Former senior police officer Ian Paterson jailed for indecency

Ian Paterson Ian Paterson was convicted of three indecency charges

A retired senior police officer has been jailed for 18 months for sexually assaulting three women.

Former chief superintendent Ian Paterson made inappropriate remarks to the women and touched them on the body while working as a charity boss.

Paterson had started working at the Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations after he retired from Grampian Police.

Last month he was found guilty of three charges after a six-day trial.

At his sentencing, Andrew McIntyre, procurator fiscal for sheriff and jury cases in the north of Scotland, said: “Prosecutors take crimes of sexual offences extremely seriously and are committed to ensuring that all such cases are investigated thoroughly and prosecuted appropriately.

“Victims can have confidence that their cases will be handled by specialists, who are committed wherever possible to bringing those who commit sexual offences of any kind to justice.”
Feeling vulnerable
Paterson, from Tarves in Aberdeenshire, went on trial in October facing nine charges of indecent and sexual assaults against seven women.

But the charity boss, who was suspended from his role, denied the offences and insisted that he was just a “tactile” person.

However, the women he assaulted described incidents where he had touched them inappropriately leaving them feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable.

He put his arms around two of the woman and touched their bottoms in city centre offices.

And he rubbed his clothed body against one of the two women and attempted to touch her breasts between July and October last year.

His third victim was touched on the leg and arm while she was travelling in his car on the way to Edinburgh on 29 August 2012.

Sheriff Annella Cowan said it was clear from social inquiry reports that Paterson did not understand and did not perceive that what he did was wrong.

She said: “The trial was very carefully constructed to make as little reference as possible to your career as a policeman.

“As a senior police officer, you must have been aware that the way you behaved was not appropriate.”

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