Filthy Britain and the Wrath of God

Wrath of God- Cliff beware
This is a warning for the sick scum who run this country from the shadows.
Know this.
Your days are numbered.
Are you listening?
You f*****g well better be.
The time is coming when God will inflict a mighty punishment on you child-raping, murderous, thieving sociopaths.
Did you get that?
Did you f*****g GET THAT?
Tell your filthy police officers.
Tell your twisted social workers.
Tell your corrupt judges.
Tell your treasonous intel services.
Tell your paedophilic government.
Tell your vile royal family.
Spread the word.
Your Satanic reign is coming to an end.
Don’t say you haven’t been warned.
Turn back now before it’s too late.
If you don’t, then mark our words.
You’re all about to get what’s f*****g coming to you.
It’s only a matter of time.
Highway To Hell

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2 thoughts on “Filthy Britain and the Wrath of God

  1. You’re right on here Coleman!! It will soon be harvest time and the fire is already kindled for burning all The Tares (The Canaanite Jews) and their scum boot licking lackeys in Westminster, The British Buggery Corporation and the Presstitutes in Whore Land (Canary Wharf).

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