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Would Australia’s New Attorney General Have the Courage to Call Royal Commission into Family Courts?

Jack & Jill Sanders

20 DEC 2017 — Australia’s previous Attorney General, George Brandis, was sent to London even before the new AG, Christian Porter was sworn in.

Christian Porter is a son of an Australian Olympian and unlike all people of power in government, does not come from families of judges and lawyers. He is a lawyer himself and that certainly diminishes the possibility of him calling on the corruption of members of his fraternity, no matter how corrupt they are.

Australian victims of Family Courts certainly will give him a chance to go through ample evidence of corruption and child and parent abuse and relentless legal abuse of innocent families for financial gain of the judicial officers of Family Courts.

For every man/woman there comes a time to use his/her power for the good of people. Julia Guillard, was the prime minister who had the vision and guts to call on the second most powerful/secretive organisation, the Catholic Church and rape of children by pedophile priests. Her place in history is secured.

Would Christian Porter be the gutsy Member of the Parliament and the Attorney General who would pave the way for investigation into crime and corruption of the strongest and most secretive judiciary in the world?

May his father’s genes of guts and conviction pass on to him, if such characteristics are genetic. And may his mother’s decency force him to take a stance against corruption. May the love of his wife and child, Lachlan, be the power that will fuel this fight against the most corrupt and powerful judiciary with no oversight and total impunity.

Please write to Hon. Christian Porter the Attorney General and demand a Royal Commission .

Sign Petition and Demand Independent Investigation into Family Courts for Crime and Corruption.

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