1. Thanks
    so much for posting this. I have mirrored, along with publishing a
    request to donate to the legal costs, via this website. 😉

    PS; we run Operation Cleansweep




    1. OK,
      I have bad guys all over me (cannot edit/redit the page) but it’s live,
      and taking traffic; will try get a request to donate added (I had to
      get it live before they stopped me doing even that).

      Try stay safe, and if you cannot manage that, don’t go without taking at least one with you. 😉

      Preferably two!

      Or ten! 😉 lol

  2. Even more disturbing links of North Wales Police via local free masons lodges to Norfolk Police, The Met and a bigger cover up.


  3. Remember asking me for “a copper”. Remember saying “we need a copper”


  4. The
    Security Services operate the child protection system through a
    computer system called “The Child Health Surveillance System” using it
    for population surveillance and control.

    Under the guise of child protection the security services have access to all of your confidential records.

    Modus Operandi is the same as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Child abuse
    allegations are never investigated but a database is maintained for
    later blackmail.

    There is a very simple test that can be
    applied. Under section 1(1) Children and Young Peoples Act 1933, in
    respect to section 17, a person with parental responsibility for a child
    has an express criminal liability for keeping the child safe from the
    offence of child cruelty. I emphasise, keeping safe NOT perpetration.

    a child is in care the local authority hold parental responsibility.
    Since 1991 when the provisions came into force there has not been a
    single prosecution under these provisions.

    There is an automatic prosecution when any child is neglected and abused and there are none.



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