Child abuse – Police and council officers caught destroying evidence and falsifying records

The Council House - DerbySenior
social workers and police officers falsified and destroyed records
after Kids for Cash UK exposed evidence of harm to a twelve-year-old
Derby boy whose mother was found by a court to have made multiple false
allegations of domestic violence.

An investigation by Kids for Cash UK has revealed that Derbyshire
Constabulary police officers and senior social workers within Derby City
Council’s Children’s Services department destroyed evidence and
falsified official records to conceal severe psychological harm being
caused to a child after its junior officers had been duped by false
claims of domestic violence made by the child’s mother.

In a Derby court, the mother was found to have lied to social workers
and police officers and had gained the support of friends by concocting
false accounts of domestic violence that she spread, over a period of
months, using Facebook messaging. The mother had previously used the
false allegations to secretly obtain a court order to prevent the
father’s access, allowing her to continue the psychological abuse of the
child. When witnesses came forward for a court trial with information
that the child was being sedated and psychologically abused, the mother
organised friends to seek out the witnesses and conduct a prolonged
campaign of witness intimidation against them. Police officers and
social workers failed to share key evidence from independent witnesses
and allowed the abuse to continue. When the failures came to light,
senior social workers and police officers falsified official records and
destroyed evidence.

Lawrence English, Senior District Crown Prosecutor said, “The
Crown Prosecution Service made enquiries with the police to see whether
[we] could replicate the [prosecution] file submitted by the police. It
became apparent that not all of the material referred to by the
reviewing lawyer is still held by the police.”

Despite claims from CPS that it was willing to review the file, the Derbyshire Independent
has seen documentary evidence that confirms that CPS later refused to
review a prosecution file reconstructed by Kids for Cash UK after it had
recaptured the original evidence, as well copies of additional evidence
that had been withheld and then later destroyed by police officers.

David Gale of Kids for Cash UK said, “Our investigations have
confirmed that the mother subjected the child to a prolonged period of
severe psychological abuse despite the authorities admitting to having
received clear independent evidence pointing to the harm being caused.
It is clear from the documentary evidence that we have gathered that
senior officers within Derby City Council and Derbyshire Constabulary
have failed in their statutory duty to ensure that they have procedures
in place to secure evidence and to ensure that official records are not
falsified by officers seeking to avoid blame. The latest evidence
suggests that the police, Derby City Council Children’s Services, and
the Crown Prosecution Service have colluded to prevent their failures
from coming to light.”

Following Kids for Cash UK’s analysis of five years’ of raw
statistical data, gained through Freedom of Information requests served
on the Ministry of Justice, an epidemic of false claims relating to
domestic violence in the East Midlands has been exposed. The Ministry of
Justice has confirmed that it recently launched a nationwide
investigation into legal aid fraud related to false claims of domestic
violence. That investigation is starting in Derbyshire.

Derbyshire Constabulary’s Chief Constable, Mick Creedon, declined to respond when we asked him to comment on this case.

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