Craig Murray doesnt seem to like this

Why Does the State Hate Alex Salmond?

I began my visit here today by reading the comments first, and then the blog.
This has to be the most vacuous blog that you have ever done Mr. Murray, it’s a kitchen sink full of Salmonds cut and paste press statements. We can’t even link to the original sources, here they are…

There is little there that separates him out from a whole range of political figures who have said the same. The only exception being his weasel words in the Lockerbie bombing that fitted up Libya, and Abdelbasset Ali Megrahi as the perpetrators. He is reported to claim “……. when Abdelbaset al Megrahi was controversially freed from prison on compassionate grounds – said it was possible “for someone to be guilty, yet wrongly convicted……..” Well excuse me for believing the Iranians did it, which, Mr. Murray, you also claim to believe to be true.

My stunned silence at the lack of demands for due process to take precedence over biased comments, comes about because of the exact opposite I witnessed here when the fitting up of the dynamic duo in Salisbury was met head on by an overwhelming majority.

It could well be that he is being fitted up, he fits the suitable target profile, such a claim is highly plausible. But there again, he could also be guilty. The political class is not without its venalities. Let due process rule…_



in reply we posted this


Despite 300 plus replies he didnt publish this …wonder why




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