Strange though it may seem, Chief Superintendent Ian Paterson has been jailed for eighteen months for sexually assaulting three women. It is exceptionally unusual for any senior official in Scotland to receive a custodial sentence for sexual crime, let alone even be investigated. Amongst others, BBC News featured this on 11th November.

However, is it any wonder that this particular force is responsible for covering up the Hollie Greig case and concealing evidence from the prosecutor when it is infested with this kind of  police officer?

Interestingly the former Chief Superintendent only received a sentence six months longer for assaulting three women than I received for trying to protect girls and women from sexual predators like him.This is the way the law is administered in Scotland.

Meanwhile the Diary of Injustice, on 14th November, featured Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill supporting the Lord President in his efforts to retain the secrecy that Scottish judges claim as their right in concealing their outside interests and connections. This contrasts directly with the requirement placed upon politicians and almost all other senior public officials in order to avoid any prospect of a conflict of interest arising.

So this veil of secrecy can continue thanks to the collaboration of Mr MacAskill, who, in 2009, notoriously lied to the entire world about the circumstances relating to the release of Mr Al-Megrahi, in the Lockerbie case.

Whilst on the subject of the Scottish Judiciary concealing vital information about themselves, may I remind readers of Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen`s undeclared ten year relationship with cited defence witness Elish Angiolini at my trial. When I challenged Bowen about this blatant conflict of interest, I was rewarded with racial abuse and a one year prison sentence. Moreover, it is now known that Bowen is implicated in falsifying the official court audio in order for the offending words to have been deleted.

It would be greatly appreciated if those who were so kind as to attend in supporting me and heard the discriminatory remark, on 17th February 2012 at Stonehaven Court,  would be good enough to contact me at:-

I am still awaiting Alex Salmond`s response to his examination of all the key expert documents supporting Hollie Greig`s allegations and the fact that Grampian Police deliberately withheld the most crucial of these documents from the Prosecutor, one of which identified yet another senior Grampian Police officer as a likely sexual offender.

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