Peter Britton Tobin

As of today, Peter Tobin has been tried and convicted of three murders; those of Angelika Kluk, Dinah McNicol and Vicky Hamilton.

In 1993, Tobin was convicted of attacking and raping two 14 year old girls at knifepoint in England. On his release in 2004, he returned to Scotland. He took up work as a handyman at St Patrick’s Church in Glasgow and in September 2006 within the church, he beat, raped and stabbed to death Angelika Kluk and hid her body in a chamber beneath the confessional of the chapel.

Subsequent investigations into Tobin’s affairs revealed the bodies of Dinah McNicol and Vicky Hamilton buried in the garden of his Margate home. Both girls had last been seen alive in 1991.

On convicting Tobin of Vicky Hamilton’s murder, Lord Emslie stated:…

In an interview with a psychiatrist, Tobin has admitted killing 48 other women but when questioned about this, simply stated “Prove it”.…ter-Tobin.html

Bible John’s either dead or at large… but he is NOT Peter Tobin…-tobin-1045890
Daily Record – 26 December 2009

Strathclyde Police said he is thought to have worked in public pools in Paisley during the late 1960s and again in the late 70s, at an unknown location.

Tobin, who boasted in prison of killing 48 women, worked as a school caretaker in Sussex in the 1980s.

Other new information about the beast’s past includes details that he was in biker gangs based in Brighton in the 1980s.

He also frequented the towns of Turriff, Aberdeenshire, and Largs, Ayrshire.

Early and personal life

Tobin was born in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, the youngest of seven children. He was a difficult child and in 1953, aged seven, he was sent to an approved school. He later spent time in a young offender institution, and in 1970 was convicted and served jail terms in England for burglary and forgery.

In 1969, Tobin moved to Brighton, Sussex, with his 17-year old girlfriend, Margaret L. R. Mountney, whom he married in August that year. They split after a year and she divorced him in 1971.

In 1973 in Brighton, he married a local nurse, 30-year-old Sylvia J. A. Jefferies. They had a son and daughter, the latter of whom died soon after birth. This second, violent, marriage lasted until 1976, when she left with their son.

Tobin then had a relationship with Cathy D. Wilson, who gave birth to a son in December 1987. Tobin married her in Brighton in 1989, when she was 17. In 1990, they moved to Bathgate, West Lothian. Wilson left Tobin in 1990 and moved back to Portsmouth, Hampshire, where she had grown up. All three later gave similar accounts of falling for a charming well dressed Tobin who turned violent and sadistic during their marriages. In May 1991, Tobin moved to Margate, Kent, and in 1993, to Havant, Hampshire to be near his younger son.

Angelika Kluk murder

In September 2006, Peter Tobin was working as a church handyman at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Anderston, Glasgow. He had assumed the name “Pat McLaughlin” to avoid detection, as he was still on the Violent and Sex Offender Register, but not compliant with it, following his 1994 convictions for rape and assault.

Angelika Kluk was a 23-year-old student from Skoczow, near Krakow in Poland. She was staying at the chapel house of St Patrick’s Church, where she worked as a cleaner to help finance her Scandinavian Studies course at Gdańsk University.

She was last seen alive in the company of Peter Tobin on 24 September 2006, and is thought to have been attacked by him in the garage attached to St Patrick’s chapel house. She was beaten, raped, and stabbed to death, then her body was concealed in an underground chamber beneath the floor near the confessional in the church.

Forensic evidence suggested that she was still alive when she was placed under the floorboards. Police found her body on 29 September, and Tobin was arrested in London shortly afterwards. He had been admitted to hospital under a false name, and with a fictitious complaint.

Forced at knifepoint
…Tobin fled to Coventry where he sought refuge among an evangelical Christian community using a false name to cover his tracks.

Just days after he left, members of the Jesus Fellowship Church saw his face on the BBC’s Crimewatch programme and alerted the police. He was arrested shortly afterwards.…dent-1-1142767
News Scotsman – 30 Sptember 2006
Body found in church during police hunt for Polish student

After the crime, Tobin fled to Brighton, where he joined a religious group and, using the alias Peter Wilson, immersed himself in its community at Stockton, Warwickshire.…ears-1-1150336
News Scotsman – 18 May 1994…d-be-safe.html
Telegraph – 05 May 2007
Free spirit who thought church would be safe

Mr Macaskill, who reported her missing, was equally besotted and told his distraught wife that he could not give up his “aghrai” – the Gaelic word for darling. But Angelika was also the former lover of Fr Gerard Nugent, the 63-year-old alcoholic priest who for two summers gave her free accommodation at the chapel house of St Patrick’s Church in Glasgow.

They were “sexually intimate” on several occasions in 2005, and although it was never mentioned in court, he went to Gdansk that year and spent four nights in her tiny room.

He claimed in court that he felt much better when their relationship ended, but he was consumed by jealousy. When he learned last year of her affair with Mr Macaskill, a chauffeur she met while they were taking Russian tourists around Scotland, their relationship changed dramatically.

There were so many older men in her life that it was hardly surprising that a press officer from the Catholic Church wondered whether she was involved in the escort business.…st/6595361.stm
BBC News – 26 April 2007
Sheriff tells of Kluk friendship

Aberdeen sheriff Kieran McLernan said she told him she was “a bit of a pagan” after going to a golf driving range.

Kieran McLernan, 65, also told the court he did not know that Angelika’s boyfriend was a married man.

The student was staying at the chapel house and working as a cleaner to help finance her language studies in Gdansk.

Her body was discovered under the floor of St Patrick’s Church in Anderston, Glasgow, where Sheriff McLernan and his family were regular attenders on visits to the city.

Mr Tobin is accused of attacking Angelika between 24 September and 29 September in St Patrick’s Church, or elsewhere, gagging her with cloth and tape, binding her hands with cable ties, raping her, smashing her skull with a piece of wood or something similar, stabbing her 16 times in the chest and inflicting other knife injuries.

A further charge alleges that he told Glasgow police his name was Patrick McLaughlin, gave a false date of birth and address, and that he travelled to London and gave staff at the National Neurology and Neurosurgery Hospital in Queen’s Square, London, another false name.…eath-1-1418989

Eleven days after she vanished, Vicky’s purse was discovered in St Andrew’s Place, Edinburgh, but it has never been established whether it had been dropped by accident or deliberately placed there to throw investigators off the scent.…hter-more.html

Detectives said they had received information as part of a national “scoping exercise” which prompted the search in Marine Parade, Brighton, as well as at two beauty shops with a flat above them in nearby Station Road, Portslade.

Miss McNicol vanished in August 1991 while hitchhiking to her home in Tillingham, Essex, after leaving a music festival in Liphook, Hants.

Six months earlier Vicky Hamilton disappeared while waiting for a bus close to Tobin’s then home in Bathgate, near Edinburgh.

Although other addresses in Brighton were linked to him they would not be searched, police revealed.…-tobin-1046861
Daily Record – 5 January 2010
Priest who admitted affair with Tobin murder victim Angelika Kluk is found dead

Tobin is also serving a life term for murdering 15-year-old Vicky Hamilton and was convicted last month of strangling 18-year-old Dinah McNicol.

Detectives are trawling unsolved murder files to establish the full extent of his criminal past.

The Dublin-born priest, who was asked to resign from his post at St Patrick’s, said he felt “shame” and “disgust” with himself and admitted he had abused the position of trust he was in.

The self-confessed alcoholic was also found guilty of contempt of court because he did not give straight answers in the witness box during the trial.…_move_1_355464
Cumbernauld News – 16 December 2003

Happy memories included helping out St Patrick’s Church [Kilsyth] during its renovations, the big celebrations when it was re-dedicated, the visit of the Papal Nuncio, and meeting Archbishop (now Cardinal) Keith O’Brien; and working together with Canon Dennis O’Connell for the visit of Jimmy Savile.…ile-connection

The pair met when O’Brien was priest at St Patrick’s Church in Kilsyth, Lanarkshire, in 1971. [Near Glasgow]

Savile was a regular visitor because his mother Agnes was friends with O’Brien’s …’s+church+Kilsyth+map&fb=1&gl=us&hq= st+patrick’s+church+Kilsyth+map&hnear=st+patrick’s +church+Kilsyth+map&cid=0,0,3725265702009135873&ei =8LzqUZiXCaLi4AOP7YGgBw&ved=0CG4Q_BIwCw
Map St. Patrick’s Church Kilsyth, Glasgow
BBC News – Friday, 11 July, 2003

The celebrity said that he recovered from a potentially fatal childhood illness after his mother prayed to former trade union activist Margaret Sinclair, who died in 1925.

Her body is to be moved to a church in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic old town in what is seen as part of the process towards her becoming a saint.

The move has been ordered by Scotland’s most senior Roman Catholic cleric, Archbishop Keith O’Brien.…ublic-1-962508
News Scotsman – 12 October 2005
Secret evidence of nun’s jilted ex to go public

Margaret was granted “Venerable” status by the Catholic Church in 1978. The next steps on the road to sainthood are beatification and then canonisation.

Margaret was originally buried in Mount Vernon Cemetery, but in 2003 her remains were dug up and she was reburied in a vault in a side-chapel of St Patrick’s Church, in South Gray’s Close, near where she had lived.[Edinburgh]

One of the better-known supporters of Margaret’s cause is broadcaster and DJ Sir Jimmy Savile, who credits her with saving his life when he fell ill as a two-year-old.

Jimmy’s death certificate was written by the doctor, then his mother prayed to Margaret in Leeds Cathedral and when she came home, he was back to his old laughing self.
[Jimmy Savile had a death certificate at age two. Unless that two-year-old Jimmy Savile was murdered and replaced with a royal monster. Just brainstorming]…0/4023112.html

Menzies Hotels has visited Scotland for a second time to bring the number of four-star hotels it has in the UK to 15. The company has paid the Milton family an undisclosed sum (certain Scottish newspapers quote a figure of around £14 million) for the 141-room Best Western Glasgow Milton Hotel & Spa, which has been rebranded as the Menzies Glasgow Hotel…w=1600&bih=680
Jimmy just digs hotel site
‎Pay-Per-View –
Evening Times – Feb 19, 2001
Sir Jimmy Savile decided to make the trip to meet up with his old friend, hotel group chairman Ian Milton and spent some time on one of his favourite pastimes ……e&pqatl=google
Jimmy just digs hotel site

TREASURE HUNT: Sir [Jimmy Savile] unearths some old pennies on the site of the Glasgow Milton Hotel…d=0CKYBEPwSMA0
Map Menzies (Milton) Glasgow Hotel


St. Patricks Anderston, Glasgow – Located on St. Vincent’s Drive

Designed by Messrs Pugin of London in early Decorated style, and opened for worship in 1898. One of the most striking of the many features within the church is the high altar of white marble, supported on six columns of Connemara marble with floreated capitals. The throne is surmounted by a magnificent cupola of Caen stone.…hurch.14967323
Herald Scotland – Saturday 3 September 2011

THE body of a man has been found in the Glasgow church where Polish student Angelika Kluk was raped and murdered by serial killer Peter Tobin.…ction-1.827524
Herald Scotland – Saturday 5 May 2007
Angelika: Facts as brutal as fiction

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