Gangster accused of £1m heroin haul off the hook after drugs and gun charges dropped

JAMIE Campbell was arrested after police discovered heroin and a firearm
in his neighbour’s back garden but the case against the gangland heavy
has collasped.

Jamie Campbell has escaped gun and drug charges
A GANGSTER who was taped discussing the murder of a rival has escaped gun and drug charges after the case against him collapsed.
Jamie Campbell was accused of being in possession of a large quantity of heroin, a handgun and a silencer.
Police made the discovery in a garden next to his home.
the 35-year-old – who was involved in a tit-for-tat turf war which saw
his dad shot dead – won’t be standing in the dock. The case collapsed as
prosecutors shelved proceedings.

Campbell, who is linked to car washes and a business
associated with growing cannabis, was arrested when officers swooped on
his home in Carntyne, Glasgow, in January 2014.
The gangland heavy, who likes to fly pigeons, lives in a former council-owned flat which is protected by a security camera.
discovered heroin and a firearm in his neighbour’s back garden. At the
time of the raid, they said the drugs haul was worth up to £1million.
Campbell was arrested in connection with the find and appeared in court.
associate George Leighton, 25, of Shotts, Lanarkshire, was arrested
days later. He pled guilty to possessing a gun and supplying heroin
worth £69,000 at the High Court in ­Glasgow in April 2015 after his DNA
was discovered on ­packaging. He was jailed for seven years and eight
Leighton had also been charged with shooting convicted
drug dealer Darren Higgins in January 2014 but had a not guilty plea to
attempted murder accepted.

But the case against Campbell was only dropped in May.
source said: “It was thought the Crown Office had a solid case against
Campbell. He has strong criminal connections in Glasgow’s east end and a
long history with the police.
“When drugs and a gun were found so close to his home, people thought he’d be off the streets for a long time.”
It’s the second time prosecutors have failed to convict Campbell at the High Court in Glasgow.
2004, he was charged with murdering Kevin Clark. He was accused of
shooting him in the back and slashing his head. Campbell’s dad James was
also charged with the killing. ­Detectives had the pair as prime
suspects and bugged the family home.
Officers thought they had
hit the jackpot when listening devices picked up the father and son
discussing the murder. They were heard talking about a gun and
destroying evidence.
But when the case went to court, they claimed they knew police had them under surveillance and were joking about Kevin’s death.
Campbell was found not guilty and his father James got a not proven verdict.
was shot dead in Glasgow’s Drumchapel in March 2006 at the height of a
bitter power struggle for control of the drugs trade in Glasgow’s east

He had survived a previous attempt on his life months earlier.
Campbell – who drives a Ford Transit van – also survived a gun attempt on his life.
He’d been blamed for a knife attack on John “Cocky” Galloway in Parkhead.
is a former director of East End Hydroponics – a store that sells
equipment associated with the growth of cannabis – in Glasgow’s
Tollcross. He is also linked to car washes in the area.
A source said: “Jamie has a reputation for violence and is considered by many as a bully.
isn’t known for going out much, he prefers to fly pigeons. The clothes
he wears and cars he drives aren’t flash. But he’s very well known in
certain circles.”
The Crown Office said: “It’s the duty of the Crown to keep cases under review.

“Following a full and careful consideration of the facts and
circumstances of the case, including the available and admissible
Crown Counsel instructed that there should be no criminal proceedings at this time.”
into the ­murders of Campbell and Clark remain open. Police Scotland
said: “All unresolved homicides are kept under review and are subject to
inquiries from time to time.”

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