Robert is still out on bail next date 27th ima THINK !.. The sheriff is from Dingwall, Black Isle (highlands) Inverness area and was really quite enjoying himself listening to Roberts solicitor’s banter of calling up old true stories of cases from late 1800’s onwards yeap interesting to hear about yesteryears harassment cases one was of a football nature…The sheriff is wanting to take the next step of the case on as he has no clue of the so called three witness statements put in against Robert two from one person and the other from another NO PRIZE FOR GUESSING whom from. Jon Stevenson was in court he came all the way up for damn all lmao probably disappointed that Robert was not re-remanded before TRIAL maybe? the sheriff still not quite made his mind up but it was the same sheriff that granted bail to Robert the last time… The sheriff made an innocent remark of being on the opposite side of the bench from sheriff Buchanan in his younger days (a wee joke kinda to the PF Andrew Macintosh which the PF also had a wee chuckle back) so The sheriff knows Graham/Graeme well enough other than that all is still in the sky as it depends apon the detail of the charges if they are within jurisdiction or not as is still no clue to this… So Belinda missed the train due to my nattering away oops eh bahahaha the train pulled away 1 min ish in front of us so we had a walk down a local city park and tried to clear up recent misunderstandings apon my daughters HELL as Belinda got it mixed up with another case yeap ima leave it at that but to be honest it looks as if there is a knife edge apon the evidence of which the court motion will proceed all in good time as the sheriff really was enjoying the performance both from Roberts junior solicitor and the PF their has been no change to the draconian bail conditions but one thing PLEASE ALL DUNNI ASK ROBERT TO BE ON ANY RADIO OR INTERNET SHOW AS THIS IS SERIOUS AS COULD BE…THIS IS ROBERTS LATER FUTURE YEARS AT THE BRINK AND SERIOUSLY NO ONE NOT EVEN THE ALLEGED WOULD LIKE TO SEE A PENSIONER JAILED FOR SUCH…

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Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy Ima did hear a date of the 16th mentioned which sounded much like a preliminary hearing which would really be of a solemn charge and not of a summary charge as is even the sheriff remarked on such as it would be wrong to call it such…

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