Crying girl abandoned without water in blazing heat by cruel parents

THIS is the appalling moment a toddler is abandoned by her parents in the blazing sun as they take their son with them when they leave for work.

PUBLISHED: 20:30, Thu, Aug 25, 2016 | UPDATED: 21:44, Thu, Aug 25, 2016
In a shocking video the two-year-old girl can be seen struggling to stay conscious after being left without any food, water or shelter from the rising temperature.
The malnourished and dehydrated toddler appears weak and seriously sunburnt when a neighbour notices the neglected child.
In mobile phone footage, taken by a worried man, the girl desperately grabs after a bottle of mineral water he offers her. 
Abandoned childCEN

The toddler was abandoned by her parents in the blazing sun

According to local reports the toddler is regularly left by herself outside while her parents take their three-year-old son with them.
The heartbreaking footage also reveales the only thing left out for the poor toddler is a mattress, which provides little shade to stop the girl from suffering heatstroke every day.
Abandoned toddlerCEN

The two-year-old girl can be seen struggling to stay conscious in the clip

The saddened neighbour contacted the country police about the gross neglect of the two-year-old and they have paid the parents a visit to discuss the blatant case of child abuse.
The couple defended themselves by claiming they “did not have enough manpower” to take care of both their son and daughter and so they chose to keep the girl at home on the balcony.

The girl desperately grabs after the bottle of mineral water the neighbour offers her

Despite the apparent case of neglect the authorities only gave them a warning, according to local reports.
However police have now contacted the local Women’s Federation, who have sent volunteers to care for the child as an alternative to leaving the toddler outside in harsh summertime temperatures.

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