Jeremy Kyle, Queen Mother, Paul Kidd, Diana, Jill Dando, Stuart Lubbock, Michael Barrymore and the Jimmy Savile connection

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It’s been announced that disgraced ex-TV presenter, Michael Barrymore, is to appear on the Jeremy Kyle show next month.
He will apparently be ‘grilled’ about the murder of Stuart Lubbock who was found drowned in Barrymore’s pool.
For some unknown reason, he will not be subjected to a lie detector test like other guests.
Jeremy Kyle’s father used to be the accountant and personal secretary to the Queen Mother.
The Queen Mother’s butler, Paul Kidd, ran a paedophile ring in the Palace.
He introduced abused boys to the Queen Mother and they all shared tea-parties together.
The Royals have many links with paedophiles.
Including Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein and Bishop Peter Ball..
Quite why they enjoy the company of child-raping filth so much is a complete and utter mystery.
Princess Diana was once warned by the Queen Mother to keep her mouth shut about sordid royal secrets or she would end up dead.
The Elm Guest House was a notorious boy-brothel used by VIPs, where vulnerable children were trafficked from care homes to be raped.
Diana once counselled a boy who had been abused at the Elm.
Shortly afterwards she was killed in a car crash along with Dodi, the son of Harrods boss, Mohamed Al-Fayed.
Less than 18 months later, BBC presenter Jill Dando was shot in the head at point-blank range on her doorstep.
Jill knew all about Britain’s VIP paedophile ring and was about to expose what she knew.
In March 2001, Stuart Lubbock was found dead at the Essex home of Michael Barrymore.
He had suffered horrific internal injuries.
Barrymore claimed he knew nothing about the death and was never charged by the police.
Stuart’s father, Terry fought a long and brave battle to bring his son’s killer to justice.
In 2009,  pathologist Dr Ian Calder,  made the following horrifying claims:
” STUART Lubbock may have died as a result of a violent rape, a senior pathologist said last night.
Dr Ian Calder says Lubbock, 31, was possibly also sexually attacked with an instrument like a broom handle.
And the pathologist says he is not even sure Stuart was found in a swimming pool and was unlikely to have drowned.
The father-of-two was found to have severe internal injuries after his death during a late-night party at 55-year-old comedian Michael Barrymore’s house in Roydon, Essex, in March 2001.
It was said he died in a drowning accident in the swimming pool and a coroner recorded an open verdict after an inquest heard conflicting evidence from four pathologists.
But Stuart’s father, Terry Lubbock, 63, has maintained a relentless campaign.
He is convinced his son was raped and murdered. And Essex Police’s senior investigating officer, Det Chief Supt Gareth Wilson, said he believed Stuart was killed and is continuing to probe the case.
A C4 programme called “Michael Barrymore: What Really Happened” – on tomorrow at 10pm – is set to boost Terry Lubbock’s campaign.
Dr Calder, who was the coroner’s pathologist at Stuart’s inquest in 2002, has revealed what he believes happened.
He said: “I was asked if I thought Stuart had been raped and I said I was certain his anal injuries were not caused by a hospital thermometer which had been suggested.
Rape would be a likely explanation and it could have been caused by something like a broom handle being inserted. It is possible the shock of that happening could have killed him.”
Terry Lubbock, who appears on the documentary, said: “I am boosted by hearing the views of Dr Calder.”
Mohamed Al-Fayed wrote a letter to Terry Lubbock urging him to continue to fight for the truth ” however much wealthy and influential people would try to suppress it”
Barrymore arranged a meeting with Terry and used it as a photo-op so it would appear that Stuart’s family had absolved him of any wrongdoing.
A vehement denial of this claim was made to the Press Complaints Commission:
Sadly, Terry died before the truth about Stuart’s death could be fully established.
The police seemed to do everything within their power to ensure that Barrymore was never treated as a serious suspect.
This was the same tactic employed by numerous police forces whenever an allegation was made against  BBC paedophilic filth, Jimmy Savile.
By a strange coincidence, Michael Barrymore used to work at the BBC with Larry Grayson.
He undoubtedly knew of Savile and the paedo-ring linked to government and royalty.
Barrymore and Savile were reunited on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.
Tory boy-rapist, Derek Laud also appeared on the show the previous year.
A most disturbing comment was left on a post:
” The police are, almost to a man, Freemasons and a Freemason cannot act against a brother.
This was why it was obvious to everyone that when Michael Barrymore drugged raped and murdered a “straight” and walked away with it, evidence of Barrymore and young teenage boys was not allowed.
Had it been allowed that he had raped small boys in care homes with unknown others, the case may well have gone the other way.”
How very, very strange indeed.
Isn’t it about bloody time Michael Barrymore was made to take a lie detector test?
After all, why the hell wouldn’t he?

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