2. 12/04/2010 at 7:02 pm
    I seem to remember the Operation was being hailed as a roaring success until the ex-Labour Ministers were questioned – and then the idea of credit-card fraud was introduced – which saved their asses and several Police Officers.
    Didn’t that Soham Officer get collared during this Operation too? Detective Constable Brian Stevens? Evenetually got cleared on technicalities but word seems to be he was caught with his trousers down so to speak. Was hailed a success by the press and government alike right until Gamble’s men fingered some camp old cabinet ministers. Funny that. You lot sound like a bunch of old fiddlers yourselves if this response to the Operation is anything to go by. Carry on downloading chaps and chappesses.

  3. 12/04/2010 at 7:07 pm
    “Detailed checks are being made to ensure the credit cards had not been stolen or “cloned” by criminals before any arrests are made.
    If the two ex-ministers are brought in for questioning they would become the highest-profile people yet held under Operation Ore, the biggest-ever enquiry into internet child porn in the UK.
    A police source said: “When the names came in we couldn’t believe it. Everyone would recognise them immediately. We are proceeding very, very cautiously.”
    Looks like they were already doing dilgence on the possibility of credit-card fraud. Balir served a D-Notice explaining the story would harm the pre-War preparations and a short time later they came up with a complete way to discredit the investigation after saying how great it had been.
    Hilarious really.

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