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Mysterious Maida Vale

Maida Vale Sign
What do we really know about swanky London address, Maida Vale?
According to Wikipedia:
Maida Vale is a residential district comprising the northern part of Paddington in west London, west of St John’s Wood and south of Kilburn. It is part of the City of Westminster. The area is mostly residential, and mainly affluent, with many large late Victorian and Edwardian blocks of mansion flats. It is also home to the BBC Maida Vale Studios“.
How very salubrious.
Or is it?
Dig a little deeper into the filthy paedophilic network that’s been operating in Britain for decades, and it becomes clear that there’s much more to Maida Vale than meets the eye.
MaidaValeWestminsterMaida Vale Homes
In September 2013, a brave victim of murderous BBC paedophile, Jimmy Savile, came forward to tell how he was raped by a group of wealthy men after being kidnapped from a swimming pool.
The Mirror led on the story:
” An anguished man has told how legendary Top  of the Pops DJ Alan Freeman joined with evil  pal Jimmy Savile to launch a brutal sex attack on him when he was a  schoolboy.
Savile and Freeman
The traumatised victim claims he was just 11 when German film actor Victor  Beaumont lured him to his plush London flat where the BBC stars raped him.
Only now has the man found the courage to report his shocking allegations to  officers from Scotland Yard’s  Operation Yewtree .
Speaking out for the first time since being interviewed by detectives, he  claimed Freeman and Savile “showed me no pity and arrogantly thought they could  get away with anything”.
“Fluff” Freeman – famous in the 1960s for his catchphrases “Greetings, Pop  Pickers” and “Not ’Arf” – is the latest on a growing list of stars named in the  massive sex crimes investigation.
It raises further concerns about a paedophile network that flourished at the  heart of the BBC.
The victim, happily married for 20 years, claims his horrific ordeal came in  1964 – the year Savile and Freeman were founder presenters of Top of the  Pops.
The man accused Beaumont, who starred as a Nazi in hit war movies Where  Eagles Dare and The Guns of Navarone, of targeting him in the changing rooms at  Granville Road swimming baths in Kilburn, north west London
Victor Beaumont
He said: “A fight broke out while I was getting dry. I got a tap on my back  and turned round to see this man, who was dressed, standing there.
“He ushered me away, saying that it was dangerous. I’d just got out of the  pool and was soaking wet. He told me to pull my jeans on over my wet trunks and  come with him. He led me out to his car. It was a Mercedes as I remember the  badge on the front.
“The man was wearing very expensive clothes and gold-rimmed glasses. In those  days you did what adults told you.”
” The victim, who has had years of therapy, told how he was driven through a  warren of streets as Beaumont offered him sweets and cigarettes. The actor said  he wanted him to meet his wife and son “Klaus”.
The victim said: “I told him I needed to go to the bus stop to catch my bus  home and he said OK. But then he said he would drive me to his home.
“He had a strange accent and said Klaus would like to go to the swimming  baths but he didn’t have that many friends. He said, ‘Klaus is a bit older than  you but I think you two will get on’.”
Berlin-born Beaumont – real name Peter Wolff – led the youngster into the  exclusive apartment block in Maida Vale, north west London, where he lived.  Freeman also had a flat there.
Maida Vale Houses
The victim, who has asked to remain anonymous to protect his family, said:
“I’d never seen anywhere like this apartment. It was very expensive. There were  two single beds with gold trim, wall lights and a white telephone.’
” The man claimed Beaumont then locked him in the bedroom and summoned Freeman and  Savile to join him.”
” The victim alleged that he was savagely attacked before he had chance to fully  understand the danger he was in.”
” The youngster says he was no match for the three men as they launched their  brutal sexual assault”.
” I could feel different people grabbing me. There were hands everywhere.  I was cut down my left arm and there was a lot of blood.”
” The victim told of a strange encounter he later had with Savile while driving past  Stoke Mandeville Hospital where the late DJ was a fund-raiser.
He recalled: “I saw this figure jogging and my blood ran cold. He was wearing  a bright blue tracksuit. I drove at him thinking I would kill him but couldn’t  bring myself to do it.
“I jumped out and screamed ‘Maida Vale’ at him repeatedly. He ran back inside  the hospital grounds.”
” The victim, who became a successful businessman, reported his ordeal to  Operation Yewtree to help other victims. He said: “People must have been aware  what Freeman was up to but he and Savile and the likes of them were allowed to  get away with it.”
Jimmy Savile wearing KippahBBC Maida Vale Studios
Jimmy Savile had many links with high-profile Israeli politicians and was a close ally of Israel. It’s highly likely he was employed by Mossad.
David Ben Gurion Maida ValeDavid Ben Gurion
The first Prime Minster of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, also happened to have a home in Maida Vale, which was commemorated with a blue plaque.
Mossad are behind VIP paedophile blackmail rings which are used to keep politicians pro-Israeli.
The murder of presenter Jill Dando has been linked to the BBC paedophile ring.
Jill had knowledge of who was involved in the abuse and was about to blow the lid on the ring.
Her close friend and confidante, Cliff Richard, was one of the last people to ever speak to Jill and was questioned by the Met on more than one occasion following her death.
Jill Execution HeadlineLord Boothby and Cliff Richard
Cliff has himself been named as an alleged visitor to notorious boy-brothel the Elm Guest House, along with the paedophile MP, Cyril Smith and a host of other VIP’s ( including Cabinet Ministers, Judges and Members of the Royal Household).
The BBC have famous recording studios based in Maida Vale.
Another BBC presenter to die in mysterious circumstances was Mark Speight.
Mark Speight suicide mysteryRolf and Mark
” In a strange twist, BBC children’s presenter Mark Speight was implicated in the death of his girlfriend Natasha Collins in 2008.
He subsequently disappeared and was found hanging in a disused section of Paddington Station.
Geller and Mark Speight
We now know Rolf Harris has been arrested by officers from Operation Yewtree., investigating a paedophile ring at the BBC.
It transpires that Mark Speight had done a lot of work with Rolf Harris.
At Mark’s memorial, Rolf made an emotional and tearful address:
It was joyful to work with Mark.
‘I realise now that I never told him how much I appreciated his programmes.
‘You realise you should always tell people what you think, you should tell them you love them because it might suddenly be too late.’
Rolf sang Sun Arise, backed by a band complete with didgeridoos.
He also did his version of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven.”
We know Mark Speight did volunteer work for Childline and was one of their spokesmen and a high-profile campaigner.
Childline is a “front” organisation used to filter out callers who may have been abused by VIP’s. ” The founder of Childline, Esther Rantzen, ignored many of Savile’s victims.
esther savileEsther Rantzen
By a strange coincidence, Mark Speight lived less than five minutes from Maida Vale.
It was recently revealed that the Home Office actively funded the filthy paedo-organisation known as P.I.E.
PIE Funded by Home Office
The Paedophile Exchange Information called for the age of consent to be lowered to age four, and had many high-profile supporters in government.
One of its founding members was notorious paedophile Peter Righton, who was once a leading childcare expert in Britain.
According to the Mirror:
” Notorious paedophile Peter Righton boasted of links to ­powerful figures  in government, according to new testimony from one of his victims, the  Sunday People reports.
Speaking out for the first time, the man claims Righton’s evil network  stretched to the top of the UK establishment.
As well as naming a senior UK politician, the victim also told us Righton –  once the most respected childcare expert in Britain – brought him into contact  with ­paedophile MP Cyril Smith.
Cyril Smith
He said: “People have talked about a paedophile ring working in the UK.
“This was not just a ring – it’s more like the Olympic rings, interlocking on  a ­large scale. It went everywhere. I believe it went to the heart of the  Establishment.
“It needs to be investigated properly.”
The new revelations back up MP Tom Watson’s claims in Parliament that Righton was linked to a VIP child abuse network that reached as far as 10 Downing  Street.
Paedo Ring Number 10
The victim, now in his 40s, told how Righton and members of his infamous  Paedophile Information Exchange groomed him and sexually abused him in London  from the age of 11 in 1977 until he was 16.”
PIE Westminster
The address for P.I.E. was none other that 1, Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale.
In 2009 , a former male prostitute named “ Colin” contacted the journalist Ian Halperin.
” Colin” wanted to write an explosive account of his life and the many encounters he’d had with VIPs.
According to the IUC website:
” A former London male prostitute revealed to IUC how he plans to out Britain’s elite world of gay men who pretend to be straight in a tell all book to be released in 2010.”
” ..he intends to out the likes of Prince Charles, David Beckham and Margaret Thatcher’s late husband Sir Denis Thatcher.
Prince Charles SavleDenis Thatcherthatcher and savile
“These blokes can’t even think straight,” “Colin” said.  “I’ve seen them all at down low parties”
For some unknown reason, “Colin” never wrote his book.
Neither were the allegations ever challenged.
Coincidentally, “Colin” lived in Maida Vale.
dolphinsquare pimlicoCouncillor Robert Davis and Husband Simon Milton
It’s a little-known fact that several senior Westminster councillors were named by Scallywag magazine as being implicated in the Dolphin Square boy-brothel scandal in the early nineties.
As we know, Maida Vale is in the City of Westminster.
One of those Westminster councillors was Simon Milton, who ‘died’ in 2011 and was very close to Boris Johnson.
Simon Milton and Boris Johnson
Milton was once employed by paedo-pimp Ian Greer, who in turn was close chums with boy-raping weirdo Derek Laud.
Ian GreerDerek Laud
Milton and his husband Robert Davis ( currently Deputy Leader at Westminster Council) were both very close to lying, fraudster, Shirley Porter, the infamous Tesco heiress.
Shirley PorterWestminster Council
Porter famously sold off Westminster council-homes and legged it to Israel when the High Court ruled that she owed the taxpayer millions of pounds.
Councillor Davis famously declared that he would never give up his friendship with Shirley and would often visit her in Israel.
The whole homes-for-votes scandal was actually a ruse to take the heat off allegations about Westminster Council’s links to Dolphin Square.
Shirley Porter is also chums with Prince Charles and paid for him to produce a report into alternative medicine.
Shirley has many other dubious friendships.
In 1993 an Early Day Motion was tabled in the House of Commons.
It called for a full investigation into the Foundation for Business Responsibilities, a bogus charity which apparently laundered money for political campaigns on behalf of the Conservative Party
We weren’t surprised to find that right smack in the middle of the scandal was none other than wrinkly rogue Shirley Porter along with ex-Guinness scammer, Gerald Ronson.”
Gerald Ronson Filth
Gerald Ronson is himself close to Greville Janner. They were both heavily involved in the shady, Mossad-linked, Community Security Trust and served together on the Jewish Leadership Council.
Greville JannerCST
Janner is implicated in the abuse of care-home boys who, he loves to groom and then bugger.
Quite coincidentally, before his death, Simon Milton lived in Maida Vale.
Naughty Councillor Robert Davis
Robert Davis still does.
Randolph Avenue W9Maida Vale House
Isn’t it about time the police hauled his scrawny arse in for questioning?
After all, why the bloody hell wouldn’t they?
Maida Vale W9

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