Convicted Pedophile John Asters Friends Threaten To Kill.

Convicted Pedophile John Asters Friends Threaten To Kill.


A self admitted convicted child porn downloader named John Aster is getting fraud advocates and claimed predator hunters to make threats to kill a man named Titus Cooper. Titus Cooper is a friend of John Anderson’s. All the people in this live video have previously filed false police reports and on behalf of convicted pedophile John Aster.

John Aster plead guilty to over 15,000 images of child porn. Both live and deceased naked children.

John Aster was first exposed by national president of Bikers United Against Child Abuse Australia.

The recordings of John Aster admitting to pleading guilty to child porn will be presented on this website.

This video will be sent to John Anderson and used in court to show the mentality of those real criminals who filed false police reports against BUACA Canada president John Anderson.

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