Brenda Mumsy Mcnamara
28 April at 12:29 · London
Letter from Robert Green
Dear S Thank you for your message [on Email a Prisoner . Yes I do have some medication now, which does help although I feel my health is deteriorating. Still, I receive the most wonderful support…
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  • Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy comment is a copy nn paste from another group ima commented apon ~ That is what aberdeen is like the law lies and trumps up charges that never took place, my MP is a NAZI in a wheelchair that was given proof that the services in aberdeen covered up abuse to a toddler she was smiling about it gloating and even had the cheek to say “dont you think the police are doing a good job” with having charges trumped up on me for leafleting ima dare not attempt to leaflet in aberdeen after a very lucky escape from been jailed apon lies again they tried to say that a police officer was assaulted by me warned that next time it will be a lengthy jail sentence and ima ended up with a 200 odd fine which was chased with threats of been recalled to court if not paid on time to face sentencing when other folks with fines are not harassed in the slightest . . .
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  • Marie Marshall I’ve fwd to my MP
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