician responsible for making sure there is policy to prevent crimes, to protect victims of domestic violence and child abuse, to uphold and support the Constitution? -CARROLL TWP Hse Dist 92  –   Scott Perry (R), Pennsylvania State University. Graduate of US Army Command and General Staff College. Military since age 18. Current rank of LTC and  a Master Army Aviator. Joint Command for the State Aviation Office.

Innocence Destroyed – Part 1 – WARNING: Graphic Content

Innocence Destroyed – Part 3 – WARNING: Graphic Content

IP Address:;­, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Judicial Corruption + Related

First of all, you have committed a felony. NO ONE should have any such records if they did exist. Second, your comments  do NOT match the court orders including the one that says I am owed thousands of dollars for the  false information submitted (income, tax evasion through IRS gift tax and other) to the court – ALSO FELONIES, which because of the pedo banking family he who can’t pay his bills otherwise + is getting away with. The same thing happened in the Payne case where the children were found rotting in a storage locker after CPS gave the kids to the father AGAINST a court custody order (unlike this case where Dodds voluntarily signed away his rights and there was a prior CPS Domestic Violence order).  Don’t think its not a felony, and I have Good reason to know that you are a danger to my child due to your comments and  hacking of my accounts. FELONY, confidential records (false or true cannot be given to the other party). I assume you got false information from Dodds and the CPS pedophile ring. Because it does NOT match the court orders. I for certain have very good reason to know now that for certain my life and the life of my child is in danger by some deranged stalker in Pennsylvania. Hacking is also a felony. (Hacker: IP Address:;­, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania)
– CPS social workers commit felonies for $; Standard operating procedure these child traffickers  sell private false records to highest bidder, have been busted lying about insurance accidents, have been busted stealing CASA Christmas gifts and money certificates from children (google it, thousands of stories, news even).  The 3rd case in Arizona – Ex-CPS worker’s blog comments clog Payne trial. A prosecutor’s questions about confidential CPS reports + former caseworker’s comments on a Tucson Citizen blog interrupted Payne’s capital murder trial. Arizona CPS caseworker Cindy Graupmann had just taken the stand when Deputy County Attorney lodged an objection…defense had unredacted CPS records it shouldn’t have. At: tucsoncitizen (dot) com

SPEAKING OF THE STOLEN MONEY, SOCIAL SECURITY FRAUD, and Dead people. Who all had privy to those crimes? In other words who was noticed of the felonies pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 4 Misprison of Felony?  None other than Chief Federal Judge of the U.S.D.C.  in Arizona,  Hon. John ROLL. U.S.D.C. in Arizona Case # CV 08-499-TUC-JMR (Assigned to Hon. Judge ROLL). Me VS. ERIC P. DODDS, et al. COMPLAINT FOR INJUNCTIVE AND DECLARATORY RELIEF AND MONETARY DAMAGES (42 U.S.C. 1983; 42 U.S.C. 1985; Sec 504 Rehabilitation Act 29 U.S.C. 794 et seq; ADA 42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq; & State Law Claims pursuant to Title 41 Chap 9 Civil Rights A.R.S. 41-1471, 41-1472, 41-1492.08 41-1492.10)

Don’t EVER say I haven’t fought for my child’s safety, well-being, and to correct extreme due process and conspiracy to commit fraud criminal racketeering acts. But then, when you sell a child on the net (Yes I found the f’g webpage), and the state is run by criminal pedophiles who take bribes from the feds – federal funding (i.e. the “federal” reserve global criminal banking cabal), not much one can do. Roll sat on this. Rambo immediately dismissed it. Which brings up very important issues concerning York County dead babies, Hershey Orphanage fraud allegeations, and the Pennsylvania juvenile kids for cash child trafficking ring that led the whole way to Pissburgh and Florida, among other things.

‘Kids for Cash’ Judicial Corruption Update, Conspiracy of Silence Continues in Pennsylvania

Jan 26, 2011 Update on Pa Kids for Cash Scandal: 2 Years After Judges Arrested by Feds in $Million Scheme, still no reform to protect the children from further abuses of corruption. Juvenile Law Center Series on Reform in the Wake of Luzerne County Kids for Cash Scandal.
Note: York County Common Pleas Court Judge John C Uhler was picked by Senate Pres Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati to serve on the Interbranch Commission. Gov Rendell appointed Uhler to the State Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision. Uhler announced in Jan 2010 that he would retire to assume position of Senior Judge in York County. Always the same names, cities, agencies.

ERIC P DODDS, 120 Tuckahoe Road, Dillsburg PA. You hire unethical lawyers whom I previously contacted but were hungry for money and other perversions. Something stinks by the way. They disappeared the third party suspect and the shotgun w clips that was found at the scene. BELLA DONNA, the other woman you staked for over 9 years who you mother favored as she “did tricks” to help you pay your bills as you could not. RIP Officer Hite, TPD. And you and / or your lawyer made threatening insinuations about Oklahoma. There are elderly in RVs (camping) dead there now. Everywhere you try to follow me people end up tortured, dead, shot. The pattern is becoming suspicious to say the least, including the dead raped babies in Tucson while you were traveling there (also covered up). Hence, ties to banker pedo families. Dodds/Schwab Bohemian Grove San Francisco. Speaking of records, you might want to look into Dodds’ covered up child hood records, including psychiatric drugs.

IP Address:;­, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

To the deranged Dillsburg PA stalker for hire that threatened me and is talking out their ass  – I suspect you are either:  1) part of the child trafficking pedo mob very present in PA, 2) the “I didn’t have sex w that woman” Dodds that now has the child to get more trust money (maybe I should post the trillions in family stocks or the canceled check you wrote to cover your IRS tax fraud, or my money you stole as you can’t afford your house and bills; or the porn pictures you think I burnt all of that I found in your closet;  3) someone stalking my child to put into the pedo ring or for money because you need money and you are scum; 4) His murder for hire attorney. Don’t even think about it.  So much for Family Mob Connections “to get that boy” and “to disappear us” – Sex, drugs, gangs, government contractors. Yes I have license plates and photos. We were stalked alright by criminal pedophile rings – “family mob connections” as promised, pedophile rings. It has taken me 5 years of research to understand all that happened to him and who and why.

STALKING: REAL FEAR, REAL CRIME PT 3/3 – US DOJ, January 2012 – Stalking Awareness Month

Dodds you wouldn’t let me leave.  Since I left you, you have continued to stalk me directly or by paying others since 2003. I do not love you; you are a sociopath. Leave me alone. You have illegally stolen all of my money, stole my son which you claim time and time again is not yours (hows the vasectomy since you hate kids so much?), and nearly had him murdered as you promised. You have frauded your insurance more than once (no wonder your last one cancelled you due to too many claims, speeding tickets, and DUIs your family covered up), failed to report to your property taxes or anyone else the $100K of improvements I made on the house and the improvements by turning on the hose in 2004/5 outside in the winter to bust your pipes to get your unfinished basement done, and you do not report gift taxes over the IRS limit to the IRS. You ugly loser leave me alone! I left you to save my son from your abuse. Did you plug back in that fire alarm in the ceiling by the nursery the day you tried to smoke us to death (Carbon Dioxide w smoke) but your Dillsburg, Franklintown fire dept buddy made sure the report wasn’t written right as you promised, your bar buddy. I will not ever go back to you. Quit obsessing. You freak. The boy better not die either !

TAX FRAUD, REPAYING MY SON’S GIFT TAX IN 2004. HE QUICKLY REPAID IT WHEN HE GOT BUSTED AS IT IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE. However, Gerald his Father has a habit and practice of paying it to him in excess in cash to get around the IRS, usually in huge stacks of 100s. Only Banking / stock / government military contact persons can get away with this. The commoner would never see the light of day of a federal jail cell. Bankers and their lobbyists and contacts have ripped the people of billions, so this should come as no surprise. Check quickly repaying it for cash to cover the crimes, and the back which shows clearing at the bank clearinghouse. I guess robbery is, in addition to perjury, fraud, child sex crimes, is legal if you know the top crooks and pay the judge well. FYI, at that time IRS Gift Tax Exemption Limit was $10,000 (per person, Eric and the child). I knew nothing about this because I left him under the understanding he would leave us alone. I was not interested in the home he signed over or anything else. My only concern was for my child’s safety. He is all I had and means everything to me. However, there is someone that would commit heinous crimes against a child and his Mother for a buck –

Receipt for the moving costs to “get that f’g child” out of his house. He paid to move us cross country to Arizona.

The house after I spent about 4 months tearing up rotted moldy deteriorated carpet BY HAND with no tools (notice the bare floor minus the deteriorated carpet in entire house) after applying 4 coats of primer before the paint over the pink hole-punched walls and patched holes in the wall (which he later again punched in fits of rage due his violence against me and my child both as a fetus and a newborn (old caseworker forced to retire, after advising me to leave him and gave me permission to move home to Arizona  if the baby was in danger, saw it and knows). Windows leaked water, filth, porn, druggie pictures on the walls. In fact the property report upped the value nearly $100K and it only cost him $10K (free slave work – you owe me 40 hours per week x $20 x 5 months) but grandpa and grandma who make millions each year wanted me to also pay for his home repairs (as I said he has been cancelled by insurance in the past for his frauds, his new Erie agent is a stripper club, party buddy – ex addict, so they cover each other).  The pedophile ring tells falsities. I can prove my story down to the details before the baby was born. But in Amerika, the courts and child pedophile services give preference to their own rings and abusers and base decisions on someones home w/OUT knowing details (bribes, threats, payoffs, child trafficking) – peas in the same pile of shit and filth. Still making those trips to Baltimore Dodds, and visiting Ralph up the road from you (Ralph the one the cops and township know well)? Nathaniel Craver is your now local case of extreme RSA.


Eric has a dark side to him which is sadistic.  This is him practicing making turning his eyes into demonic black (his words). He used to “play dirty tricks on the nuns and on his Mother, who he treats like trash much of the time when it suits him. He obsesses over evil, pornography, Satan and hellish topics, and drugs while at the same time bragging how the Secret Service showed up with his father to “cover up his DUI” and other dirt. I used to think it was crazy since he could barely pay for his home and car as it was. As he said he is the “loser in the family”. Indeed, as I am finding out the ties to criminal international organizations would explain the dirt going under the rug (Secret Service would be related to Treasury – global equity/banks/Carlye Group/Schwab). As estranged Grandma (Julie Dodds) threatened that “sometimes babies just die”, coupled with Eric threatening me his mob family would use government connections to disappear my child and me, all makes sense now – filthy pedophile murdering traffickers. Trust Fund fraud; using a child to get to his parents money. Secret Service coverups indeed. If the child dies, goes insane from abuse, or similiar que bono? Who benefits? EPD. Are you still sitting my child in front of the Howard Stern Show when he has naked women spread eagle? Like I caught you when he was an infant? Grandma patronizes this crap, while running around to orphanages and Catholic churches holding (STALKING) others people’s babies that she covets. She also pushes Eric to be with women who “do tricks” [their own words] to pay his bills. I still have the photos of the porn you were reading my infant Dodds.  State of Pennsylvania CYF and Judge Uhler (resigned and assigned himself to cover up the juvenile kids for cash trafficking ring which has ties to Florida and the Jersey Islands (Channel Islands, google Jersey islands childrens home pedophile yacht cruises). In the name of God and humanity may Sekmet and the Mother Goddess bring your karma back on your state 2 generations down 100 times over especially on those families with occult banker – car dealer- officials pedophile / child trafficking rings right up to Bohemian Grove (San Francisco, Schwab and friends et al).


DOES THIS 40 SOME YEAR OLD THING LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO IS RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH TO CARE FOR A CHILD?! Yes, its my business. I carried that beloved child and gave him life, and care about his environment, including Dodds  family filth and adoption connections and cover ups of their black sheep son’s behavior and early childhood mental illness. You are now responsible for any damage and crimes my son commits when he grows up, including Loss of Consortium. It goes way beyond these “harmless” photos. But that is better left unsaid for now. I have a child to worry about and a government pedo ring famous for murdering babies nationwide (3,000 lost foster children in Florida alone – disappeared, 1/2 million in state custody in the U.S. on any given day who don’t go home yet there are not enough foster homes – they disappear into the ring. USDOJ and UN stats show the U.S. as the #1 child sex trafficking destination, yes I have that report too). RIP Nathaniel Craver, victim of horrific RSA.


My son told me about the airplane ride, the owl, etc in July 2006 while still technically in state custody. Then Dodds was promoted into the Bin Laden/Bush GANG. Bush, Schwab’s Elite Club in California – BOHEMIAN GROVE OCCULT/CHILD SACRIFICE. Jul 29, 2006 The Grove hosts the Bohemian Club every year, members include George H.W. Bush, Charles Schwab and Walter Cronkite.; and

Longtime CFO at Schwab lands job at Carlyle; Dodds joins impressive list of finance department heavyweights in firm’s global financial services group, Nov 11, 2008.  –  Former Charles Schwab chief financial officer Christopher Dodds joined the Carlyle Group as senior adviser to the firm’s global financial services group. Former Charles Schwab chief financial officer Christopher Dodds joined the Carlyle Group as senior adviser to the firm’s global financial services group. He will focus on finding and evaluating investment opportunities and consulting with Carlyle’s financial services portfolio companies. Mr. Dodds, 48, who retired from Charles Schwab in May 2007 after 21 years with the company, including eight years as CFO, began his new role on Nov. 1 and is based in San Francisco. Mr. Dodds began his career in the treasury departments of Gulf Oil and Exxon.
The Carlyle Group Names Christopher Dodds as Senior Advisor to Global Financial Services Group; Former Charles Schwab CFO Brings 25 Years of Experience to Carlyle, Nov 11, 2008, #2008-101.  New York, NY –  Global private equity firm The Carlyle Group today announced it has named Christopher V. Dodds Senior Advisor to its Global Financial Services Group. He is based in San Francisco and began his duties on November 1, 2008. Mr. Dodds, who retired as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of The Charles Schwab Corporation in May 2007 after 21 years with the firm, will help Carlyle find and evaluate investment opportunities as well as consult with the financial services portfolio companies. From 1999 through 2007, Mr. Dodds served as Schwab’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, responsible for strategic planning, financial planning and analysis, treasury, taxation, corporate accounting, external and regulatory reporting, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, risk management and corporate real estate. Prior to this position, Mr. Dodds served as Corporate Controller from 1997 to 1999, Corporate Treasurer from 1993 to 1997 and Vice President of Corporate Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions from 1989 to 1993. He joined Schwab in 1986. Mr. Dodds began his career with the treasury departments of Gulf Oil and Exxon. Mr. Dodds, 48, earned his M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh and his bachelor’s degree from Clemson University, where he was captain of the men’s varsity basketball team.
Meet The Carlyle Group – Former World Leaders and Washington Insiders Making Billions in the War on Terrorism.
MIDEAST TERROR WAR ADDS URGENCY TO CARLYLE GROUP CONTROVERSY – Former President Bush Works for International Investment Firm With Ties To Saudi Arabia – Company Had Bin Laden Family Connections.
Schwab attends Bohemian Grove.
This explains all the military contractors and suits stalking us with cameras as well as the phone calls coming in from Canada through “WhiteGlove” at which time the security office at the local phone company immediately changed my phone number. This is more explained below and elsewhere in this blog.
Gerald C. Dodds has been appointed president and chief operating officer of Pulse Engineering, Beltsville, Md. nOV 1, 1997.  John Hannon, a founder and president of the company since 1981, will serve as chief executive officer and chairman. Most recently, Dodds served as director of Maryland Engineering Laboratory, which is part of TRW Systems Services. He is a 35-year veteran of the security and engineering industries.
Agreement & Plan of Merger TITAN CORP and PULSE ENGINEERING. “payable in the amount of $756,000 by the Company to Gerald C. Dodds in connection with the termination of the Dodds Employment Agreement” which payment shall be made by Acquiror on behalf of the Company as provided in Section 7.01(h));
– so how much of that did the murder hit take?
His favorite “Coke Whore” Cousin, whom Eric brags is the only woman he ever got along with due to her telling “good fuck stories” and “introducing him to cool dealers in the islands”. According to Eric, she ran away from home (parents follow Max and Betty) for possible reasons of sexual abuse and other. She lived with Eric and his parents Julia and Gerald. Betty is Julia’s sister. She was known for her use of drugs. Eric has a photo of a large villa on an island which he brags was owned by drug dealers whom his cousin Jennifer met through her travel agency job. I believe this may be her husband at the time of her death, who allegedly does not like Eric. 12 local Pagans indicted…Pittsburgh attorney Mark Lancaster, who has represented the Pagans for the past decade
Obituary: Jennifer Williams Lancaster, 35, of Pissburgh died Saturday, Dec. 18, 1999, at home. Born June 3, 1964, in Bellefonte, she was a daughter of Betty Tornatore of Centre Hall and the late Richard B. Williams. She was a graduate of State College Area High School and attended Penn State and the University of Pittsburgh.
Her husband was Mark Lancaster, a criminal defense attorney in Pittsburg. Google him. Very interesting. Dead bodies on railroad tracks, motorcycle gangs, drugs, etc.
Her Father or Step-father, Maximo J Tornatore, a Jesuit, husband of Betty, Julia Dodds’ sister; this is the house on Polecat Road in State College from which she ran to grow up with Eric’s family to become what was relayed to me – a drug user with ties to the drug industry. I only met him once. He asked me one question (little comments, quirks, actions of Eric are now making sense after years of research); that question referring to my study and knowlege of the Middle East was “What are the Saudis like, what do you know about them”. My answer was most are into fancy cars drugs and sex, that is why so many do not like them. At that time Julie (Eric’s Mother, blood aunt to the deceased Jennifer/Jenny got up announced it was suddenly very hot and that we all needed to leave. On the way home, I was told I had shit for brains and didn’t know when to keep my mouth shut. It was at this time Eric told me about his “coke whore” cousin, then deceased, Jennifer. It makes sense now – his trips to Baltimore, the family connections to banks and the Carlye Group et al, his near distain of my putting up Osama binLaden targets (he knew the entire time), the stories his ex girlfriend told me about doing tricks to pay the mortgage (Bella Donna he called her), and his trips up the road to the drug dealer friend Ralph, and other little things I found strange in the few times I met any of the family (they creeped me out but at the time I didn’t know why; now I do).
Maximo J. Tornatore, 68, died Tuesday at his residence near Colyer Lake, Centre Hall, Pa. following a lengthy illness. He was born November 28, 1936, in Clearfield, son of the late Maximo and Bernice Tornatore.  He married Betty B. Tornatore, who survives. Also surviving is a daughter, Jane B. Tornatore of Seattle, Wash.; a step-daughter, Carole McKeon and her husband, Scott, of Lake Forest, Ill.; a step-son, Richard P. Williams and his wife, Meredith, of Sellersville, Pa.; seven grandchildren, Kendra and Zachary Kasznel of Pittsburgh, Katherine, Brian, Megan and Mark McKeon of Lake Forest, Ill., and Sydney Williams of Sellersville; six brothers, Robert of Centre Hall, Gregory of Ellicot City, Md., William of Houtzdale, John of Bedford, Tom of Dayton, Ohio, Fred of Centre Hall; two sisters, Susan Hendricks of Sunbury, Peggy Rodi of Pittsburgh; and numerous nieces and nephews.
In addition to his parents, he was predeceased by a step-daughter, Jennifer Kasznel Lancaster, who died in 1999.
Mr. Tornatore was an architectural designer for Penn State for 33 years, retiring in 1996. He was a past director of the Arabian Horse Association, past director of the Pennsylvania Equine Association, a member of the Knights of Columbus and Elks Lodge #1600, and a member of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Roman Catholic Church, Spring Mills, Pa.
A Funeral Mass for Maximo J. Tornatore will be celebrated Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Church, Spring Mills, with Fr. Josef Kovacik officiating. Burial will follow at Pine Hall Cemetery, State College.
Friends will be received Friday from 6-9 p.m. at the Koch Funeral Home, State College. Memorial donations may be made to American Kidney Fund, 6110 Executive Boulevard, Rockville, Md. 20852; or to Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Church 3505 Penns Valley Road, Spring Mills, PA 16875.

Teddy Bear Shelter – 3227 E Broadway Tucson Az

Notes and records regarding the Arizona CPS Teddy Bear Shelter on East Broadway. It was completely ripped up and redone. I will update with investigatory notes, including with the contractor who remodeled the entire shelter.

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Arizona Dead Babies / Bodies Everywhere

1)  First I will start off by posting the ARIANA & TYLER PAYNE CASE (3 & 4 YO TOTS), CPS violates a custody order. CPS gave two children to a estranged relative against a custody order. In my case, he voluntarily signed away his rights. The video tells the story better than I could. It is to a T how Arizona CPS and the courts work. Since I attended the murder trial (like all the other tortured murdered foster children, and did my own research including property records connections between other public officials, and the like, I can say there is much more to this story. An apple tree, the desert, and a spot far away. The officials know and are covering it up. All these cases in Arizona are related in one form or another. The CPS supervisor actually said in court “Why should I care”. That speaks for itself. She retired (at a young age) and moved away. 2 videos that tell the story of another CPS / Police Complete Fuck Up…. or Was It?

The Tyler & Ariana Payne Story

2)  ANOTHER DV CUSTODY BATTLE –  AZ CPS VIOLATED ITS OWN POLICIES, REGULATIONS: CUSTODY SWITCH AT DEPENDENCY. Mother interrupted: CPS accused her of everything from neglect to excessive care, never proved anything, + took her daughter anyway. March 2008.



a) EMILY MAYS, 16 MO, DIED 08-24-2005

Autopsy doesn’t call child death a homicide
December 10, 2005, DAVID L. TEIBEL,
A Pima County medical examiner could not determine whether the Aug. 23 death of a 16-month-old girl in state foster care was a homicide, but police vow to continue pursuing the case as a murder. There has been no arrest in the death of Emily A. Mays, but Assistant Police Chief John Leavitt said that, despite an autopsy finding that the manner of her death could not be determined, “it’s a homicide, and there is no doubt in the minds of the detectives it’s a homicide.” “All the officers who have worked on this case have worked their hardest to find who killed Emily Mays and bring the person responsible for this to justice.”We have a case that we will present to the county attorney,” Leavitt said, explaining it will be up to county prosecutors to determine whether charges should be sought in the death and, if so, what kind and against whom.
The autopsy was done Aug. 26 by Chief Deputy Pima County Medical Examiner Dr. Eric D. Peters. “The child’s death is due to blunt impact(s) to the head . . . the manner of death is certified as undetermined,” Peters reported. In his report, a copy of which was obtained by the Tucson Citizen under a state public records request, Peters also wrote, “the child’s death is due to a non-natural and violent cause.” But, Peters wrote, “After a thorough review of the medical records, police reports, witness statements and a complete autopsy examination, it is unclear if the injuries suffered were homicidal or accidental.”
The child’s injuries included scrapes and bruises on her scalp, face and torso, as well as to her left leg and left foot, Peters noted.
Leavitt said, however, that interviews of doctors who treated Emily when she was taken to a hospital and other evidence gathered by detectives point to homicide. Based on that, Leavitt said, a homicide case could be successfully prosecuted, even with the autopsy finding. The finding does not exclude homicide as a manner of death, said Dr. Bruce O. Parks, Pima County’s medical examiner. But, he added, “Peters did not feel he had enough evidence to comfortably say an individual took her life.”
Emily had lived in a state-licensed foster home for less than a month before she died. The foster parents, who live on the Southeast Side, have not been publicly identified, and police have provided no details of how they think Emily died. The child was taken to Tucson Medical Center on Aug. 23 and placed on life support, but died at 8:25 p.m. after being removed from life support.
UPDATE: Break In Baby Case, Dec 9, 2005, KOLD
Pictures and memories of Emily Mays are all her family has left.
Emily’s great aunt, Charlotte Stacker, told KOLD, “It’s been very hard, the mother’s not handling it very well at all. They’ve been trying to cope with the loss of Emily for more than three months. “There should be an arrest by now and this should be going to trial because that was just a baby and she was innocent,” Stacker said.
Sergeant Ramon Batista said, “Emily Mays has been re-classified as a homicide and its still under investigation.”
The family attorney, Thea Gilbert said, “We have no idea why Emily’s case took so long at the coroner’s office to get those answers and we still don’t have any of those answers.”Still, no one is charged with Emily’s murder. Stacker told us, “I think Emily’s killer is the people where she lived, so why are they looking? Who else could it be? “
Autopsy reports show the child died of blunt force trauma,” Batista said.
But the family says Emily’s mom didn’t get this information from police. “She wants to know why the police didn’t tell her this before, it was on the news. She should be the first to know everything, her and her father,” Stacker said.
“We’ve had a very difficult time getting information from Child Protective Services. Nobody tells us anything really, we’re the last to know,” Gilbert told KOLD.
The family claims there were signs Emily was not in good hands. “Emily lost 12 pounds in less than a month. Now you know something isn’t right if a baby loses 12 pounds in less than a month.” In a picture taken at a supervised visit with Emily’s mom, three weeks after going into foster care, the family noticed a bruise over Emily’s eye. They say the foster parents claim Emily fell and bumped her head.
“Emily wasn’t hurt here. Emily was a happy child here and so were her brothers and sisters. Emily was hurt where she was staying,” Stacker said.
The family and their lawyer just want justice for this innocent 16-month-old.”To not have a resolution, to not have an answer, I think, continues putting all kids in foster care at risk,” Gilbert said. “We just want justice. We’ll never get over it, but at least we’ll have a bit more peace within ourselves,” Stacker told KOLD News 13.

Foster child died from severe head blow, prosecutor says – Abuse trial of Penny, Randall West in Emily Mays’ death opens, may last 3 weeks.
Tucson Citizen,
Araneta said experts on head trauma in children will testify that the brain injury Emily Mays suffered was the most severe they had ever seen.
Sherrick said in order to convict the Wests, jurors must find that the Wests hit, pushed or threw Emily intending to cause her harm or death; that one or the other saw the harm being done to Emily and did nothing; or that they placed Emily in a situation where they knew she would be hurt or killed.
“You may hear testimony from some doctor that Emily’s head injury was the equivalent to the result of a two- or three-story fall off a building,” Sherrick said. “But the state can’t prove any of that.”
Foster parents’ child abuse conviction upheld.
June 16, 2010
, by Danielle Todesco, VIDEO
TUCSON – The foster parents accused, convicted, and then cleared of deadly child abuse are again facing prison time.
Penny and Randall West were convicted in 2008 in the death of 16-month-old Emily Mays back in 2005.
After the trial, a Pima County judge overturned the jury’s verdict, clearing the couple, but the County Attorney’s office quickly appealed.
Now, years later, an Arizona Court of Appeals is upholding the original conviction. Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall said this case is far from over.
“Here we are in 2010, and it still hasn’t been resolved and may not be because there’s a likelihood that there could be an appeal by the defense for this decision to the Arizona Supreme Court which could take even longer,” said LaWall.
LaWall said the couple could face up to 3 years in prison, or as little as probation.
Emily’s biological aunt Laura Jones spoke exclusively to News 4 after the appeal. She has since adopted Emily’s sisters, who lived in the West’s home at the time of Emily’s death.
“They will have been found guilty of hurting Emily, killing her. And there will be some justice in that,” Jones said Tuesday.
News 4 spoke with Penny West’s attorney, Thomas Jacobs, who declined an interview pending the open case. But Jacobs did say they have 30 days to file an appeal through the Arizona Supreme Court and plan to do so.
CPS likes to mess with and switch medical records and cover up “sealed” records of the secret family court because usually they can stop families from getting the records when they take the child. If you look at the history of this case, and especially if you attended the trial, you will know there is HUGE monkey business and that it must go way higher due to the efforts of CPS to fool everyone to the extent that the foresnic pathologist had to change his reports. Read the originals. She died a horrible death. ALWAYS keep records on your child. They are dragging this out for a reason. They commit social security identity theft and fraud and literally forge and fabricate court documents and medical records; they drag it out to get all the sides of the story so they know what to hurry up and fabricate in their records. I have caught them more than once. They force their witnesses to do it also, usually because they were somehow involved or a contractor and could be arrested for the crime or for covering it up. CPS is a criminal child trafficking agency that, like in politics, uses dirt and sex crimes to coerce and threaten. Sex is a Gun article. They threw things off the criminal record; the press of course did not report THAT. And they won’t.  As usual, the child was FIRST taken to St Joseph’s Hospital before being taken to TMC. St Josephs seems to be mentioned in every case that goes bad. And they are not good to children either. And they force their own social workers to gag themselves.  Makes one wonder if they are in the experiment business (MK)…or something.
Filed June 14, 2010, In The Court of Appeals State of Arizona Division Two
State of Arizona v Randall D. West and Penny A. West, 2 CA-CR 2008-0342, CR-20063310.
“For the foregoing reasons, we reverse the trial court’s order granting the Wests’ Rule 20 motions and setting aside the jury verdicts and remand the case for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.”

3) Next, PROPERTY RECORDS FOR EAST TILLMAN. It is the address on the original civil suit against the State of Arizona for the murder of Emily Mays, 18 Months, while in state custody. The address given at the criminal trial was not the same. The police never tested the carpet. AND they threw off the record that there was a third party that picked the child up a day before she died. They also testified of stains in her diaper and other. The Penny West informed me that the third party was mexican between ages 25-35 ish and drove a white van. The injuries of the children are the same in appearance and chronological order – left leg, torso, head traumas, etc. I will connect the dots to this and other videos posted on my youtube account to my own detailed investigation of these deaths and other events as my work on the blog advances. For now, here is the PDF property report. Notice where the foster caretakers lived when Emily Mays was murdered. On base. All child deaths during that time were covered up. This blog will cover that.
Tucson Police Dept has a habit of assisting in coverups AND retaliating and harrassing citizens with information that may be related. Judge Leonardo is always assigned to the cases.



TUCSON, ARIZONA. August + November 2005. RIP Angels Emily Mays 16MO & Dwight Hill 4MO. Infants Murdered CPS Custody – to date NO JUSTICE. So many others in the same period + thereafter, including custody battles CPS stuck their noses into to get more federal money for custody and child support – the tots are now dead ! CPS Reform hearings came too late. Gov at the time Napolitano implemented a Take-The-Child-And-Run Policy for which there were more deaths on her watch than ever before – at the hands of CPS / Dept of Economic Service. Others include: Ariana Payne, Tyler Payne, Haley Gray, Fabian Silva, Brandon Williams, Carol Dunlavy’s battle, many others.

b) DWIGHT HILL, 4MO DIED 11-16- 2005
Infant in foster care dies at clinicPublished: 11.19.2005, By Alexis Huicochea and Becky Pallack, ARIZONA DAILY STAR
A baby boy in state foster care died at a medical clinic Wednesday morning after his foster mother took him to a doctor’s appointment, police said. The woman, whose name was not released by police, made the appointment because 4-month-old Dwight Hill looked sick, according to a police activity report. When they arrived at the Paloma Medical Group, 1400 W. Valencia Road, Dwight appeared “lifeless” and the foster mother rushed him inside, according to the report. A doctor performed CPR on the baby, but pronounced him dead soon after.
The baby’s mother, Rachel Hill, had more questions than answers Friday about her son’s death. “He was a healthy baby,” she said. “He was cute and quiet and loving – the most precious thing on Earth.” Dwight’s aunt, Crystal Hill, said the last time the mother and child visited recently, he was doing fine.
“I just don’t understand if he was healthy then, how could things just change in an instant?” Crystal Hill said.
Police and Child Protective Services are investigating the circumstances of the death and the baby’s background in case abuse led to the death, said Officer Lisa Peasley, a Tucson Police Department spokeswoman, and Liz Barker, a CPS spokeswoman. “The Tucson Police Department has the preliminary autopsy report. However, due to the nature of the investigation, we won’t be able to go into anymore detail at this time,” said Sgt. Mark Robinson, a police spokesman.
Dwight had been in foster care for about a week, according to a police report. However, Rachel Hill said Dwight had been in the foster home for 16 days. The family would not say why Dwight was placed into state custody.
CPS will not release information about the boy’s record to protect the child’s privacy, Barker said. The foster home will be inspected to ensure the safety of any other children in the home, she said.
This is at least the second child to die in foster care this year in the Tucson area, according to Arizona Daily Star archives.
In August, 1-year-old Emily Mays, died after living in a foster home on the Southeast Side for less than one month. Tucson police have not released the cause of death, and authorities were investigating to determine when she suffered injuries.

Foster mother arrested in infant’s death
November 24, 2005, HEIDI ROWLEY,
A Tucson foster mom has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder in the death of a 4-month-old boy.
On Nov. 16, Guadalupe Gomez, 47, took Dwight Hill to the doctor because he had become lethargic, police said. By the time she arrived, he was dead, they said.An autopsy ruled it a homicide due to blunt force trauma. Police Sgt. Mark Robinson would not disclose details.
A police report said officers who responded at the time of the boy’s death did not notice unusual marks on the body.
An aunt, Crystal Hill, said Dwight was taken from his mother at birth on July 10 because she tested positive for cocaine. The baby did not test positive for drugs, said Hill.
He was placed at Casa de los Ninos crisis nursery. Then, 11 days before his death, he was given to Gomez, of the 5600 block of East Farmridge Drive, Robinson said.
“The last time my sister saw him was four days before (he died),” Hill said. “He was good, really healthy.”The police report said the child vomited before being taken to the doctor, and Gomez’s husband asked what was wrong with him.
The day after the death, family members had Dwight’s 2-year-old sister removed from the home through a court order, Hill said. Robinson said four children, including Dwight, were living at the home. The other three were taken by state Child Protective Services.Robinson said Gomez and her husband had been foster parents for three years.
Gomez was arrested yesterday and booked into the Pima County Jail on suspicion of first-degree murder and child abuse.
It was the second homicide of a child in the care of CPS this year. Emily Mays, 16 months, died Aug. 23 in Tucson from what investigators called “nonaccidental injuries” while in foster care.

The same time (and injuries) as Emily Mays who’s POS fosterers got off also. (Who benefits?)

Reversal of foster mom’s conviction in boy’s death faults prosecutors – DWIGHT HILL, November 16, 2005
9-17-2008, A.J. FLICK , Tucson Citizen
An appeals court reversed the child abuse conviction of a Tucson foster mom accused of failing to seek immediate help for a 4-month-old boy who later died.
The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled Monday that Pima County prosecutors failed to get expert witnesses to tell jurors that Dwight Hill could have lived had he gotten faster care.
The ruling also reverses the 10-year probation term for Guadalupe Yolanda Gomez.
The infant died Nov. 16, 2005 – 11 days after Gomez was given custody – from bleeding in the brain from a skull fracture caused by blunt force trauma, according to the Pima County medical examiner.
Gomez was convicted of failing to provide prompt medical attention for the boy, based partly on her admissions that she saw his eyes rolled back in his head and that he was listless for several days before she took him to a doctor.
Gomez initially was indicted on a first-degree murder charge, which prosecutors withdrew at the beginning of Gomez’s June 2007 trial.
At the conclusion of the trial in Pima County Superior Court, Judge Frank Dawley granted defense attorney Steven West’s motion to dismiss a child abuse count that alleged she caused the head injury that ultimately killed the boy.
The jury then found Gomez guilty of reckless child abuse for failing to seek immediate medical care.
Judge Peter J. Eckerstrom, writing in the appellate opinion, said, “Jurors are not presumed to know the capabilities and limitations of modern medicine, and their speculation concerning the risks and possible outcomes of traumatic injuries cannot substitute for substantial evidence on such matters.”
Eckerstrom noted that among the state’s experts called at trial were two registered nurses; three pediatricians, two of whom attempted to revive the boy; and the chief medical examiner for Pima County .
“Because the availability and efficacy of treatment for cranial-cerebral injuries in infants is not within the common experience and knowledge of the jury the state was required to present evidence from which the jury could conclude without speculation that Gomez’s delay in seeking treatment had endangered (Dwight),” Eckerstrom wrote.
“We, like the jury in this case, are tempted to conclude that (the boy) would have benefited from more-immediate medical attention and that such attention had the potential to save his life. “And, we suspect the state would have had little difficulty eliciting expert testimony from at least one of its witnesses that Gomez’s delay increased (Dwight’s) risk of harm,” he wrote. “We merely hold today . . . that the state must present such evidence. Because it failed to do so, Gomez’s conviction was not supported by substantial evidence.”
Lawsuit over 4MO Baby DWIGHT HILL Death Settled12.05.2008, By Kim Smith, ARIZONA DAILY STAR
A Tucson couple whose 4-month-old son died while living in foster care have settled their lawsuit against the state’s Child Protective Services for $250,000.
CPS workers removed Dwight Hill from his parents’ custody in July 2005 after he was born with cocaine in his system.
The baby was placed with Guadalupe Yolanda Gomez on Nov. 5, 2005, and he died 11 days later.
Gomez was charged with child abuse, and jurors were told during her trial that Dwight died as a result of a skull fracture that caused bleeding in his brain and retinal hemorrhages.Deputy Pima County Attorney Nicol Green argued during the trial that Gomez either caused the baby’s injuries or didn’t get help for him. Defense attorney Steven West described Gomez, however, as a wonderful foster mother and said the baby died as a result of “undiagnosed, undetectable” medical issues. The case is expected to be dismissed within days.
Dwight’s parents, Rachel and Kalomo Harris, filed a lawsuit against CPS and the Arizona Children’s Association, claiming the agencies didn’t conduct a criminal-background check on Gomez’s husband, Roberto, even though he acknowledged on certain forms that he had previously committed a violent crime, said William Nelson, the Harrises’ attorney.
In addition, Nelson said he discovered CPS had agreed to place Dwight with an aunt, but that decision “fell through the cracks.”
CPS agreed to settle the lawsuit for $250,000, Nelson said. The Arizona Children’s Association, which contracts with CPS to conduct background checks on prospective foster parents, settled for an undisclosed sum.
Jeff Bergin, who represented CPS, did not return phone calls seeking comment.
Rachel Harris realized she had a problem with drugs and didn’t fight with CPS when it took custody of her son, Nelson said.
In fact, Rachel and Kalomo Harris, whom she married after Dwight was born, did everything CPS told them to do to regain custody of their son, Nelson said.
The birth of a second son has been “bittersweet” for the couple, Nelson said.
During Gomez’s trial, Green told jurors that doctors believe Dwight suffered “blunt-force trauma” to his head within three or four days of his death.Gomez told police that on the night of Nov. 11, 2005 Dwight forcefully vomited once and had loose stools, Green said.
The next morning, both she and his baby sitters noticed the baby’s eyes were rolling back in his head, and he was hard to wake up. His sitters took him for a supervised visit with his biological parents, and they, too, noticed the boy was lethargic and not eating well.
The baby was no better the next day, a Sunday, Green said. Gomez told police the child still wasn’t eating well and was sleeping too much. Although workers at Casa de los Niños crisis nursery told Gomez on that Monday she should bring him to their clinic when she called with her concerns, she didn’t, Green said.
Gomez told them she set up a doctor’s appointment for that Wednesday. On that day, Green said, Gomez went into the doctor’s office, picked up a magazine and waited to be called. When the doctor examined Dwight, he was dead, Green said.
Gomez was a foster mother for three years before she got Dwight and had nothing but praise from those who monitored her, West said. When the baby died, she was also a foster mother to his older sister and two other toddlers, and she and her husband were raising a 10-year-old biological child with cerebral palsy.


Responsible Party. It all started in July 2005 and with Emily Mays murder on August 24 (Rafe’s 3rd birthday) and continuted through early 2006 culminating with the mirror Payne children murders.

Judge Stephen M. Rubin of Tucson, Ariz., was installed as the 61st President of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) on July 20, 2005 during the NCJFCJ’s Annual Conference held in Pittsburgh, PA. Judge Pro Tempore of the Pima County Superior Court, Juvenile Division, Tucson AZ. Conflicts of Interest: Board of Directors of Casa de Los Ninos Crisis Nursery; Treasurer NCJFCJ.

NCJFCJ Past President Judge Sharon McCully & New President  Judge Stephen Rubin of Tucson Az. NCJFCJ  Pittsburgh conference,  JULY 2005.

Violated Custody Order of Dodds voluntarily relinquishing his rights. Orders Void Ab Initio (govt cannot violate private individual contracts under Common Law and Natural Law). The “family mob connection” “judges social workers lawyers”. Now look at all the innocent blood left behind. The Zionist connection.

During the Payne Case events –
4)  TRUJILLO CHILD  (?!) found just a few blocks behind the storage locker of the Ariana Payne (Tyler allegedly still missing). This was suddenly hushed; no more info was available. They were however “trying to locate the parents” which means one of two things. He was in foster care or . . .
Tucson police investigate death of boy, 5
02.28.2008, By Alexis Huicochea, Arizona Daily star,
The Tucson Police Department is investigating the death of a 5-year-old Tucson child, officials said Thursday.
The boy, whose name was not released, was taken to a hospital by the Tucson Fire Department Wednesday around noon, according to a news release from police.
Officers were then asked to respond to the hospital in reference to an unconscious child, the release said.
The boy sustained serious injuries, which police would not elaborate on, and as a result had to be flown to a Phoenix hospital where he died shortly after noon Thursday, the release said.
Detectives from the department’s dependent child unit are investigating the case, which has been classified as a death from unknown causes, said Officer Frank Amado, a Tucson Police Department spokesman.
Details on where the child lives, where he was picked up from and whether there were any signs of obvious trauma, were not released because of the ongoing investigation. No arrests have been made.
A court document filed in connection with the boy’s death indicates that a search warrant was served at a townhome in the 3700 block of North Fourth Avenue on Wednesday afternoon.
Police were looking for medication and any “fruits and instrumentalities of the crimes of child abuse,” the document said. Authorities were also seeking photos of the bathtub and furniture in the home, along with clothing, towels and wash cloths.
What they actually seized included Tylenol cold/flu medicine, children’s Motrin and night time cold medicine, the document states. Police also took a floor mop, an empty bottle of Gatorade, and three blankets.
No further information was available. The boy’s name will not be released until additional family members have been notified.
Tucson police probe death of 5-year-old
02.29.2008, CARLI BROSSEAU, Tucson Citizen,
Tucson police are investigating the death of a 5-year-old boy Wednesday.
Tucson Fire Department paramedics took the boy to a hospital here about 12:15 p.m., spokesman Capt. Norm Carlton said.
Officers were called to the hospital because the boy’s condition was deemed suspicious, police said, but it was unclear who made the call.
The boy was then flown to a Phoenix-area hospital, where he died, police spokeswoman Officer Linda Galindo said.
Police did not release the boy’s name pending notification of family members.
His address and the details of the death were unavailable Thursday.
Five Year Old’s Death Still a Mystery
February 29, 2008, Mark Stine KOLD News 13 Reporter,
A search warrant offers new information tonight on the investigation into the death of a five year old Tucson boy.
Manuel Trujillo Junior was hospitalized Wednesday in Tucson with life threatening head injuries.
He died yesterday after being transferred to a Phoenix hospital.
Police have searched the boys Midtown home for evidence of child abuse.
“This is a shock. This is totally a shock to me.”
Judith Lemlin and her husband recently moved in next door to where 5 year old Manuel Trujillo Jr. lived.
Lemlin said, “The two days we’ve been here there’s not been anybody at the apartment that we know of.”
Wednesday, the same day Trujillo ended up in the hospital, Tucson Police Detectives served a search warrant at the child’s home in the 3700 Block of North Fourth Avenue.
KOLD News 13 obtained the search warrant, that shows police were looking for any signs of child abuse.
Among the items collected inside the home were Tylenol Cold/ Flu, Children’s Motrin, night time cold medicine, blankets and a floor mop.
Tucson Police say the results of Trujillo’s autopsy were inconclusive and they’re still trying to figure out what caused his death.
Judith Lemlin told KOLD, “I pray to God it wasn’t foul play. I hope it was just an accident or something, but anything other than hurting a child.”
Tucson Detectives are waiting for more information from the medical examiner to figure out the cause and manner of death.


5) Now go look at my blog of my child’s torture (ripoff report link on YT channel). Same days, same injuries, same chronological order as these two. I can assure you, the addresses where they SAY they put the child and where they really are is bullshit. Follow them once; take pictures of autos and homes. CPS thought they would switch medical records on August 24, 2005 for Emily Mays not knowing that some parents keep all their child’s medical records. CPS is known to kill children and then switch records with another child who then gets removed and false charges are filed. It has happened in other states (Names kept confidential to protect the minors).

6) Then we have the cases of 3 Navy Seals falling from the sky at Evergreen Air (CIA) in Marana, North Tucson as well as cops and military laying on Valencia Road (same area as dead and tortured babies, another US Military Off Site, A CPS Office, and a Global Air Remodeling Firm – pictures posted later). And what about the comment by a foster parent (unnamed) that a Mexican in a white van took the child. I wonder if that is one of the same that were seen in white vans on Evergreen Air? There is a reason I looked into all this (not posted) military contractors and traffickers stalking us in Tucson and the area of town their “private planes” were kept. For example –
DM airman’s death ruled a homicide; no charges filedBy Dale Quinn,  ARIZONA DAILY STAR  Published: 11.02.2007,
The manner of death was certified as homicide, the autopsy report says. The blunt impact to the airman’s head cracked his skull and caused brain contusions. He also had cuts and bruises on his face, scalp and torso, the report says .
Nov 2, 2007 A Davis-Monthan airman who was found in June lying in a street in a South Side neighborhood died after suffering blows to his head, according to an autopsy report obtained by the Star on Friday. Airman 1st Class Brian I. Santos, 24, died at University Medical Center on June 11, a day after he was discovered near East Valencia Road and South Alvernon Way on the pavement in the middle the night, according to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. The manner of death was certified as homicide, the autopsy report says. The blunt impact to the airman’s head cracked his skull and caused brain contusions. He also had cuts and bruises on his face, scalp and torso, the report says. About 2 a.m. on June 10, Santos apparently went to a house party in the 3900 block of East Agate Knoll D
All this is down by the LANDFILL where the Payne Boy’s body allegedly was never found.

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Excerpt: Ted Gunderson Speech Congressional Hearing on Child Protection 3/13/04, San Bernardino Calif Town Hall Forum w Congressman Joe Baca on Children Protective Services Reform. “Honorable Lawmakers, Guardians of the United States Constitution and the Federal Treasury, I am a licensed private investigator with more than 54 years experience which includes more than 27 years as a special agent with the FBI. . . As a licensed private investigator…Specifically, in regards to Child Protective Services in some areas and some states, I have been told by a reliable source, that a planeload of children from CPS was flown out of Denver, Colorado on November 6, 1997 to Paris, France. Later a second plane of children also under the care of CPS was flown from Los Angeles to Europe. I have also developed information through credible and reliable sources that in the past, children have been taken from Foster Homes, orphanages, and Boys Town Nebraska, and flown by private jets from Sioux City Iowa to Washington D.C. for sex orgies with politicians. [ Think FOLEY, PageGate, 52oo Pentagon intel officials porn charges covered up, Military raping children in Iraq, U.S. Government funding trafficking in Afghanistan, DYNCORP military contractors sex trafficking rings some also are cops, CPS workers, etc. Some of this is current news].
I have interviewed witnesses who were active in an international child-kidnapping ring, who advised me that, of the thousands of children who disappear every year, many are auctioned off, at various locations throughout the country. This kidnapping ring… One of my sources advised that he has attended six such auctions, with six to thirty six children being auctioned off. These locations are identified as fifty miles outside Las Vegas [U.S. Juvenile Court Assoc meetings held there], Nevada, Toronto Canada, Houston Texas, an unidentified location in Michigan and a barn outside Lincoln Nebraska.
This source informed me that the children range in age from 2-21, both boys and girls. They are usually placed on a stage or platform, in their underwear with a number attached to a string around their necks. The perpetrators bid on the children by number. The location outside Las Vegas was at a small airport. Some of the children were auctioned off to foreigners wearing turbans on their heads. The children were placed in private planes from which they took off. Other children were placed in campers. They were drugged so that if police stopped them the kidnappers could claim their child was sleeping. This same source advised me that when he was ten years old he was used as decoy in public places to attract other children his age to that area, where the adults would grab the kids and flee.
In the early 1990s, following the circulation of “The Franklin Cover-up” for almost a year, the Yorkshire Television of England sent a topnotch investigatory team to produce a documentary on the Franklin Cover Up. They conducted a national investigation for 10 months, interviewing, filming, and documenting the Franklin story, finding new witnesses, and uncovering new evidence. Their documentary, “Conspiracy of Silence” was scheduled to be aired nationwide on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994 at 10 PM. When certain members of congress learned that Conspiracy of Silence was to be aired on national TV, the cable industry was threatened with restrictive legislation, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown parties and all copies were ordered destroyed. It never aired. I visited the LA TIMES LIBRARY, reviewed the TV log for May 3, 1994 noted that Conspiracy of Silence was listed to be aired on that date at 10 PM. I had a contact on the East Coast review the TV log for the Philadelphia Enquirer and Conspiracy of Silence was also listed in their TV section at 10 PM, May 3, 1994.
I developed information from a credible source in a major city in Southwest U.S. that there is collusion between judges, attorneys and underworld criminals. Children in the system, are adopted, four thousand dollars is given to the people who adopt, and the childrens names are changed and each child is re-adopted many times, with four thousand dollars going to each adoption every time. The Federal Government Adoption Bonus is given to these judges, attorneys and underworld criminals it is split among the three groups of child traffickers.
As an outgrowth of my involvement in the Franklin Cover Up Case from Omaha, I learned that a covert CIA operation known as the Finders based in Washington D.C. which was actively involved in kidnapping and international trafficking of children since the early 1960s. . . .” Respectfully Presented By THEODORE L. GUNDERSON, FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge (Ret)


Ted Gunderson, FBI (Ret), Investigator –


They still conduct experiments on foster children (below). UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RADIATION EXPERIMENTS (PUBLIC MEETING), Executive Chambers Madison Hotel Washington, D.C., March 15, 1995 1:00p.m. Chris DeNicola (B), Valerie Wolf (A), Claudia Mullen (C) at Pg 77.

MKULTRA Victim B Tucson Az Testimony US Hearings. Transcript also available at
Project MKULTRA The CIA’s Program Of Research In Behavioral Modification, 1977 SENATE MKULTRA HEARINGS, TESTIMONY, DOCS
S.M.A.R.T. cases, conferences, info at
Organized Child Abuse


They are still conducting experiments on foster children  –
Las Vegas Now reports (below) that Dr. Mark Collins, director of the Montevista Hospital and contracts with several residential treatment centers is ordering brain scans for foster children prior to their being prescribed highly toxic psychotropic drugs.
According to a legal complaint by Children’s Attorneys Project, submitted on Sept. 5, to the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, foster children in Nevada are being overdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, on the basis of a dangerous brain scan. Prior to the brain scan children are injected with radioactive material “to illuminate blood flow in their brain.”
The Legal complaint:
The use of these investigational scans to justify the prescribing of highly toxic drugs for children is an example of the misuse of experimental scientific tools. Their use as a diagnostic tool is bogus. Even The American Psychiatric Association does not accept the use of brain imaging for the clinical diagnosis of children, in part, according to its literature, because of children’s sensitivity to radiation and to risk of radiation-induced cancer.
The Children’s Attorneys complaint includes case histories of young children who were bounced around from Montevista Hospital to Willow Springs Residential Treatment Center as well as other residential treatment agencies.
The complaint indicates “there appear to be conflicts of interest among service providers and hospitals...”  For example, in addition to his position as director of Montevista Hospital, Dr. Collins has contracts with for-profit residential treatment facilities to which Nevada foster children are being placed – an obvious conflict of interest.
I-Team: Lawyers Question Medical Tests on Foster Kids
Nov 15, 2008. Colleen McCarty, Investigative Reporter
This is a story about an eight-year-old boy in foster care. A boy we’ve never met. He exists for us only as a name on a letter questioning his mental health treatment.
But his lawyer Janice Wolf wants us to remember Nathaniel is real. “Some of the things our kids have gone through, you and I could only imagine in our dreams, or nightmares.”
Nathaniel described vivid nightmares according psychiatric records obtained by the I-Team.
During his first of two hospitalizations at Montevista, Dr. Mark Collins ordered a procedure called a brain spect. It requires the injection of radioactive material to illuminate blood flow in the brain.
In a report to the family court, Collins writes the scan confirms Nathaniel has “severe bipolar disorder.”
“I think my concern is that our foster kids are getting not just the best psychiatric care, but proper psychiatric care – that they’re not being mistreated, or experimented on, or used as investigational tools,” said Wolf.
The American Psychiatric Association does not accept the use of brain imaging for the clinical diagnosis of children, in part, according to its literature, because of children’s sensitivity to radiation and to risk of radiation-induced cancer.
A recent Medicaid review by the Nevada State Department of Health and Human Services identified 96 Montevista patients who underwent brain imaging. The majority, according to the state, were kids in the juvenile justice or child welfare systems.
A court-ordered psychiatric evaluation of the eight-year-old challenged Collins’ diagnosis and noted, “Spect scanning is not yet an accepted diagnostic method.
Only a caseworker (CPS) stands between a child and a controversial procedure.
Statement from Nevada Medicaid:

From the legislative desk of Senator Nancy Schaefer 50th Dist of Georgia, Nov 16, 2007

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